Ride report from Eric Jansen
"Herewith the riding report of our last two-day trip (pictures are numbered in sequence of ride):

Left Shanghai on Tuesday morning at 8.30 from the organizer's shop. All seven sidecars showed up without delay and after a fast drive we were at the ferry terminal to Chong Ming Island (North of Shanghai in the mouth of the Yangtze river) by 10:00 where we saved about four hours of waiting thanks to some helpful police who let us pass the approx. four-hours waiting queue of holiday cars.

With a ferry trip of an hour (mostly used to make up some sleep), we made it straight to a well arranged lunch at a local farm, after which we made camp for the night. Some of the group decided to go for a ride while others tried their luck with fishing on a local pond next to the camping ground.

Wednesday morning was a difficult start for some of us, either due to the BBQ and alcohol the night before, or just because the sun still rises so early... Anyway we were all up and running by 9:00 for a terrific ride through the excellent roads on Chong Ming Island. With a lunch stop at a lake resort (for some the first coffee of the day..) and another nice ride to the terminal afterwards, we were all back in Shanghai by 6:00 in the afternoon, and that all without any other problem then a very brief stop to adjust a front brake cable!"