National Day ride from Jim Bryant
"Our ride last week was just incredible. We had planned to ride to Pingyao city in Shanxi province but because of road blockage we had to detour to another destination. The roads are just two lane and there were about 20km of trucks in both lanes facing off against each other. Probably still there trying to get unblocked!

So we took to some river beds to avoid the jam and finally had to find a flat spot on the side of a mountain and pitch our tents right there above the endless miles of trucks. It must be common as there were vendors going up and down the road selling food and drinks to ther stuck truckers.

During our off-road adventure one bike knocked his foot shifter off and broke the housing. Just like in the States where you never go anywhere without duct tape, I never go anywhere without epoxy. Got the shifter housing epoxied and wired tight and unbelievably, it held up all the way back to Beijing. Then lightning strikes twice and another bike broke off not only his shifter but his foot peg as well. Luckily it didn't take off his foot! And that bike made it back to Beijing as well.

The weather, other than the first night out, was perfect and the scenery was just magnificant."

[Photos aren't in any specific order.]