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A Christmas Carol - Six happy Chang owners collect their reindeer!
"Six big wooden crates were sent from a far-far-far-away land and suddenly appeared in a large, cold and dark cave.

Six young reindeer jockeys entered the cave without any fear and with almost no light, these six brave men ploughed their way through large mega-structures inside the cave in order to discover the six big wooden crates. After some time, they knew they had found their reindeer, nicely tucked away inside these boxes. But, how to set them free, how to unleash the ancient powers residing within their bodies? Shhhh, be silent! - all men kept their breath as one could hear the water dripping down in the cave - now, indeed a sound could be heard..... a dark and humming noise was coming their way! What to do now, would their beloved reindeer be in danger? The sound was becoming very loud now and even the bravest were showing pale faces. Suddenly, an intense stroke of light entered their corner of the cave and the sound was almost unbearable. A big four wheeled monster drove slowely towards them and all could see two giant teeth coming out of the monster, pointing directly towards their crates. Would the monster start to eat their wooden crates and the reindeer inside of them? This cannot be true! The six brave men reacted immediately and within seconds each of them stood next to his crate, ready to defend it with his life! But, lo and behold, the monster gently lowered its giant two teeth and started to slide them under one of the crates! Very slowly it then raised its ugly head and moved one of the crates around the cave's corner. The beam of light was now pointing away from our men and the monster quickly moved away. Our six adventurers were flabbergasted! The humming noise was heard again and again the monster picked up one of the wooden boxes and moved away. Our men now had understood, that it would be wise to follow the monster once it came to pick up the last crate and so they did. The beam of light was showing the way to our brave men and after a while they exited the cave to enter a beautiful meadow surrounded with large trees completely covered in ice. The sun lit a deep blue sky and their six wooden crates were standing on the meadow. Already six little gnomes had started to remove the wooden walls of the boxes. Within minutes each of the six brave men could now see their own reindeer appearing in full glamour. With great respect and gratitude, the little gnomes were thanked by our men. The reindeer were now shining brightly in the cold winter sun and each owner caressed his new reindeer with great affection. Each of the reindeer jockeys started to lead his ride into the forest and it is said that each of these men lived happily ever after."

"No, I did not yet have had too much Christmas bowl! Here are some pictures to show the un-loading of the fifth shipment of Chang Jiangs into the Netherlands, again supplied by Mr. Li Yan."
"Perfect golden October weather today convinced me of making a tour through our hills. Enjoy the pictures!"
Summer holidays 2007 in France using a Chang Jiang 750 M1 - c'est très agréable!
"Summer holidays are over and we are back to our daily routines over here! We decided to take our motorcycles again for this year's holiday and drive the three days to the southwest of France. Here you will find some impressions of a great vacation and some accompanying texts."
"One of our first stops in Marche-en-Famenne in the Belgian Ardennes and no rain!"
"On the second day we had four hours of rain in sixhours of driving. Here in St-Germain, all was still well."
"The first part of our holiday took us to the Dordogne/Périgord region where we stayed at Angela and Leo Struijk's where we were welcomed as warm as the beautiful weather! "
"Prolonged exposure to a Chang Jiang may cause serious damage to your mental health..."
"The major part of the holiday was spend in the Charente-Maritime, close to Royan and the Ile d'Oleron at the Atlantic coast. We stayed in a camping site in Les Mathes which is highly recommendable."
"Not-So-Old standing next to Very-Old in the small medieval town of Brouage close to Rochefort."
"In the very last two weeks of WWII, the so-called Pocket of Royan saw very heavy combat by French and American troops trying to defeat the last German resistance. This took many lives and the Art Deco architecture of Royan was completely destroyed due to heavy Allied bombardments. On May 1st 1945, the German forces also surrended here."
"A Citroen used by the Forces Francaise Interieures during these fights."
"The estuary of the Seudre River shows a very large difference between low and high tides which fuels the very important local seafood industry. Moules, gambas, crevettes and oyster cultures are all over the area. If you like seafood, this is the place to be!"
"A final goodbye to the rough and wild Atlantic coast with real surfing waves."
"Prolonged exposure to a Chang Jiang may... etc. "
"We visited Fontainebleau on our second day riding back home where I studied International Marketing at INSEAD exactly nine years ago."
"You meet the nicest people on a Honda!" Not true—on a Peugeot that is! This nice young man helped us getting fuel. In France this is not trivial. In almost all gas stations your international bank card won't work and if you use a 24/24 automated gas station you cannot buy any fuel (unless you have a nice Frenchman like this guy who used his French card after we paid him in cash.)"
"This nice French Peugeot is a 1954 250cc two-stroke, by the way. "
"Last stop in Rochefort in the Ardennes before we arrived safely home."
We drove 2954 kilometers this year and both the CJ750 M1 and Beemer never missed a beat. Did nothing happen? Yes, the BMW R65 odometer decided to take a time-out. Nothing else happened. In other words, a well maintained Chang Jiang 750 is as reliable as one likes to have it! But, I do need to get a new rear tire on the CJ750 now, which was new when we started our 2007 holiday..."
"Today is June 22nd. and on the second second longest day of the year I had to return some items to a friend who lives some 30 kilometers from where I live.

