Jeff Pierce
Below: Jeff says it's finally "done"... but we probably all know better!  
"From paper cut-out concept to reality. Jimbo nailed it!"
"I put these on my bike and the difference is ridiculous. The fulcrum for the lever is about " further out than on the CJ, so my front brake locks with about a half pull now and the clutch pull is like nothing. They aren't cheap, but they're top notch and change the brake performance entirely."
"AM ride, wash, wax. She's a beauty."
Below: "It's a CJ frame and tranny with an R100/7 engine. The details were inspired by the BMW R17 and the R7, so "R/7" seems appropriate. Jimbo made it all come together. The sidecar is next up."  
"Couldn't resist finishing it with a Goulding LS 29 sidecar from It's mounted on the CJ sidecar frame. I'll send pics of the mounts when I get a chance."
"I put 16" rims on all four wheels using Harley Drop Center rims picked up off of eBay and custom spokes from Buchanan Spokes in order to get the wheel dished properly so that it would clear the drive shaft without breaking spokes. (According to them, CJs should have four different kinds of spokes instead of two in order to properly true the wheel."

"I cut the trunk out, used the trunk lid as a guide and had a piece of sheet metal welded on. I re-purposed the metal bands in order to help strengthen the new weld. Solid as a rock, even with that massive tire on it."

"I wanted more visibility (lusterless army paint is difficult to pick out at night...) so I painted the tips of the fenders and added a taillight/brake light and a front and rear running light to the sidecar fender."

"I re-covered the seats with $25 worth of leather (again, from eBay) and dyed it to match the leather on the bike. A little Minwax Gunstock Brown and the duckboards now look like they belong on the bike."
"All in all, I'm really pleased with the results. I had considered tapering the nose and lowering the "hood" by a couple of inches, but after I mounted the spare tire and the sidecar, I felt that they balanced out the size of the nose."
"Well, I'm done for now. Here's a preliminary shot. Details to follow this weekend. There is not a single bike on the planet that I would choose over mine. I love my CJ750. There. I said it." [He's not the only one...]
"Inspired and aided by Thomas. Big, fat and mean 500x16 Firestone ANS military tires on rehabilitated eBay 16" rims with custom Buchanan spokes on the drive wheel."
"This much rubber soaks up an unbelievable amount of vibration. It's like riding a completely different machine and it looks even better in 3D than it does in 2."
"Next up (and currently in process), adventures with the sidecar. I'll keep you posted."
"I followed your lead on the Delco Remy/ammeter/SPDT switch. The lights are bright, there is charge (and discharge) happening."
"I'll probably still be trickle charging nightly, but I'd bet that the system is running more efficiently now than it was before, although I do regret not mounting the ammeter with the old voltage regulator attached to see if the improvement could be quantified."
"These pics to show how I camouflaged the whole thing. I ran all the wiring through a WLA blackout head lamp."
"The great thing about WW2 Jeep paint is that within minutes of drying, it looks 70 years old."
"I was bored with that footboard and sidecar fender. It took some welding, some grinding, some hacksawing and some luck, but I prefer the new version. I also find that with the frame done in black it takes some of the monolithic nature of the sidecar away and puts focus equally on the bike."
Yes, they are indeed Changs.
"I got a great set of tools with my bike from Gerald. Unfortunately, the canvas didn't last long. Fortunately, my wife is a genius with a sewing machine."
"I recently made some additions to my bike: a WLA seat and bags, a windscreen, a blackout light and XA leg shields that I fabricated myself."
Jeff and "Lucy" wish everyone a happy Fourth of July!
A belated tribute to D-Day.
"Took a three-hour spin up the Pacific Coast Highway this morning. Bike is running great, drawing crowds."    
"Running like a champ, ridden every day!"
"I love this bike. It's running like a champ. Gerald did a brilliant job across the board. Absolutely top notch. I took it up Mulholland into the Canyons this morning."
"These pics are from Franklin Canyon Reservoir. She really looks "in her element", doesn't she?"
With all the Afrika Korps and Wehrmacht bikes I figured we needed somebody to step up and represent the Allies. We did win, after all...
The handlebars—HD speedster bars; dual cam front brake—an upgrade of the HD single cam by 45 Parts Depot; front crash bars off of a WLA; the front end—a +2" Big Twin, the same one that was pioneered for the XA.

The paint is from a Willys Jeep guy. It's matched to the original stuff, it's dirt cheap, easy to use and gets the 1942 feel after being on the bike for fifteen minutes.

The headlight is a Corcoran Brown Jeep headlight, for whatever reason, probably scarce resources, this is what was used on the actual XA. The guidelight is from a WWII halftrack. I cut and ground the base of it to fit.

The luggage rack is NOS from a WLA, Gerald engineered the mounts to match the XA pretty closely. The rear lighting is all OEM WLA from eBay.

