G.B. Morgan's overheating solution... by Gary Morgan

"I had to correct a serious overheating of the left cylinder, which started to materialize last fall.

Unfortunately the screw holding the valve adjustment cover in place was seized and no amount of praying, nor even an extractor bit would loosen it. I eventually removed the carb, the cylinder head, the cylinder and went at the screw from beneath the cover. Cut and replaced the valve cover and cylinder gaskets, de-coked the piston and cylinder head; and replaced the damaged screw (fortunately I live a few minutes away from an outlet offering all things metric and SAE. The valve adjustments did the trick and after a recent 30 minute hard drive the header pipes didn't even suffer from blueing. By the way, I find that Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish and a little elbow grease will restore chrome pipes that suffer from blueing. However; "chrome won't get you home"."