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"It's finally finished and just arrived into Las Vegas."
"I have to install a taillight and turn signals, and the customer has to decide if he wants a Goulding or Steib sidecar. Then it's off to Atlanta for him to enjoy."
"I like the bike so much we're building another for a customer, and then I'll build one for myself."
"Yes, it's a CJ750. We overlayed a pre-war BMW R35 frame and then fabricated the fenders to replicate the R7 from BMW in the 1930s. Almost finished. This bike will be getting a Goulding sidecar tub."
"This bike started out as a 1976 police bike. It's now heading to Finland."
"Here's a picture of our first bobber..."
"...and our next one still under construction."The gas tank and rear fender are polished aluminum. It's powered by a 6V flattie."
"Here's our latest build, heading to the States. The owner just opened a restaurant and that's the name and the logo you see on the bike."
"This bike has our Elephant Ear front fender and Slash 2 rear fender."
"We bought two old Changs this week, a 1964 (unfortunately, my guys stripped out the drivetrain before I could get a picture) and a 1979 CJ racer (pictures soon). On the 1964, I was told the frame was actually made in Russia and shipped in to China as a knock-down kit. Maybe Gerald has info on that."
"But these early CJs are easy to tell by the welds on the frame tubes up near the steering head. It's round stock that's been sleeved and welded. Not sure what year they stopped doing this and went to the oval tubes."
"And now there's a supplier of the vintage looking Denfield knock off rubber seats. I don't think we've put a rubber seat on any of our bikes for over four years. But in case someone likes looks over comfort, we have them."
"We finished another restoration. This one was different from the norm as the customer brought in his CJ for a complete rebuild."
Thomas and Sabine's bikes together. One is a BMW R1200C cruiser we picked up in Tanggu, repainted and attached a sidecar. The other is the CJ that we built for them about five years ago and now just repainted. They've been all over China on them as you can tell from Sabine's videos.
"Probably you've seen some of Sabine's videos of our rides. After five years they decided to have us redo their Chang. So we repainted it, did the top end of the motor, freshened the gearbox, added a disc brake, and
added a few more Hella lights. Thomas works for Hella. Under the headlight are daytime running LED lights. Pretty bright. And the light bar in the nose of the sidecar tub is also LED. They will be moving down south soon, so they have a "new" bike to take with them."
"Well, it's finally complete with the upholstered sidecar interior and tank shifter mounted. It will he heading for Houston right after Chinese New Year. This was a fun build."  
Ed Van Dike will be the owner of this BMW conversion, done up as a tribute to the famous Ford GT40 race cars. It's nearly finished!
"Here's our latest build. It's BMW powered (of course) by an R60 (600cc). Still cruises at 120km/h though."
"Can you identify the flag on the nose of the sidecar? We should hold a contest for that. That's where it's headed next week." [GaŽl Moalic: "It's from a French country in the southwest called pays Basque".]
Classic BMW elephant ear fenders! Contact Jimbo if you'd like a set for your Chang.
"This bike we built has our first under-tank master cylinder for the front disc brake. So the bike has a front disc brake but retains the reverse brake and clutch levers. Also, it is not a standard Chinese Earles fork. We modified it so there is more trail and improves high speed stability."
"I never thought I'd see this motor run again, but here it is just two weeks after a catastrophic failure, on our test rig running. The repair included, crankshaft, rods, bearings, oil pump, lifters, seals, gaskets, and top end refresh." (Click here for more on this engine.)
"Here's a bike we built for my son's Cub Master who just got transferred to LA. This bike will be following him shortly."  
"This bike was towed in for service (and fortunately, he was able to ride it away the same day.) It has a single carb. The air cleaner is cut off from the transmission. The owner fabricated a new air cleaner from a frame-mounted toolbox. I'll give him an 8 for creativity."
"Wang Dong Liang has put in the tooling to manufacture these CJ OHV cylinders. They're polished (his main business)."  
"Here's a bike we just finished up. It's powered by a BMW R80 motor. The color is sapphire which was the color of the new owner's beloved Triumph TR6. We're trying something a little different with this bike. The Harley Panhead seat has 24mm of memory foam, which makes it a bit more comfortable."  
