Dariusz Wiecha
D-man went on a trip to China... and I got a souvenir. Feast your eyes on this waving Chairman Mao watch. Rolex, schmolex. This is the coolest watch in my town.
A postcard from Dariusz.
China rocks. He found himself in CJ heaven and didn't want to leave.
"I would like to thank Jim Bryant, Luke, Gerald and Marcus, Phil, Jon Boon and Shao for making my Beijing visit unforgettable. You guys are truly great and I miss you already. Danny Woody and Nick Barton in Shanghai—hanging out with you at the Portman with Danny’s music and the CJ in the background was a one of a kind experience. Danny—I am honored to have one of your bikes and am really happy to have finally met you."

< D-man at the Forbidden City
Dariusz with Shao Yi Qi of CJ Sidecar
That's Jim Bryant and Bill Eng.
With Gerald Gardebled and Lao Tou of Long River Motorworks
With Luke Xiaozeng of Beijing Sidecar Solution
One of Luke's latest bikes.
With Phil McKinnon and Luke
With Danny Woody, builder of the Red Pig.
The Red Pig took first place in the Asian/European Classic Division at the 26th. Annual Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap. Dariusz's friend Wan-Chen Tsai executed Red Pig in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.
D-Man found some additonal images in his files that were taken while he was performing the 4th. gear upgrade last year. (Scroll down for that.) There aren't any captions to go along with these images but they give you an excellent idea what the inside of your gearbox looks like.
After cutting the plug off, the regulator has three wires—red, brown and green. The rectifier in my case had brown and green wires hooked up to the old regulator. The connections from the rectifier leads are: brown to red on the regulator, green to green on the regulator, and the remaining wire from the regulator which is brown goes to the frame for grounding.
It's Red Pig with Bucker, a Spanish Jungmann airplane built in 1963 but based on a 1934 German design. Sound familiar? The plane lives in Longmont, Colorado. Doedo, the owner took D-man for a ride—the coolest thing ever. Doedo's thinking about buying a CJ.
The Red Pig is back in service with some improvements including the fourth gear upgrade. Here's the flywheel with the clutch springs magically defying gravity.
And here go the clutches back into position. That's a specialized alignment tool which makes this job go a lot smoother and easier.
Viola. Done.
Sweet bike or what? The ammo boxes turned out excellent.
And look at the enhanced lighting here on the stern. Cooool.
The D-Man has been making improvements on his bike. Among other things, he's recently done the fourth gear upgrade. Here's a shot of a dial indicator being used to determine TDC.
The M1 engine case had no peephole for the timing marks on the flywheel... but it does now. Dariusz poked the hole himself.
And this chrome cap covers the hole when it's not in use.
The Red Pig will soon be adorned with this nicely painted and stickered ammo box.
Dariusz sent these images of a locking gas cap he bought from BSS.
I think that blue sticker and the box are pretty cool.
Here's the D-Man and the Red Pig at the 26th. Annual Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap There's a flag of PRC in the background.
Dariusz prepared this placard to inform spectators about his CJ.
The bike is enclosed in a barrier constructed from bamboo. Clever.
It's a beautiful bike. What did the judges think?
How's about first place in the Asian/European Classic Division?
It's always like Christmas when parts from China arrive. Dariusz just received some goodies from Luke Xiaozeng at Beijing Sidecar Solution. Take a look at this chrome and leather seat. Wow.
Here are some of the smaller items—gaskets, gears etc. In the foreground are fourth gear upgrade parts that will give the bike more top end. There's also one of my favorite CJ items—a set of plug wires with fabric insulation and bakelite terminals. And of course there's a bunch of assorted seals, gaskets, etc. Happy day.
Know what this is? It's a Chinese rim strip made from an old inner tube cut up and stitched together.
This is a shot of the Red Pig showing one of the CJ license plate emblems we unveiled last week. Dariusz chose this name for his bike based on the year of its registry—1959 which was the year of the pig. In China the pig isn't considered an offensive animal. Besides, hog was already taken.
It's off to Woody's Wheel Works in Denver to get those rims sorted once and for all.
Woody's huge assortment of spokes.
Lacing up a new Excel shouldered alloy anodized (2.15 x 19) rim using the original CJ hub.
On the stand with the old master himself.
It's true, it's true.
And so is this one, just about.
Hubs freshly blasted and painted too, by the way.
Detail shot of the new spoke pattern. It's much stronger than the original one. The new spokes are thicker at the hub.
These are 6-8 gauge stainless spokes.
A comparison of the new with the old. The weight has a better distribution with the new wheels and they look fantastic.
A closer look.
Spot the red star.
D-Man and Woody and a job well done.
Is this not the coolest motorcycle tire you've ever seen?
Are they available with a 4" width?
The trademark is for Shanshui brand tires.
Here's the D-man with his Danny Woody M1M.
This bike was originally a PLA machine, once owned by Gerald Gardebled in Beijing.
Look at that polished engine and the level of detailing.
Dariusz wearing the Chinese military goggles he got from Gerald.
In solo mode with a pair of ammo boxes mounted on the rear.
Ammo boxes and CJs go together naturally.
They'll look really nice once they're painted.
So, are you wondering what's inside?
This gigantic battery.
Mounting bracket underneath.
The extra gauge is for oil temperature.
Here's the sensor mounted in the deep sump oil pan.
Improvised petcocks aren't unusual on CJs. Dariusz built this one using plumbing hardware.
Looks like it'll do the job very nicely.
Classic front end shot. Look at the crash bars.
Side stand improvised using parts from a motorcycle salvage yard.