Alex from Russia (Timeline progresses from bottom to top.)
Alex lives in New York State. He moved to the US from Russia as a little boy. His dad and other family members rode M72s in Russia, hence a natural fascination with CJs. After owning a Ural for a year, Alex won an M1M on eBay. It was quite different from the Ural and had more of the vintage look he wanted, but it lacked a few details. He then learned about M1s which closely resemble the M72. Alex sold the M1M when he got married but knew he'd own an M1 later. Three years later Alex connected with a Chinese fellow who restores CJs and ordered an M1 built to his specs. It will be dressed up to resemble an R71.
Alex sold his first CJ (the bike seen below) to Don Chapton (who also owns a Nanchang CJ6 airplane).
Alex now has another one which also from CJS.
This baby is a 6V M1 done up in the popular BMW motif—black with white pinstripes.
Looks pretty good!
Amost a year has passed since Alex got his bike. (Note: These three images are BIG.)
Is this a gorgeous Chang or what?
I only wish mine looked this good...
It was a BIG day at Alex's when the truck arrived. Here the guys unload Alex's new CJ.
Oh yeah, this is it!
We often crop the pictures we receive here at CJU... but not this one.
Alex got his M1 from CJS in Beijing. Here are a few shots from Alex's on-line scrapbook.
Rear saddle removed.
Sidecar attached.
From the stern.
Spare tire and rear saddle in this shot.
Pinstriping and Beemer emblems!
It's all in the details...
The starboard side of the tank.
Nothing beats an 6V M1 for sheer simplicity,
Getting the bike crated for shipment. (I wish DTE had done my bike this way...)
Lots of protective covering.
I mean LOTS.
From the bow.
And the sidecar wheel.
Plus a few spares... just in case!
This M1M used to belong to Alex who sold it in order to help finance his wedding.
Here it is again.