The rear crash guard is a repro I got on eBay then cut to fit using mounting brackets Gerald welded on.

The toolbox is a WLA repro piece too.

The wheels are 18" WLA rims, with 18X400 tires from JC Whitney, all the rubber makes for a really comfy ride.

The front fender is a Big Twin fender that I cut the sides off of. The rear fender is an OEM WLA fender I got off of eBay for $50. It took a lot of TLC to get it up to speed.

The seat is a Jimbo special, one of the first I think with mounts for the springs welded on by Gerald. Stiff, but plenty of cushion.

I rewired it with cloth wire and connectors from Hummer Great quality stuff.

The unit designation is the Hell on Wheels 2nd Armored Division, 82nd Recon Battalion, Company C, vehicle 75 (a play on CJ750). Although the XA was never put into battle, it was attached solely to armored divisions while it was being put through its paces.

Thanks to Gerald at Long River Motorworks, he and Marcus have been superb in supporting me even after all the checks had cleared. Great guys. Great bike. Thanks to Jim for the seat, Freddie and Dan for the technical support, Richard for the articles on paint and bodywork and all the guys who've shared their great bikes on the CJU site that inspired me to try to make something special."
"It's been a long six weeks of work but LRM's M1-XA arrived, I disassembled her and then I went to town on the beast. Couldn't have done it without CJU."
"Maybe the U should stand for University because I've gotten a great education from the Toolbox and Professor Danno and Dr. Richard Cook just to name a few."
"Did a tour of the burn damage at Griffith Park in LA. Perfect photo op."
This one-of-a-kind military themed bike is now for sale so Jeff can get his newly built XA copy. The price is $5500 firm. Contact Jeff at  
"I installed red LEDs in my Guidelight and my sidecar front light. They are really eye-catching even in the daylight."
Jeff just finished rewiring his bike with fabric wiring. "I also installed an LRM horn/headlight switch. Nice. And an LRM brake light switch. Nice. And moved the ugly starter switch under the tank with the harness, starter relay, voltage regulator and diode board."
"I almost forgot how cool these bikes look solo..."
We knew it was just a matter of time before WWII B-29 nose art turned up on Jeff's amazing CJ!
Introducing Bomber Betty!
Jeff's CJ is indeed amazing.
"Here she is—my CJS 'CJ Joe'"
"I just finished outfitting her with 3.5 gallon Fat Bob tanks..."
"...Indian mirrors, a Triumph headlight, panhead horn and a cat's-eye dash with all the electrics re-routed through it. (And she runs like a top.)
"Yes sir, that's my baby."
Jeff's handsome, silver M1M solo.
An example of Jim Bryant's pan seat on Jeff's bike. Not only does it look great but it's much better for long rides than the original CJ seat.
"Stripped down, but I like it!" [Stripped?]
"Here's the latest of my Silver Machine."
"I just did the brake light, carriage bolts and reflector."
"Shao Yi Qi built me a great pair of machines."
"Just finished installing many carriage bolts (thanks for the tip Dan—they look sublime) an ammo can, taillights (again, following Dan's lead—gracias) a modern battery in the trunk, sidecar handlebars, new mirrors and new controls... not to mention a little nose art on the tank (in honor of my wife, a Chicago native.) Cheers!"  
"So I finally had the time to do the valves, points, timing and carbs on my OHV and the thing runs like a friggin' top. I'm so glad I went with Shao, he's as stand up a guy as you could ask for. All the best, JP"
"I just got my OHV sidecar from Shao and dressed it up. Let me be absolutely clear—this is in no way intended to be a 'replica' of anything. (If it's a replica of anything it's a replica of what might have been an accessory to a 1965 era GI Joe doll.) It's solely for fun and so far everyone (and I mean everyone) who has seen it has said their own version of "WOW! That's a very cool bike." A guy on a Harley made a U-turn and was absolutley full of very positive envy. So there it is, my dream machine. Every time I look at it it makes me smile. Now to tune her up, Kreem-Coat the tank and get her licensed. Thanks to Shao! He's the best!"
"Shao has shipped my fantasy Chang. I've got a garage full of extras which I'll be hanging on it. Once it's all done up I'll send more pics. But here she is naked and packed with spare parts."
"I love my solo Chang! Shao did and outstanding job, starts on one kick, runs like a beautiful little tank. I'll send some shots of it over the next few days."
Jeff sent these pictures of his new solo, finished and ready to be shipped! He says Shao did a fine job building this bike and it certainly looks that way in these pictures. I especially like the black rims and spokes. I think they give the bike a really vintage look. There are plenty of other neat things on this bike such as the saddle bags, frame/mounted tool box, tool box tank, lowered front fender and an excellent color scheme. This thing is gorgeous.
Jeff has two bikes under construction by Shao at CJS in Beijing. One is an OHV sidecar rig and this one is a 12V sidevalve. It has rear fender brackets similar to early BMWs.