Darren Stewart in Beijing
Here are a few pictures of my bike here in Beijing.  I have had it for almost four years now but since I have a passion for ‘shiny’ things I had the bike restored after the first year. 
Keeping a bike in this condition in Beijing requires about four hours per week of polishing and general cleaning.  Those damn spoked wheels.
My baby!
A Sunday morning meeting. (It's what the weekends were made for!)
It's nice to get out of the city and head to the countryside for some fresh air.
Fresh air is harder to find than Changs over here.
My wife and I at the Great Wall
It’s hard to beat the feeling of riding to the Great Wall on the bike after it has just been polished!!  I have grown so attached to the bike that it was my intention was to ship it to the States at the end of the month.  That was until I met Luke at Beijing Sidecar Solutions and visited his shop in Beijing.  The initial plan was just to take a look which led to another visit and another.  Trying to fight the urge I enquired how long it would take to build me one.   The whole process was made easy since Luke and his wife both speak English and replied to my emails the same day.  So four weeks after placing my order my bike was ready. 
Wow! The reason I chose BSS was the standard of their work.
Check out the frame seams!  They are gone! Luke also moved the fusebox from under the seat and relocated it to the boot.   I think it’s a big improvement and  makes the bike look very clean. Not to mention the fact that it is now protected from the elements. 
Even the sidecar light is now flush with the wheel arch, a big improvement over the original spot welds.  Nice! (And the seams inside the sidecar are gone) Luke also added leather seats and a seat belt.
I do like ‘shiny’ things.
Sweet! I have never been a fan of the standard fishtail exhausts since I think they are too quiet so Luke made me these. Very nice.
I would like to say thank you to Luke and his wife Mary at Beijing Sidecar Solutions for all their help with my new bike.  Unfortunately I could only enjoy the bike for an hour or so since I won't register it here in Beijing and it will sit in Luke’s shop waiting to be shipped to New York.  Thankfully he is taking care of all the paperwork, crating and shipping. I just have to pick it up in the States next month.  I can hardly wait.
Will I ever own two Changs again?  I certainly hope so!