Friday evening, nice weather between thunderstorms so I took a ride literally through our countryside. I don't know why (some people now shout "global warming!"), but our storms and rains indeed are changing. Years ago we would see a very occasional heavy thunderstorm with real heavy rain. This year (like in last year) almost every time a bad weather is real bad weather. My personal qualification: like it's becoming more tropical. And I was born in Aruba, so I know tropical thunderstorms.

Anyway, we now already have a week of this kind of wheather. This means that our very nice infrastructure of small country roads is getting very wet and slippery. Still, I wanted to take these small and smallest roads to get to my destination. And I had my camera with me. Have a look for yourself!

Yes, this being a Chang Jiang afficionado's site, the CJ750 M1 is really built for this type of work. Like a bulldozer my M1 pulled me through real bad sand roads, soaked with water. Third gear in, good speed, shifting, sliding, but always pulling the outfit through sticky and half fluid sand. I enjoyed every second of it!"
"Yesterday's weather forecast was worse than bad. Rain, thunderstorms and what have you. However, the Belgian meteo had a much more positive forecast.
Knowing that these guys are always pretty accurate, we decided to continue our planned ride out with the Oldtimer Motor Club "De Kempen". And as you know that luck stands next to the brave, we have had a beautiful day with sunshine all afternoon long.
We had a fine collection of Moto Guzzi (1932 GT), DKW, Gillets from Herstal, BMW, Honda Dream and of course Chang Jiang 750 M1. And all of the hardware returned home without a glitch!"
"Netherlands: We have an extremely mild and warm early spring over here and the Easter holidays were no exception. On Easter Monday we traditionally have our first real ride out. In the images you see my wife Marjoleen, my oldest son Richard driving a 1964 R60/2 and Reinier and I managing the CJ750 M1."
"Belgium: Robbie Nuttin is rebuilding an original M72, but alas, lacking the engine and a number of vital other parts. The frame and still a lot more is real vintage M72 stuff. So, I guess it cannot hurt to make a nice bike of it again. And so Robbie does. Have a look at the pics and feast your eyes!"
"As announced: here are the pictures of Roel Hendrickx returning home safely from his journey, Shanghai-Vlijmen, crossing the dutch border in Venlo.

Date of his arrival in the Netherlands: Saturday, December 2nd., 2006, time 12.32 WET
Date of his departure from China: August 30th., 2006 in Shanghai