"Here are more pics from our last (organized) ride of the 2010 season."
"They were taken by Ken Holmes who's looking at possibly buying a CJ."
If you're after a CJ powered Chang, talk to Jimbo. Although it's not very often, he builds them as well.
Yep, it's a flattie, and none of the work on it was farmed out, so quality isn't going to be a crapshoot. This bike also showcases Jimbo's airbrushing service. The tank logo is an example of their work. Neato!
"The weather is getting cooler here so this was probably the last organized ride for 2010."
"One of our vendors showed up today with this, duckboards but made out of polished stainless steel. Just what everyone needs ;-)"
"I didn't think there were any re-enactors over here in Beijing, but these three stopped by my shop today."
"Not only were the bikes dressed up, but the riders were in full German WWII era uniforms."
"This bike showed up at our shop yesterday to pick up some chrome pieces. It is (was) a Chang Jiang that has had some interesting surgery to the rear plunger. I do admire the guy's work if not his taste."
"We built this trailer for Jimmy P. over a year ago. It came to good use today as I had to pick up our new engine stand from the powder coaters and it wouldn't fit into a sidecar. But, it fit into the trailer just fine."
"Jimmy built the engine stand for us. We can now turn the engine 360 degrees which makes it easier to install the oil pump and pick up."
"That's not his real name "Bullwinkle", but their trip is real. I met these guys on a ride down in Shandong last year. We had just covered up the bikes (3 or 4 BMW powered CJs) when I saw a guy lifting up the cover and shouting "Holy Sh*t! It's a BMW!" Then a group of fellow riders all gathered round the bikes and we had to uncover them all for them to see."
"We rode together for a couple days (they on little 125s and us on BMW powered bikes). When we were leaving for the return ride to Beijing, Rocky said he was going to save up and buy a bike from me. Well, earlier this year he did just that, and even asked me to put my logo on his sidecar. He has since racked up 6000km."
"Now he and "Bullwinkle" are headed to the Russian Border at Monzhouli, about a 4-5 day ride from Beijing. They left Zibo, Shandong last Friday. They stopped by for normal maintanence items like an oil and filter change, tranny and rear drive fluid changes and new spark plugs. They expect to rack up another 5000km on this trip."
The First Annual Iron Horse Saloon Poker Run is history, and here are the pictures to prove it. (The file names provide details.) How 'bout those Redbucks?
"Just finished this bike. It's headed for France. The paint (you can't see it in these pictures) is black but with a red tint. You have to look at it in certain light and it looks red. An interesting story behind this bike. We built an almost identical bike for the same customer a few years ago."
"He lived in China but the bike was shipped to France. The garage it was stored in burnt down before the customer ever got to ride it. Fortunately insurance took care of the claim and he ordered another bike nearly identical to the one that burned."
"We had nothing special planned, and then about 10 Chang Jiangs rolled into our parking lot.
It was a good day."
"We just finished this bike. It's a military type but with powder coated frames and hubs, BMW motor (of course) 750cc. We're still searching for an appropriate tank logo."  
"Finally got a decent day this spring. Seems likes it's been either sandy, cold, or raining every day. So, spring is when a man's heart turns to ... motorcycles. We seem to be building up quite a collection here. Most are waiting for shipping which seems to be a little slower than usual these days."
"We don't build many CJ powered bikes anymore, but here's one that will be headed to Norway."
This Chang has a BMW R75/6 engine, BMW fenders, wheels, exhaust pipes and handlebars. It makes you wonder—at what point would it no longer be considered a CJ??
"These two "twins" are headed out this week, one to Shandong and one to Vienna, Austria. Then we're off for about 10 days."
"The latest—a 1000cc Panzer Grey hot rod, and a 750cc Dover White that was finished today."
"Here's our next bike under construction in our new shop. You really had to have seen our former shop to appreciate all the space, light, and heat we have now. This bike is going to a local rider I met last fall when riding down in Shandong Province. At the time we met, he was riding a local 125cc bike. He said he wanted to buy one of our bikes and I just shook my head. But he did come up to Beijing and placed his order. He'll come up next week to ride it back to (Zibo) Shandong."
