Francois Roux in Budapest
"News from eastern countries. Almost by chance, I discovered next to my house in Budapest, a good professional, specialised in building brand new side cars from the past years. He has original blueprints, patterns and material that allow him to exactly build or rebuild the side car as it was originally. He is particularly expert in 'Steib' branded side cars."
"He's really an doing amazing job, hand-pinstriping the white stripes, rebuilding original ornaments, upholstery, emblems, Bosch lights and... it's only a hobby for over 15 years! He has clients all over Europe, and a serious reputation, even if once again, it's not his main activity."
"In the back of his garage I pictured and old dusty Ural, probably from the 50s (in 6V), that he bought 15 years ago from Ukraine. He said "one day when I 'll have time, I will restore it!" Don't touch it! Isn't it gorgeous enough as is, today?"
"And... the masterpiece that he is finishing now is this BMW R25/3, in mint conditions, that he will very soon sell. Anybody interested? He would like to buy an R50 instead, to make another project... Other pics shows some of the original spare parts he keeps for the restorations. He can also provide repro, of a lot of specific ornaments, lights, or reflectors. I hope it will be interesting! I provide you with all the pics I did yesterday evening with my Iphone, publish all or one, as you like!"
"From my project, I need to fix the rear LED light, license plate, and I'm done. I pre-tuned the carbs to allow me to go around my house heat the engine and test acceleration-decceleration situations. It might need some fine tuning and synchronisation. I noticed that one of my cylinder was hotter than the other one."
"As you can see here, his M1 is really coming together. This is going to be a lovely bike."
"When I checked my generator, I removed the claps protecting the contacts. Did you know that you can find the precise date of manufacture underneath the claps? Mine dates from Sept. 8, 2005."
"The funniest thing is that I bought my bike on Sept. 30, 2004, never had any electric issues (meaning nothing related to the generator). Do you think that the maintenance crew I used to appoint for the daily operations in China would have changed my original generator?"
"Actually probably yes. I noticed already that after getting back my bike another time the tank had been changed in between. Another way to do business!"
Gerald Gardebled comments: "Actually the paper found under the protective clap is not related to the date of manufacture. It is a piece of newspaper called Beijing Wan Bao (Beijing Evening News). The paper has been put in by his mechanic. Originally, it is a piece of felt that absorbs the residue from the brushes. The actual date of manufacture for the generator is on the blue metallic tag on the generator and it is 2001."
These pictures show Francois' work-in-progress, a 6V machine that he intends to look like the bike in the first picture. You don't see whitewalls on Changs very often. They look right at home.
"Nice to be part of the club! Currently living in Budapest, Hungary, but used to live in Beijing between 2003 and 2006. Owning two Changs, an M1 solo and an M1M bought from Gerald Gardebled."