Check for travel logs written by Roel."
"Family and friends are eagerly waiting at the Dutch border with Germany in Venlo, expecting Roel to arrive from the East."
"And there they are! At 12.32 hours,Roel crossed the border with his girlfriend Lu Wang in the sidecar accompanying him for the last few kilometers from Duisburg in Germany."
"Decorations and of course a glas of champagne to celebrate his safe arrival in the Netherlands."
"One of Roel's friends had a special surprise for him, a traditional and famous Dutch delicacy—a so-called oliebol. Do not even attempt to translate oliebol—just eat it!"
"And because of the Dutch nature of this expedition from Shanghai to the Netherlands, what else to bolt onto the sidecar then a pair of Dutch klompen (aka wooden shoes). In Romania people threw in their coins!"
"Jim Bryant already commented on this contraption. It's a heat exchange unit, also known as a boiler. The exhaust pipe runs through a water container. At the bottom Roel installed a tap and has had hot, desinfected water with him all the way. We see him making coffee just to show that it did not start leaking. (Regards from Roel to Jim here!)"
"Lu Wang surely was happy to see Roel again and so was Roel's sister! "
"What else to do with your sidecar body than painting your roadmap on it? This helps a lot in not getting lost between say China and Iran... (-; "
"Our hero and his faithful vehicle. The OHV CJ 750 performed well. Roel reported two less minor issues. One time the joint between rear drive and rear wheel hub failed and Roel had to renew the wheel hub. And then somewhere he lost his fourth gear. But, nothing which could not be repaired along the side of the road! And that was basically it."
"People had lots and lots to talk about, obviously."
"And this is how a CJ750 OHV looks like after travelling from Shanghai to the Netherlands in just three months!"
"Off for the final few kilometers and picking up life again back home."
On behalf of all CJU's visitors and sponsors, CONGRATULATIONS!
"This year is a bit crazy. In about a month a grand total of 19 machines have been delivered to Dutch customers. Li Yan is the source of these motorcycles and he does a great job! Here we see some images of the unloading of six motorcycles coming out of a small 20' container."
"Unloading and customs clearance takes place at Seacon Logistics in Venlo. Here we see why nobody tries to steal our crates while being stored in the warehouse. This warlord takes care of that!"
"Another CJ750 is about to touch dutch soil..."
" volilà! A nice CJ750 M1M with lowered fender, reverse, sidecar brake and a classic headlamp ring."
"René Sijmons (third from left, one of the new owners) has never seen a CJ750 being uncrated that fast. My wife clocked us—we needed less than ten minutes."
"But René could be very pleased with the result—a CJ750 extended classic and not one scratch! De hartelijke groeten!"
"This small but ancient town is called Limbourg and once was the capital of the Duchée de Limbourg, which gave the name to the province we now live in (Limburg), but which also extends from the Netherlands into Belgium."
"Within two weeks it's Halloween, so strange phenomena are starting to take place, like this young man is demonstrating..."
"The summit of our trip, a visit to Baraque Michel, at 674 meters, the second highest spot in the Belgian Ardennes. The inn at Baraque Michel dates back to 1798 and attracts lots of crowds like this BMW sidecar based on a K100. Do you know that the driver is disabled? Yes! He drives this outfit, using a manually operated gearshift (look closely to the left of the handle bar) and attaches his wheelchair to the iron rack on top of the buddyseat. Obviously, with a little help from his friends!"
"Yesterday we unloaded another container with a total of 13 Chang Jiangs in various configurations for Dutch and Belgian customers. Have a look at the pics and the comments!"
"In the midst of various parts, my wife Marjoleen did a perfect job in matching the framecnumbers with the Deed of Titles and other official import documents."
"We even had two bigger trucks loading three crates at once, like the one we see here."
"But, this happy owner (Evert Sprik) standing before his crate is still the more usual situation."
"Exciting moment—what's underneath this plastic cover?"
"A pair of nice M1M solos of course!"
"This Chang Jiang M1M in air force blue is having a kind of an identity crisis—am I a bird, am I a Nanchang aircraft...?"
"...No, I am a Chang Jiang 750!"
"Interesting details—this speedometer shows MPH as well as km/h, but no logo!"
Spend your holidays with a Chang Jiang 750 M1a perfect way to de-speed and de-stress!

Summer 2006 is as good as one imagines a good summer to be, so we decided to realise an old plan of ours. This was the perfect weather to make a round trip along the Baltic Sea shores, or parts thereof, on a motorbike!

And because our CJ750 M1 has proven to be reliable, we had no problem in loading up our camping gear on the sidecar unit and my wife's BMW R65 and use these motorcycles as our means of transport for what turned out to be a vacation trip of almost 2300 kilometers!

We drove diagonally in a northeasterly direction through Germany in 250 to 300 kilometer intervals and used small and very affordable hotels for the night. Only using the so-called "Bundesstrassen" (so NO motorways!) and driving with speeds of 80 to 85 km/h, we reached the Isle of Usedom on the third day where we put up our tents on a little camping ground near the Baltic Sea.

We realised that this was a far better way of travelling, at ease, with no stress and with all the time in the world to enjoy the countryside you are passing. To put it another way, Kameraad Chang forced us to use moderate speeds, but it very quickly became a new and very pleasant way of travelling. These country roads are not jammed with traffic and very often we were the only road users for longer periods. What a luxury!

The Baltic Sea throws her waves on the wide and white beaches of Usedom with water temperatures of 21 degrees Celcius! The Isle of Usedom has made a remarkable comeback as a beach holiday resort. Once very chique and fashionable at the start of the 20th. Century, World War II and the periods thereafter left their marks on essentially very nice houses, villas and surroundings with beautiful Art Deco and Jugendstil architectures. After 1989 the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) and West Germany were reunited and very quickly the restoration and rebuilding of the classic Baltic Sea resorts like Seebad Ahlbeck and Seebad Heringsdorf were undertaken.

Now, 15 years later, we experienced modern and elegant sea resorts having a unique atmosphere and accomodated in historical, century old buildings and infrastructures. Highly recommended!

But after a week or so we decided to move on and cross the Baltic Sea with the ferry from Rostock to Gedser in Denmark. We drove some 200 kilometers to get from the Isle of Usedom to our camping in Nysted, on the Danish isle called "Lolland". We could plunge into the Baltic Sea some 50 meters from our tent and experience water temperatures of 26 degrees Celcius. Not bad after a hot day of driving around the north German and Danish countrysides!

Of course we did not only drive our bikes, we did lots of other things as well. Some of that can be found in the images.

Finally, our three weeks of holidays neared their end and we used the same low paced, but very pleasent routine of driving some 200 kilometers, check into the next inn or hotel and keep on enjoying our de-speeded and de-stressed vacation.

