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— A —  

Martin Andrews Dothan, Alabama

Alex from Russia
— B —  

Freddie B. is San Jose's Mister Chang

Freddie B. and Miin Leong visit China Shanghai, Hang Zhou & Beijing

Dick Barr's bikes Two M1Ms done up for re-enacting duty

Holger Behncke of Chang Jiangs in China & Red iron in Hamburg

Kent Berg's superb WWII recreation This is the finest WWII replica ever built.

Antione Bloch An amazing Asiatic CJ750 expedition

Antione Bloch Taklamakan Desert Expedition

Stephen Boyce's 6V SV

Jim Bryant (of Jimbo's Classic Sidecars) BDMC Touring around China and more...

Jim Bryant, page 2 This guy gets around...

Jim Bryant, page 3 ...and around...

Jim Bryant, page 4 ...and around...

Jim Bryant's incredible journey Imagine riding from Europe to Beijing,

The spring ride from Jim All suspects considered innocent...

Chinese National Day ride I wouldn't want to be a Chinese trucker,

Jimbo's trek to Qinghuandao But no pictures of the skinny dipping waitress

Simitai Great Wall ride from Jim Off the beaten track

PRC Bike Fest Pictures from Jim and Tim Lagonegro
— C —  

Camera Union Downloads from a Chinese message board

Camera Union II More downloads

Changchun Ligon Motorcycle Team Tour from (Sui Guangming)

Changchun Ligon Motorcycle Team Tour from (Sui Guangming)

CJS builds my second CJ750

My CJS M1 Undergoing a subsequent beauty makeover

My CJS M1 After the beauty makeover

Peter's bike trip, Shanghai - Kashgar - Shanghai, 16,000km, 120 days,

Assorted tech notes from Steve Christo
— D —  

Danno's fall foliage rides

Marc Davis This lucky guy owns not one, but two.

Frans de Wit visits China

Frans visits China again The triumphant return (and lots of shopping)

Frans de Wit tours Cape Town, South Africa on a CJ

Tom Denison describes his (very educational) importation experience
— F —  

Dave Finlay's Chengdu images

Mark Fisher's project bike Rome wasn't built in a day.
— J —  

Eric Jansen in Shanghai CJs in Qingpu, Sheshan & Xiamen as well. And a model too

Eric Jansen in Shanghai Chong Ming Island ride report

Jimbo's Classic Sidecars Where CJ750s are repowered with BMW engines
— K —  

Thomas Koehl A German expat in Beijing with some very neat bikes

Ross and Sue Kowalski They own three CJs... so far

Ross Kowalski's Beemer-Chang

Lutz Kraus in Germany Lutz has a former Soviet M72 police bike
— L —  

Tim Lags Check out his beautiful MIS solo

Tony Linz's marvelous M1M A beautiful machine imported by Jim Bryant

Miin Leong's CJ collection

Miin Leong and Freddie B. visit China Shanghai, Hang Zhou & Beijing

Drew Low's Beijing images

Lu Min in Shanghai Lu owns a very early CJ as well as a new Super
— M —  

M72 Unlimited If it weren't for this bike, there'd be no Chang Jiang

More M72 Unlimited Beautiful Soviet iron

M72 engineering drawings More information here than you could ever want to know...

Joe Martin in Allen, Texas OHV in the Lone Star State

Dan Mullins Riding in the Ozarks on an M1 solo. It just doesn't get any better.

George Baker's M1MDaniel Battista's M1MCoG Beijing picsMichael Edwards' SuperG-dog's M1M-BWolfgang Hanschke's M1MChris & Silas Jordan Andy Krupp's M1Marc Lalumiere's M1MPatrick Lalumiere's M1Lao Tou's PLA M1M solo David Marks' M1MStewart Martin's M1SBenno van Leeuwen's CJ750 M1 from Rob WilliamsJim Middler's M5Richard Midgley's M1M soloJeff Biagetti's SuperFred Follows' solo SVBill Anderson's bikesGaeton Demers' WWII replicaArmin Bestel's bikeHu Ben Hang Phil McKinnon's OHVRichard Haus' M1M soloRick's OHVJohn Poole's SVBur ZeratskyDoug Antonides' M1M soloCorey Scherrer's M1MVictor Ribera's BMW-powered CJFavian Scioscia's Super"JB" Tim Clarke of CSADan Chase in ShanghaiDes Koval's OHV

