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Bart's Season's Greetings from a snow covered countryside in The Netherlands
"Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny and frosty day, so perfect conditions for a "snow plough trip" with Reinier and Kameraad Chang along our small borderline roads with Germany. This small traffic accident clearly shows the superiority of the three-wheeled concept over the four-wheeled one...
Winter Wonderland!

These old borderline roads make beautiful landscapes.

They do indeed.
The inevitable snowball fight is imminent.
Yesterday we organised a ride in what proved to become a ride in real winter conditions. Still, we did it and with great fun!

Background: One of my customers from the summer 2005 shipment of Chang Jiangs is not only addicted to (classic) motorcycles but also an off-road Yamaha XT500 expert. Henno van Bergeijk decided to put his expertise into real practice and signed up for the world famous Dakar Rally, 2006 edition. On a... Yamaha XT500 of course!

One of the preparation stages for this great event is a Prologue Racing Event in rough terrain conditions. On December 10th. this Prologue for the Dutch Teams took place at the Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard, not far from Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Having received a personal invitation from Henno van Bergeijk to come and be part of this racing event I called up some fellow Chang Jiang afficionados and yesterday we went to the Eurocircuit. In this time of the year we can already have real winterly conditions and that's exactly what happened! Basically good weather but with temperatures at around 0C, any fog results in nice white landscapes and Father-Christmas-like figures on strange black & white sidecar outfits..."

Have a look at the images!

We are warm, but a hot cup of chocolate milk is more than welcome!
Roel Hendrickx and Lu Wang drive all year through! Mrs. Lu Wang tought my son Reinier the correct pronounciation of "Chang Jiang" during the day.
Icy cold? Not really!
A short stop in a beautiful white landscape
Legs & body wrapped in a blanket and good clothing. Winter cannot harm Reinier!
Arrival at the Eurocircuit in Valkenswaardnd modernised suspension parts.
One of the motorcycle participants to Dakar 2006 in his timed racing lap
Same for racing trucks who play an important role in the Dakar rally. They carry a lot of spares for many racing teams.
The Yamaha XT500 from Henno van Bergeijk after his Prologue racing day
Basically the original frame and engine, but with modified and modernised suspension parts.
"One more M1M fit for road license and registration. This one also stems from the 2005 summer shipment into Holland.
This bike (it's a sidecar outfit really) has been rebuilt and checked in the process by the proud owner Peter Markus.
End of November we will know if the registration and approval officer decides to give it a license plate. I think he should!"
"Here are some pictures from today's ride in the golden October sun. Tomorrow it's Haloween and today we enjoyed 25C with a clear blue sky. Optimal conditions for what will likely be our last greater ride of this season. Kameraad Chang has clocked almost 3300 kms since May 3rd this year when the official road license was issued. But that's nothing compared to 63 years of service provided by my wife's 1942 NSU. This NSU 125 ZDB was found by us some 15 years ago in a shed in the Austrian Alps. We decided not to restore it but keep it in its original state. Today, as always, it did not miss a beat and brought my wife back safely from our 260km trip."
Marjoleen and Reinier are collecting automn leaves and acorns
One of the very few places in The Netherlands where road and creek become one...
...posing no problem for 2HP!
On the road again
Beusdal Castle glowing in the late October sun...
...but, alas, winter is not that far away anymore!
"Under the motto 'say goodbye to Summer 2005' this weekend featured the first (un)official CJ camping and touring weekend in the Netherlands. Not yet overwhelmed by a large phalanx of CJs, this event still marks the beginning of something that may grow big over time. On Sunday the 25th. we returned home safely late in the evening. Our two Changs never missed a beat!"
Nino Carboni's M1M has a large oil sump. It's from the shipment of CJ750s earlier this summer.
Putting up our tent at the campground in St. Geertruid, not far from Maastricht.
The Chang Jiang driven by Nino and his son Christophe has arrived.
On Friday (the first official autumn day) my wife Marjoleen, son Reinier and I drove to the southernmost part of our country. As you can see, summer is still in the air.
On Saturday we went out for a day's ride in the slopes and hills of Limburg and the Ardennes
Parked in order to get some drinks and food—this is near Epen and the landscape shows Belgium already.
Later that afternoon we stopped for a cup of coffee in Ulvend, a very small place right on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands
"Here are two pictures of Kameraad Chang (again) in our beautiful hills in the south (aka Limburg.) I clocked 285 km on this day out."
"On the dockside in Rotterdam-Boles: Joris Jennen on his M1M, fresh from the box."
Joris is one of Bart's buyers, seen here after unpacking and making his bike ready for official licensing and road registration. Rotterdam-Boles is one of many locations within the biggest harbour of Europe—Rotterdam.
"On July 8 customs released 13 CJs I imported into the Netherlands via Mr. Li Yan of sponsor 750 Sidecar Craft."
"My son Robbert carefully descends into the crate's dungeon."
"Frame numbers matching to Deed of Title documents"
"Some happy customers!"
"Why not take four?"
"More happy customers!"
"Ready to take her home"
"Parts, parts and even more parts"
"To build another nice CJ750 M1 sidecar outfit"
"A week ago I organised a camping weekend for our classic BMW single-cylinder club (the BMW Mono Club, see, in Dutch but a valuable source of all kinds on information on the BMW singles.) What this has to do with Chang Jiangs?
Having my single put aside for a big inspection (i.e. centrifugal filter/slinger plate has to be cleaned) I took our M1 to the event. With tent, son and wife on her BMW R65 we drove some 90km to the camping ground, some 150km in the southern part of the Netherlands including first slopes of the Ardennes and then at the end another 90km back home.
Performed very well, hill climbing is not any problem at all. Going downhill needs a 1938-ish view on the concept of drum brakes. At this point in time our CJ750 M1 has clocked 1650km. So, next 400km and she is up for the full throttle lift and the 2000km inspection.
We plan to go to the northern sea shores of Poland this year for summer holidays - obviously with Kameraad Chang!"
"What are these machines built for? Indeed, driving! These are pictures of the very southern part of the Netherlands where the first slopes of the Ardennes form the border with Belgium."
"Our CJ750 M1 has clocked 1130km. With the first 1000km check-up, the carbs can lift a bit higher now which is no luxury, driving around our beautiful hills!"
Bart's M1 is now officially licensed for use. The formalities went without any problems. Bart got lots of interest from the test officer and remarks like "nicely restored, Sir!"
He didn't tell him that it's in fact ex-factory work combined with a thorough inspection and a partial re-assembly. Here are some photos showing the bike in its maiden condition.
Bart had to take the neighborhood kids for rides down the street. The wooden bars on the sidecar floor came from Oldtimer Garage in Poland as posted earlier by Frans de Wit.
They provide a nice original touch and are most practical—no moisture to eat the floor out later!

