The Old Grey Mare gets fixed
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Thank you very much to the guys who were so helpful after my wreck in June, 2004—Jim Bryant, Marc Davis, Mark Fisher, Gerald Gardebled, Rich Hahn, Chris Jordan, Tim Lagonegro, Stewart Martin, Shao Yiqi and Daruisz Wiecha. You guys are the greatest.
I studied pictures to get some ideas, among them several M72s with black rear seat pedestals like this one.
But there's an excellent chance it'll end up grey very soon.
The running lights on Mike Weaver's Ivan served as inspiration for another modification. (So did getting hit by a driver who couldn't see me.)
But to be honest, I'm not sure if this really works that well. As a matter of fact, I took them off the bike last night.
This is the old front fender and I sure do miss her. I cut off the splash guard and made a mudflap that was held in place using carriage bolts. It looked great.
But I've decided that a correct style front fender is an important detail to have on a CJ, so here we are. It's a lowered fender but not quite as low as the old one. I made the brackets from " steel tubing. Jim Bryant hand-carried the fender and a half ton of other parts on a flight from Beijing then sent them to me via UPS.
Oh yeah. Black handelbars were common on bikes way back when, so what the heck.
This is that old wire I told you about. It has fabric insulation and looks right at home on this bike. It's from eBay.
A vintage 6V coil. It has excellent Chinese embossing around the outside and a Bakelite cap.
PLA air filter housing. It's slightly smaller than the old one.
Vintage handgrip with CJ750 logo.
Good old Guiyang 6V regulator... with some new paint.
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