CJ Unlimited Feature Bike
An update from Kent:
Kent's CJ is a beauty, but now feast your eyes on his genuine R75.
This is the real McCoy, completely restored to German military specs.
I'd love to ride around my town on this thing!
Some of the neatest Changs are WWII BMW replicas, and this is one of the best ones we've seen. It started out as an M1 Super and is now an excellent R66 facsimile. It was built by Kent Berg, an automotive businessman from St. Louis. He's very fortunate to have excellent facilities for this sort of project.
This image speaks for itself. You can see many of the items listed below. Panzer Grey looks terrific on these machines.
Splash guards are essential if you plan to do any serious, all-weather riding. These are available from Blitz Bikes.
Custom built tank-side shifter assembly.
Look at this! A complete R75 exhaust system modified to fit the M1S engine. Wonder how it sounds!
Tank top tool box, available from BlitzBikes
The view from the rear. This is one serious machine.
This is for people who won't get out of the way.
No detail was overlooked in the construction of this bike.
Steel boxes with vintage padlocks for the sidecar.
Is this a BMW or a Chang? Most people wouldn't be able to tell.
Note the Bosch distributor tag and braided fuel lines.
This license tag is the crowning touch.

Read Kent's comments and a partial list of the modifications he made on this bike:

This is an M1 Super, but we had it completely apart and made it exactly to R66 specs. We rewelded the frame and made gas tank modifications including the toolbox, side tank shifter assembly, etc. We removed the foot shifter and replaced the original seats with copy frames made to fit the CJ frame but with the large R75 single underseat spring. It has a new wiring harness to BMW specs, all cloth wrapped. There's a new regulator & rectifier. All lighting is BMW. The headlight assembly has a glass BMW lens and a proper Bosch ring. The headlight switch is also BMW.

The wheels were sandblasted and everything painted Panzer Grey. We installed a complete R75 exhaust system modified to fit the M1 engine with a single high-mounted muffler. It's wild, and a lot of time and money went into it.

It even has a gas-operated MG34 with tanks and lines custom fit into sidecar trunk. The gas tanks were specially made. All the gas lines are custom built into the sidecar frame—out of sight. And that's only about half of what we have done!

I own a Porsche service center in St. Louis and a few European parts stores, so I have the facilities to do these things. We are going to tear apart a new M1 Super motor and do a good rebuild, including some custom made Totalseal rings to raise compression. We'll do major head work as well as balancing, etc.

Some other items on this bike include:

  • R75 splash guards

  • Lower cylinder guards, modified for the CJ

  • Original MG mount, custom fit for the sidecar

  • MG carrier

  • Battery relocated to sidecar trunk

  • Small VDO Porsche volt meter

  • BMW horn and button mounted in correct R75 location

  • Handle bars cleaned up, removal of everything not needed and holes welded

  • Speedo and headlight upgraded with BMW parts

  • Factory R75 tow bar mount (which in itself weights 35 pounds and took four hours to custom weld and mount!)

It's been about a year since this feature was compiled. These images illustrate additional work Kent has done on this bike since we posted the images above.
It's all in the details, and detailing is probably all Kent can still do to this bike.
Take the seat cover and springs, for example. Details.
Tank top tool box with placard.
Reverse lever, and other goodies.
I wouldn't be surprised if this were an authentic, WWII-era spade.
Correct sidecar frame step.
It looks massive, doesn't it? Can you believe this started out as a CJ?
Take a look at the speedometer face and ignition key.
Leg shields...
...and, well, more details.
Vintage style taillight, reflector and everything else.
Look at the gas cap, too.
Ammo boxes.
Excellent front fender and crash bars.
And again.
The icing on the cake; the trailer is the real deal, authentic German WWII issue!