As for the bikes, the R65 was virtually un-present and performed like expected. Of course, we were curious how our Kameraad Chang would perform on such a long trip. In short—very good. Every now and then some extra SAE 30 oil to keep the engine pleased, checking the spokes and a one time small adjustment of the clutch cable. That's it.

Summer 2006 in Europe—well over 30 degrees Celcius, for us that is hot!!!
One of the overnight stops in Malchow, an isle between some lakes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
A turn-bridge connects the main land to the isle of Malchow.
No electricity? A Hella plug, a 6 Volt camping light and Kameraad Chang shed light into darkness.
The Technical & Historical Information Museum of Peenemünde (Isle of Usedom) is located inside the remains of the original facilities of the rocket development center (V1 and V2) where Werner von Braun, his team and large numbers of prisoners worked for the Nazi war effort before and during WWII.
Roads on Usedom are like this one—long avenues with trees aside and farm houses with thatched roofs.
The road B110 leads to the Polish border near Kamminke and will be open for free traffic now that Poland is an EC member.
The harbour of Kamminke with a view on the Stettiner Haff (Poland).
Fisherboat on the beach of Seebad Heringsdorf.
The century old Promenade and Seebrücke (pier) of Seebad Ahlbeck.
Taking the ferry from Rostock to Gedser in Denmark.
These Czech people also boarded our ferry with their 350cc JAWA towing a nice little trailer.
The harbour of Nysted in Denmark.
Falster Isle has many beautiful country roads.
In Stubbekobing we visited a famous and impressive motorcycle museum. The green one in the middle is the Danish Nimbus, a four cylinder workhorse for police, postal services and the army.
Medieval Times (or Mad Evil Times?) these "Trebuchets" were very successful throwing weapons and co-existed with the first cannons for two centuries (1300 to 1500).
On the Lüneburger Heide you will find old farm houses being converted into nice hotels like this one in Bad Fallingbostel.
Our Summer Holiday 2006 comes to an end. Here we take our last cup of coffee before returning home safely.
"Last weekend my wife, youngest son and I hosted "The Second Subversive and Unofficial but Marvelous Chang Jiang Weekend" in our mountains - well, over 300m elevations that is. The organisation was overwhelmed: We had an increase in participants of 50% over last year and welcomed three CJ750s, (one M1S OHV, one M1 SV and one M1M SV solo.)
Arriving on Friday evening, the weather forecast promises blue skies and 30°C, whoopee!
Nino Carboni just arrived on his solo - which is in fact a sidecar outfit, but temporarily relieved of its sidecar burden. On Sunday, Gé Joling was desperately seeking.... fuel! And finally found one of the few gas stations in our hills, running on his last drops of gas.
Our Chang Jiang 750 M1 clocked 5027 km this weekend, 14 months after getting the road license.
"For a week or so we can finally enjoy the beautiful springtime. The weather is perfect in The Netherlands and so are our rides into the countryside."
"Winter does not really want to leave in our surroundings. It's the Easter eeekend and it's still pretty cold! Still, my wife, youngest son and I defeated these harsh climate conditions and we went for our first ride out. As you can see from the pictures, my dearest suddenly had to stop along the roadside and was not amused.
Her 1942 NSU ZDB125 did not deliver the awesome speed she was expecting. Stuttering, holding back, then pulling again, I suspected the gas flow. So, we parked at a quiet spot and I checked the little 16mm carburettor. Yes! My own fault. One should NEVER leave a two-stroke engine for five months in the garage without removing all the gas inside the carb.
The two-stroke mixture tends to build up residue when vaporising. And that's what it did, clogging all the tiny bores inside the Amal carburettor (yes, Amal in a German bike from 1942!!!)
Meanwhile, Kameraad Chang overlooked the situation in a sovereign way, knowing that it uses the superior four-stroke design, at least by concept that is. Cleaning the few components solved the problem inside the little NSU and we continued our first spring ride out!!"
Here is a totally new way of using a Chang Jiang 750 M1!   On March 7th. we will have city council elections all over Holland.
My wife runs for her third term as a member of the city council of the town we live in (Venlo). So, what better eye-catcher than a Chang Jiang 750 M1 can one come up with? None!  
Thus, I parked Kameraad Chang next to one of the shopping malls in Venlo as an integral part of the election campaign of my wife's political party. But not only that, I used my camera for making images of the children of the shopping public, giving our party members enough time to talk to the parents.
On top of that, all the images are uploaded to the web-site of our political party for all parents to use and download a nice picture of their children sitting in and on this fine Chinese motorcycle.
And not only young children had a go for it.
"Mrs. Lu Wang originates from Shanghai and is a friend of one of the CJ nerds in our surroundings. At the end of the day when we got together at my place to talk about the trip and have hot chocolate, I asked Lu if she would record the correct way of pronouncing Chang Jiang. (Click on the icon to hear the result. BTW, this icon uses the traditional character for Chang instead of the more familar simplified version.)