Holger Behncke in Hamburg, Germany
I changed the handlebar of my CJ. I put one from a KS 600 on it. I have to say it feels great. The seating position is more relaxed and the bike maneuvers easier with it. Another problem I faced was an electrical one.
I had difficulties with the generator, at least that was what I thought. I was close to buying a new generator/regulator or anything in between to get the battery charged again, when I stumbled over the big white multiplug under the saddle. On one side of the plug the cables where crimped to the connectors, like they where supposed to.
On the other side they where soldered, or better to say, once they where soldered. Two of the cables had come off, and three more came off easily when I pulled on them. I took this side of the plug apart and recrimped all connectors. Result -> all problems gone. Maybe this helps some of the other CJ drivers when they start facing electrical problems.
The last two years I was quite busy entertaining our little daughter Josephine!
Today I found the time again to go to an oldtimer meeting near by. A friend of mine drove the R25/3 and I took the R51/3 It was a nice ride and the weather was good for about four hours. On the way home we got into a little shower, but nothing serious.
There were a lot of different old bikes and cars on display. The most interesting one was this 1936 R12 with sidecar.
Visit Holger's web site Schlingels.com
Holger and Isabel spent some time visiting the US and Canada recently. During their journey Holger got to ride this R11 in addition to a 1939 R66, an R25/3, an R27 and an R69. The bikes all belong to Holger's friend Richard.
"We had very good weather here in Hamburg the last days, so I took some better pictures of the CONDOR. Here is the result."
It's almost finished! Had it not been for the idiot plater losing some parts, the bike would be complete. Even so, this rare machine does indeed look beautiful. I can sympathize with Holger having had a similar experience with a rare automobile part that got lost by a plater. Condor parts aren't something you can simply order out of a catalog!
Holger has been restoring this Condor, a rare Swiss air-cooled boxer. He's been sending quite a few pictures that, up until now, I hesitated to post in order to save space for CJ images. Today I'm making an exception. As you can see, this bike is going to be a stunner.
Here's something many of us consider to be great... but we wouldn't, uh, actually have them on our bikes. These are Holger's leg guards with the Chinese characters for Chang Jiang embossed on them.
"Here are some pictures of our tour to the Uboot (submarine) again today. Note the crazy guy with a sidecar.   I had to do this when I saw the empty space!! It was the first time I managed to drive straight with the sidecar up for more than 3 meters.
"Before I always had to keep on turning right... "[Holger sent quite a few images of all the Russian bikes at this event, mostly later model OHV machines. For the sake of server space I've posted just these ten.]
Holger snapped this 12V CJ at a vintage bike show he attended recently in his native Germany. That looks like a Shihu emblem on the tank. Look at the forks and fender!
This is a military motorcycle spotlight. In German it's called a Tanrscheinwerfer. It was designed for night riding without being seen due to the tiny amount of light it emits. Makes you wonder how effective it is for lighting the way.
This headlamp (which I believe is for Holger's CONDOR) has a mechanical dimmer mechanisim similar to early M72s and CJ750s. You can get a pretty good idea how it works by studying the enlarged image.
Actually, Holger doesn't own a CJ at all—his wife does, and here she is. She lets him ride it sometimes being the nice lady that she is.
"New carbs and it's like having a new engine! My SV runs as agile, smooth and lively as the OHV engine on Bernd's CJ."
"I recommend the carbs Gerald sells on his page!"nd here she is. She lets him ride it sometimes being the nice lady that she is.
"Mobile Engine Repair Service :-)
A friend needed new bearings so he drove to Bernd's (the driver) who offered to help. But they found their tools weren't strong enough to pull the crank out. They grabbed the engine case and drove to my place where we managed to get the stupid crank out of the case."
Holger had all of his bikes out for a little photo shoot the other day—and here they are. He sure does have an interesting collection of bikes... Wow!

"Yesterday we had a small gathering of three Changs, a Ural and a BMW R75. One of the CJs was set up as a R75 lookalike. Form your own opinion. (I still like our flatty better.. :-) )"
"Today it was great weather here in Hamburg! Cold (3C) but a clear blue sunny sky. I couldn't resist—I had to go for a ride. I chose the CJ with sidecar"
" It was marvelous, and look what i saw in front of a restaurant nearby, a BMW R75 Sahara—a real one!"
HH1B is as snug as a bug in a rug as seen here in Holger's wooden shack. This M1M has a CJ tank logo without the 750 designation.
HH1B is seen in solo configuration. Those center stands can be a challenge.
And here she is with her sidecar attached. Either way is the only way.
Holger attended the 2005 Augustusburg motorcycle gathering in eastern Germany. Of the 112 images he made available in a .zip file at this link, I selected these particular images to post on CJU because the bikes here are all an important part of the CJ lineage.
You'll see M72s, K750s, pre-war SV Beemers and even a couple Changs. If you want to see some really obscure and interesting machines, download the that .zip file. (It's 12MB.)
Holger's web site (schlingels.com) is dedicated to his bikes, one of which is a Chang. It's well worth your time to visit.
"My wife (who owns our CJ) was on a business trip in China. While passing through Xiamen, she was able to take pictures of CJs there."
"The green ones belong to the police there, she was told. I like the private green one with the ladder."
"In Germany you would be arrested immediately if you pulled a stunt like this :-)"
"I was in China too at that time (Hong Kong) but didn't find any CJs there. :-( "
"Last weekend I attended a monthly meeting of sidecar drivers here in Hamburg."
"They always meet on the first Sunday of the month at a Russian submarine on display in our harbour."
"This Sunday unfortunately I had the only Chang. All the others were Russian Urals or Dneprs."