Jean Descoteaux's M1MFrans de Wit's 1995 CJPete Laughlin's M1Matt Mepham's solo SuperThomas Mueller's M1M limoEmanuele Scialpi's M1SDan Shelley's Hongdu M1SCJ750B-2M1 for saleCJ tire cover Recreated WWII battlefieldCJS bikes from James QuinnMike Davis's M1Chris Conley's SuperJames Lewis's bikesJeff Powell in Beijing Conger Murray's OHVRichard MidgeJulien André's M1Jamie MacDonaldBrent FoxBill Marsh's bikesBob G. in Washington StateAlex Sargeant & PNWCJSBernie Pickersgill's M1SWarren FranzenSteve Christo's bikesTom Leonas' OHVMattias SjösvärdLoren AdrianDavid Gahn's Super M1MTom O'Brian's M1M re-enactor Pete Valentino's OHVStefan & Kthryhn Bern's Super Geoff Denham's M1M solo

Martin Andrews' solo SuperDoug Brashear's BMW-CJ hybridOsvaldo Falco's M1MPrototype from Dirk HeckGeorg Kainer's M1STony Linz' M1M taillightStephane Le Martret's M1MAl McWhorter's M1SWolfgang Uhl's M1SLewis Wy's M1CJ images from JapanShen Breckon's solo OHVPhilip Stout's M1Ms used in re-enactingGary Morgan's Cock KillerNicolas van de Casteele Lhasa expeditionGérald Lindingre's 12V SVJon Boon Durr's LRM machineSteve Jones' CJS rideAndré Duguay's OHVDevin Allen in BeijingDave & Larry Ventura's excellent bikesTim PeddicordChristian Maier's SVAlexandre Hamaide in BeijingTerry IseliChris LarsonMike Easton's SuperDaithi Blair's BMW powered M1SKeith PedersenRejean GagnonDavid Phillips' Beemer-ChangAndre KellyBeijing Sidecar

M1M from Chris AngusWill Ayrgarn's M1SBiker Bob's M1MRay Costa's M1Don Edmonston's M1MRoss Griffeth's M1Daniel Labonte's M1MDon Miller's M1Erich Rojas' M1Lew Rosenblum's M1MEberhard Walde's M1MShangdongModel A taillightFHL MotorsEmmanuel Chantebout's SVJohnny Chang's M1MGreg Miles' SV David Olesen's LRM bike Dave Terrell's M1Candy Beinsbereger's M1M Dan Cason's SV Larry Fisher's M1M The Warrens and their bikes Antti Lamberg's Super Geert BruinsMagnus Rosenquist in SwedenKen Fraser in NH Pete Talbot Zhou's Red Baron machine Tod Strickland's M1S Dan Barratt Chueck Lee's M1S Mike Reitmeyer Michael Gregor Steve Gokie's M1M John Boyles' M1 Mike Goldthorpe Roger Weber's war horse Christopher Lang's M1M

Jim Bryant's BMW-CJJohn Daskalos' M1MPhillipe Deveille's M1M Brett Dixon's ex-police bike Chris Drumgoole's M1 Paul Gardner's Super Stephen Gaulin's M1S Karsten Kenneweg's M1M Lars' M1M George Mangicaro's CJBrad McMahon's M1Marc Quesnel's M1SSerge Renaud's M1MDaniel Rouch's M1MGreg Stebbins' M1Loic Sutter's M1MTrully's M1SNews articlesDownloads from Chinese sitesAndrew Ayer's M1MK. J. Reed's WWII recreationJohhny Jacobsen's SVRoel Hendrickx takes a long rideRichy Richards' OHVJamie McDonald's CJS machineLemmy in GermanyBrian Arnot's OHVRene Rouillard's OHVWinston Sa in ShanghaiMurray Bowden in NZMike Gilpin's ex-PLA M1 Rihann Koekemoer's M1SGrinoZhou Saijun in ChinaNathan Sidoti in Shanghail