This handsome black M1 solo is Bart's handiwork. The taillight and rear fender reflector are authentic, vintage CJ750 touches.
Notice also that the headlamp doesn't have a visor, another nice vintage touch. Great bike!
Kameraad Chang: Three and a half minutes in the Dutch countryside with Bart's SV Chang. The sound is terrific! A word of caution, though. The file size is 36.6MB. You need a high-speed connection for sure.
The latest on the Dutch Changs: "Yesterday I worked on the bike so that I could check its functions when really driving. These bikes are more like car kits—still a lot of work—but it's part of the joy!"
"So at 1900 hours or so I was ready. Lo and behold, not dissatisfying at all! Still in its first five kilometers you can feel the engine really pull—no mechanical noise except for the usual. Reverse works fine (we bought M1s with reverse gear, deep sump and bigger pump from Li Yan.)"
"Gears shift good and noise-free after a firm kick on the pedal. Only the front fork decided to suspend its action until the last kilometer, then it started telescoping. No headlight because when I put it in, my circuit stops working... You see, still some work ahead." The happy young man in the sidecar is Reinier, by the way."
Q: Why are these people so happy?
A: Because some packages were delivered to them this week—packages from our good friend (and CJU sponsor) Li Yan of 750 Sidecar Craft in Tianjin.
Bart sent these images of a load of CJs being delivered.
Look at them all! Bart says there are nearly 50 Changs in the Netherlands now.
This young man is helping with the uncrating.
First glance...
Almost done and...
...viola! A black 6V Chang with a lowered front fender. Who wouldn't be happy?