Frans de Wit visits PRC
"I have been travelling with my friend and fellow CJ rider Menko who owns a bicycle shop and repairs them. He's also, with his shop partner Henk (who introduced me to CJs) a CJ parts dealer in the Netherlands."
"He'll probably soon join the on-line community since he doesn't own a computer yet! Because we mixed up the dates after travelling around halfway around the world, we showed up a day late at the Harley Bar in Shanghai—Thursday instead of Wednesday!"
"We had to fend for ourselves. On the street we found this weathered Feng Tong with a missing left side muffler."
"Next to the Shanghai Friendship Store was a CJ under cover AND camouflage. In front of a cop shop there was a pristine CJ with a USAF seal."
"We found out it belonged to one of the policemen who, helped by one of his collegues who spoke better English, explained to us where he bought it and got spare parts."
"Later on we saw him driving it, changed back into his civvies. We'll visit his CJ dealer in Part 2."
Part 2
"The next day we took a cab to the CJ dealer who thought he could sell us a complete CJ."
"When he realised we only wanted little parts he left it to his mechanics and went back to his card game."
"The first image shows the Shanghai Chang Jiang Shop. There were three new CJs in the shop, two black and one dark green."
"The floor was black and slippery from oil and parts were literally everywhere."
"Chinese mechanics don't use benches."
"Menko brought a spare parts book with exploded pictures to show what he wanted. "
"There were mostly "plastic" Changs and Feng Tongs at the shop."
"Pictures 6-8 show you some of the different types of wheels."
"In picture 9 you'll see where the owner braided his wires."
"And in the last picture, a "plastic" Chang has—as opposed to the Feng Tong—a petcock left AND right."
Part 3
Here is why, among other things, Shanghai is biker unfriendly—streets closed to motorcycles.
The modern police bike is a Suzuki 250.
Menko on the back and me in Alpha's sidecar!
Gerald's Donghai needs some repairs! He says it's in running order as is Clay's.
Out behind LRM.
Alpha in its natural habitat at Gerald's workshop.
Beta needs one more week to put together, says Gerald. But since he is so busy, it is a question of which week.
Beijing Police still use CJ sidecars, one seen here at Tiannamen Square.
Part 4
Clay and Menko at the Forbidden City. Besides spare part and CJ hunting we also did the tourist thing.
Menko, Gerald, Clay, Jia Yin and me at lunch. It was great to be able to eat proper Chinese food twice a day! I love it, especially at these prices!
Filled pancakes, hot peppered snails, spring rolls, noodles, the works: GREAT!
Gerald picked us up in the city and drove us to an army surplus shop. This is how you stick four to a side car. Clay announced that he had a permanent sidecar fender indentation in his butt.
Final dinner at a Muslim restaurant. No pig meat here but plenty of duck, lamb and chicken. Later on there was bellydancing of which Gerald is a big fan.