Tim Baitson's M1MDon Chapton's NanchangsPieter de HaanDoug Hendry's M1SBlaine Lankford's SuperTim Miller's 750B-2Tyler Mingst's M1Arland Read's M1SRonald Smith's CJ 'M72'Angela & Leo Struyk 's CJKen Wells' M1M and CJ6ACJ6 in GeneseoNanchang factoryFor sale in FloridaJames McCanless's BMW R12 with an M1 engineJoe Martin's SuperCarl Moeller's WWII recreationDirk Lottering's OHVErv Salvador's OHVJames Quinn's M1MMotosidecar in SpainDave Chai's M1MEnno de Bruyn's M1MVern Alg's OHVAva Lou in BeijingWoody Burns' M1MDoug Fergusson's M1SMH Moto World R75-styled machineMike Perez's M1MBill TaylorGaël Moalic in FranceMark van der StokCedric SabineJoe GilhoolyTimmTecTom Denison's SV soloJuan Montes' M1S

Freddie B. Antoine Bloch in ChinaPeter Gray's M1 Richie Hahn's M1SSuper from Knut Børge KnutsenLao Tou in BeijingTodd Robertson's M1SRoy Shearer's M1SScott Stricklin's six bikesDavid Twomey's R60/2 M1Regina Vetter's M1MBeijing images from Jeff WangWayne's M1Big John Westlake's custom sidecar seatJay Williams' M1Tony Salvatore's SVMark Kordick's M1MThomas Ritzenthaler's BMW powered CJAndreas WeberJim Bounds' M1MReuben Edejer's M1Ruud Pols in the NetherlandsGraziano GaraccioniMichael S. Burns' re-enactorGary Irland & friendsJeff Taylor's M1MTodd Wallis' JCS outfitMick Boon's M1SErnie MilteerDave in LAGary Homanick's SV Brad and Jacob KnowlesJared Malarsky's swing-arm OHVRoy Giggins' M1M

Bill White's M1 Gerhardt Nieuwoudt from South AfricaBen van Helden in HollandDon Alcock's OHV David Bunch's M1MDaniel Kumm in GermanyTony Chappell in Shanghai George Hagerty's '71 M1MRick Nolen's M1S Thomas Chabrieres at Shanghai Insiders Dale Muir's M1MSteve Conti's M1S George Petersen's M1SPeter Windsor's M1MYuri Lorenzo Norese's M1S Greg Menego's flattie Ashly Barnett's M1S Harold Knipe's M1S James Mabrey's M1M Keith Partington's M1M Lindsay Robertson from NZ Michael Farrens' M1S Trond's M1S Mike Timoshyk's M1M Gary Bergman's M1M Charles Duan's Beemer Chang Martin Bührer's M1M Derek Chudyk's M1S
— O —  

The Old Grey Mare The webmaster's first CJ750

More OGM

OGM gets wrecked Oldsmobile 1, Mare 0.

OGM gets rebuilt She ain't what she used to be...

OGM-II And the LBB too

OGM-II, 2001-2009 Hill 1, Mare 0. (Will there be an OGM-III?)

OGM-III Introducing the now-red Old Grey Mare
— P —  

Todd Parham in Shanghai Midlife crisis, Chinese style

Jeff Pierce No telling where this is gonna end,

Uwe Paschedag's images See how CJ enthusiasts do it in Germany.
— R —  

R71 Unlimited CJ's grandpa. There are Chang Jiangs on this page as well.

Stefan Richter Join Stefan and his M1M Lola on their adventures in Spain

Francois Roux A 750 enthusiast living in Budapest
— S —  

Bart Sanders & Kameraad Chang CJ fun in the Netherlands

Bart Sanders More CJ fun

Bart Sanders The fun just never stops

Darren Small in Brunei Cruising in Asia on a solo OHV

Phil Smith

Darren Stewart in Beijing Feast your eyes on this superb BSS machine

Sun Yun in China Absolutely gorgeous custom-built Changs at decent prices
— T —  

The Toolbox See what's in it

Carlo Triolo's M72-R71 conversion There's a an authentic R71 on this page as well

Dave Twomey in LA A really nice /2-powered solo
— V —  

Images from Orvo Valila He's been everywhere, man.
— W —  

Dariusz Wiecha's M1M
— X —  

Assorted CJ pictures from Camel Xiaojian in Beijing