Carlo Triolo in Geneva
Alessandro Triolo in Geneva, Switzerland owns an M72-R71 conversion. These images were subimtted by by his father, Carlo. But before we look at their bike, here's a genuine R71 on display.
And again...
...and once more. It's a 1938 civilian model.
This was a pretty nice bike right from the start.
This is how the bike looked before the conversion.
Here it's being disassembled for the project.
That's the engine and gearbox in the foreground, identical to a CJ M1.
...and more pieces. Putting it back together is the fun part.
That might look like a lot of bondo...
...but it's probably less than the amount I used on my sidecar!
Most if not all of the R71 recreations we know of were built from Changs however this one was built using an M72.
Here's the bike during the building stages.
You can see more images from Carlo on the M72 page.
And one tlast look before...
...the finished version.
This bike has pretty much everything, even a michine gun.
Front license tag.
Vintage sidecar lighting and reflector. Look at the size of that tire!
Authentic handlebar control levers.
Beemer emblem and knee pads on a toolbox tank.
Huge ammo box mounted on the sidecar.
Beautiful taillight!
Repro-number and ID tags like those available from Blitz Bikes.
It's all in the details.
Parked in the sunshine.
Another view from the stern.
It's probably a blast to ride around town on this thing!
This bike looks especially good from the stern.
A very serious looking machine indeed.