Jim Bryant's huge adventure
This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. For Jim it's just another ride. The summer of 2005 started with the motorcycle races on the UK's Isle of Man followed by a solo trek back to Jim's home in Beijing.
These are some of the sights Jim encountered along the way with the newest ones at the top. Click here to read Jim's dispatches on Adventure Rider.
Looking none too worse for wear, Jim and his bike after completing the epic journey that began in Germany (well, Britain, actually) and ended in Beijing.
"Here are pictures from central Mongolia. I had planned on crossing Mongolia in one week. It actually took just over three weeks. I almost never got higher than 2nd gear the entire trip across the country. Mongolia is the most desolate and isolated country I've visited and I've been in quite a few countries. Except in the capital of Ulaan-Baatar the hotels don't have showers and only a few have indoor toilets. Gas stations are few and far between and out in the countryside they don't have electricity so the gas pumps have hand cranks to pump the gas. Most of the yurts I came across have big satellite dishes, black and white TVs, and DVD players. All were powered by small Honda generators.

You'll also see pictures from the Gobi, the mud bogs, the eastern border with China that would not let me through, and after I scraped all the mud off in Ulaan-Baatar, which of course accumulated once again after I left U-B. But it was clean for a day anyway! I spent 2-1/2 days at the eastern border before I finally "got persuaded" to leave and backtrack 700 kms to the southern border with China."

An antique Russian truck in Siberia
"Show me 'round your snow peaked mountains way down south..."
Storm clouds brewing in southern Russia
A junkyard in Siberia
The junkyard had this black M72!
The M72 had a single-carb setup.
Next to it was this OHV Ural.
Check out the spokes!
"That spark advance is mine" Jim says. Cool.
A truckstop.
Stopping for lunch in southern Russia
Another small town...
M72 at Moscow Bike Week
Bike Week at night. [Check out the Chicago Outlaws colors!]
R69S fans at Bike Week
More R69S fans
Moscow Bike Week
Moscow Bike Week
Moscow Bike Week
Another R69S fan
Moscow Bike Week
Moscow Bike Week
Remembering WWII [The Great Patriotic War]
Decorated veteran in Moscow
Moscow WWII rememberance
Cowboy near Pyerm
BMW in Ekaterinburg
Old car in Ekaterinburg [It's a GAZ-12 ZIM, circa. 1955]

Ekaterinburg church
Ekaterinburg Etrium Palace Hotel
Ekaterinburg ladies
Friendly farmer
Helicopter depot in Pyerm
More Moscow
Moscow street
Moscow church
Moscow mall
Moscow shoppers
Peaceful village
PETA shop in Moscow
Pyerm movie ad
Red Square
Red Square
Road to Kykmop
Rossija hotel parking
Russian bear
Sbarro, Moscow
Small town church
Small town on lake
These are the Urals...
Village near lake
Watch that bridge! [Where did it go?]
We need a bath!
Into Russia and on to Moscow where Jim spent some time hanging with local bikers. Those patches are awesome.    
Scenes from Rostok, Latvia & Lithuania.
Along the road to Beijing was this cool museum in Zweirad, Poland. I recognize the Russian GAZ-13 Chaika ("Seagull"), the red Wartburg, two Trabbies, a GAZ and a Czech Tatra, but not the others.  
Bikes at the museum in Zweirad. Eastern Europe is a treasure trove of fascinating machines that many of us will never get to see with our own eyes whether they be cars, trucks, bikes, aircraft, locomotives—you name it.
Poland. The club riders on the left just show how much we're alike. This nation wears her history well. Looking at the countryside you'd be hard put to imagine what transpired here just 65 years ago.
The former East Germany offers wonderful architecture from pre-Soviet times as you can see here. I always envisioned lots of concrete Soviet-era apartment blocks, but that's obviously not the case.  
A last look at IoM action before hitting the road to—that's right, Beijing!    
More images from the Isle of Man. This batch was taken at a gathering of classic bikes. Here's Jim with Joey Dunlap.
Hey, it's Tim Lagonegro and a rare boxer-engined Douglas.
Yep, it's a Norton. Check out the center stand on this bike.
A real Royal Enfield—not one from India.
Nick oughtta like this vintage Guzzi. Whoa!
Excelsior parallel twin.
And another one!
This adventure starts with the 2005 Isle of Man motorcycle races where Jim met up with Tim Lagonegro before riding his bike back to Beijing.
Jim sent dozens of photos from the races and I only wish it were possible to post all of them.
But since it's not I'll post these four that should appeal to you sidecar riders.
The red bike is a BMW R80-RT (thanks Holger.) The green machine is a Zundapp. I'll guess it's from the mid-fifties.