Drew Long
Drew is currently an intinerant pecan planter in Texas although he makes a living as an energy consultant. His M1M came from Beijing where he worked in 2002 and 2003. It still has black foreigner tags from China. The M1M makes an excellent farm vehicle though less powerful than most tractors.
Drew sent the Beijing motor vehicle tax tag on the left. (The other one came from Gerald Gardebled.) Residents of Beijing affix these tags to their license plates. I wonder if the color varies from year to year or if other cities use similar tags.
This official sticker is the same size as a postage stamp. I think it's supposed to go on a license plate. Can anybody tell us more about it?
This brochure is from a short-lived Houston-based CJ distributor, Curtis International.
You'll recognize the bikes illustrated inside from XJ Motors in Beijing.
This page has some more traditional looking CJs. The XJ750B-A looks pretty nice although the updated sidecar fender looks like it belongs on a Ural, not a Chang. And that solo? Well...
The back cover gives a little PR on the Zhuzhou Motorcycle Factory. The brochure originates in China as evidenced by the grammar.
Drew with friends, last winter in Beijing. That's a PLA bike that belongs to another of Drew's friends. The boys are George, Joseph and Michael Lorr from Illinois and now living in PRC with their parents, also good friends. The boys were often Drew's technical consultants as they speak Mandarin as well as English!
This is Drew's silver 1996 M1M being ridden for the first time by a friend. (Notice that smile.) This was a rat bike when Drew bought it. Getting permission from the authorities for changing the color was a bit challenging, but since Drew is an expat, they finally consented.
Here's the business card from a Beijing CJ service shop. What can they do for you? Read this card to find out.