Dick Barr's bikes
Dick has been with CJU right from the start. This shot of his WWII replica bike was originally posted way way back in 2001.
And here she is again.
Fast forward to right now. Dick recently won this Chang on eBay.
As you can see it's an M1M.
It's been enhanced somewhat to resemble an Afrika Korps machine.
The seller had the bike in a Florida auto showroom with a $10,500 price tag!
US Army MP helmet...
...and three tags.
Nice vintage type taillight.
It's all there...
...and then some. Check out the mobile field radio mounted on the sidecar.
But here's where it gets interesting. This is the sort of thing you see on eBay from time to time—blatant misinformation. Luckily, Dick is a knowledgeable guy and knew exactly what he was buying.
From the bow...
and the driver's seat...
...and one last peek. Dick expects the bike to be delivered around January 5th. I'd like to see how she looks once he's tweaked on some of the details!