Asia expedition from Antione Bloch
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From Andrew Ayer on July 2, 2007:

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to Central Asia last May with Antoine Bloch, Marlies Janssen, Nicolas and Hortense Van de Castele, Cedric Ballu, Fanny Vercambre, Andrew and Rick Ayer, Brice Berrard, Charles de Givry, Thomas Menier, Alexis Zirah, Xavier Bodeness, Frederic Nugeron and Fan Peisheng without who our seven CJs would never have made it.

"We did it again!

After Xinjiang and Tibet, we drove 3000km in 13 days from Kashgar (China) to Tadjikistan, Kyrgizstan and back to China on our CJs. Up to the Afghanistan border on the Pamir Highway, 7 CJs, 15 crazy French, British, American, Dutch and Chinese. (Some are already on your who's who: Andrew Ayer, Nicolas van de Casteele...) Super Fan, our Shanghainese mechanic was our war medic and did great.

The road, the weather and the food have been so horrible, but so good! It has been a wonderful experience!

We broke almost everything that was possible to be broken on the bikes but we all made it!

It was really everything we dreamt about, almost no asphalt, mainly offroad, sleeping under tent or yurt, buying rusted ural parts to fix our bikes, snow, rain, sandstorm, night drives, pass over 4600m...

I say the same thing every year, but I don't know if we can do better..."