Taklamakan Desert Expedition from Antione Bloch
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We just "survived" our latest trip, eight bikes at the beginning and seven upon arrival, ridden by the usual well known team Nicolas, Andrew… in total we were 14 with obviously Fan the mechanic who did not have a very peaceful vacation, but who almost managed to reanimate all bikes.

The plan sounded simple, why not do our own Paris–Dakar in China.
So we decided to cross the Taklamakan desert from Kashgar to Dunhuang. When I say cross, I mean it, more than 2000km, more than half with GPS and compass, but no roads. Known as the Desert of Death, it sadly has been the grave of one of our bikes.
I might write about it on the forum, but when twp of Big Bill's bike did quite well, three bikes from another builder were a disaster. Anyway, it was great and bikes and team did amazingly decently in the deep sand, climbing high passes and camping in dry river banks. We beat our record doing 350km in one day, driving eight hours. I really don't how Marco Polo did.

It is our 3rd trip in Xingjiang and it was still amazing, sadly not for long as Kashgar is nothing as it use to be but the road we took had great hidden gems!

It is still the best to ride those mighty Changs and I am already working on the next trip.