"He even wanted our logo painted onto the front and back of his sidecar tub. What a guy!"
"Well, we're finally actually at work again. Seems like we haven't worked in half a year. Now I'm seeing we have a lot of stuff! Over 50 sets of BMW cylinders, over 40 pairs of heads, about a dozen crank cases, 50 pairs of pistons, covers, rods, timing chains, flywheels and clutches. Where did all this stuff come from? And that's just our storage space up on the second floor. Still probably gonna take a few weeks to get everything up off the floor and organized. Anyway, it's good to be to work."  
Video of Jim's first try at riding up the death ramp.
Here's the second try. By the 18th. bike, he had it mastered.
"Well, we finally started moving into our new shop. The move should be complete by this weekend. Today I rode 18 bikes up the "ramp of death" to the second floor. The first attempt I needed an assist. The second went smoother, and by the third, it was a breeze. But my camera battery died after the second ride. Robbie Knievel need any help? I'm now ready!"  
"This is getting funnier (I think). Our ramp is almost done. I'm going to film myself taking the first bike up the ramp. The paint booth was just about finished when our landlord asked us to paint the exterior and roof of the building so it camoflages with the surroundings out front (so the building inspector won't notice it.) It's being moved tonight after dark to the front left of the building and we'll keep our fingers crossed it doesn't get noticed!"
The ramp
Paint booth camouflage
Camouflaging underway
Paint booth interior
The extractor
"I didn't get many pictures, but I'd say it was successful with maybe 50 bikes showing up for the ride and path afterwards. Not all were Milwaukee iron as there were a fair number of Changs, both BMW powered and local iron motors, a couple new BMWs, a Triumph Rocket III, and maybe a Jap bike or two."
"Live music after the ride and a BBQ grilling away. Several good sponsors gave stuff away in a raffle too. Now here's hoping next year's run is during warmer weather!"
"Here's our latest build. There are almost too many features to list on this bike. For starters, we used BMW /2 fenders front and rear. The rims are painted, polished and pinstriped."
"The sidecar light is from a 1950s VW Bug. The polished stainless steel hardware features round heads. It has BMW-type bar end turn signals, tank mounted shifter, airbrushed frame-mounted tool box, Harley seats, upholstered sidecar interior, Hella LED tail lights, rebuilt BMW R75/5 motor, powder coated hub caps, engine, tranny, rear drive, and lower fork legs"
"Here's pictures of our new shop building. There is a Harley shop on the right side and we'll be on the left side. We're trying to find another bike company to take up the middle so this will be 100% motorcycle business building. And here's the last two bikes to be completed at our old shop. The dark grey bike is going to Australia and is powered by a 750cc BMW. The Harley is for a local customer. We didn't build the bike, but we built a subframe and then installed the Dong Hai sidecar on a Chang Jiang sidecar frame.
"I just got back to Beijing and this is what our old shop looks like right now. We'll be moving into the new one all this week."
We finally got POR-15! It is extremely difficult to ship as it must come in as hazardous material, but we finally got it, and we'll start treating all the bikes that we build. It's a three- part process. You clean out all the crud with the first treatment, then etch the interior of the tank. The third step is coating the tank. Takes about 100+ hours to do all three steps. We also invite anyone in Beijing that has a rusty tank to come in for the treatment. It's been about three years we've been trying to get this product here.
We just finished up this bike. Powered by a 1000cc BMW motor, Bing CV carbs.
The paint is cool. It's a PPG paint that looks green in certain light and blue in other light. The customer has a Silverado in the same color that we matched it up to.
And it's headed for Dubai. Our first shipment to the Middle East.
Look what I found. it's an old Denfeld bench seat made for a plunger framed BMW (early post-war). Fits a CJ although I can see if the CJ had the slimmer BMW tank it would look more sanitary at the front of the seat.
And for some reason it seems a little short at the rear. Looks like it could use another 80mm in length to look just right.
I'll consider making repops if there is enough interest. It is comfortable and gives taller riders' room to stretch their legs a bit.
Read about Jimbo in the China Daily!
We finished three bikes this week. You can tell who the owner of the yellow bike works for. They are all BMW powered of course, but with a new finish on the motors. I think it looks much better than the polish.