Saturday, May 11, 2013 10:38 PM
From: "Norman Dentel"

Hi there,

Here are some bike pics including some from an exhibition and some magazine pics a friend of mine took the other day. I've paid 85 000 RMB two years back but I'm willing to sell the bike for the highest bid or a decent net price. I have to sell the bike within 2013 because I'm moving to India at the end of 2013 and it is not possible to import the bike. I could ship it to Germany but I could ride it only once or twice per year, which is also no option. The bike was custom made in 2011, based on a Chang Jiang frame. The Chinese engine has been replaced with an R75/5 750cc BMW boxer engine (German engine = long lasting quality) with around 50hp and 6200 rpm. All other parts are custom made, which is obvious I think. The paint is very individual with fine lines on the tank. The bike is in good condition since it has been always parked in a basement (stable temperature) and comes with an expired but original A-Jing plate and relevant documents. I never had any problems with the police riding it downtown. This is deffo a fine piece of art and a daily eye catcher. Feel free to forward this e-mail to interested parties.