CJ750 toolbox
Electric fundamentals
Given the numerous times I've been bitten by a dead battery, it seemed like a wise idea to install ammeters on both bikes. In hindsight, that was one of the smartest moves I ever made. There's absolutely no doubt about the state of your charging system when you have these gauges. (Click here for details on the installation.)
An ammeter never lies, and the other day, I noticed that the battery on one of the bikes was discharging at a high rate, especially when the headlamp was switched on. As a precaution, I switched it off and rode the bike home.
The cause of the problem was obvious, and I should have taken a "before" photo to show you. The three terminals on the voltage regulator were caked with road gunk and thoroughly corroded. I cleaned the terminals with emery cloth and reconnected them, and the system once again functions as it should.