Lu Min of Shanghai You can e-mail Lu at
"My M1S solo has had a great change! Through some simple modifications to achieve the effect I want. Increase the carburetor main jets,lightweight flywheel,aluminum cylinders and so on."
Click here for a video clip of Lu's bike. Sounds good!
Good news for the OHV owners. My friends ABD and Navy Lee developed aluminum cylinders for CJ OHV engines. Because of low thermal efficiency of stock CJ750 engines, the cylinders wear faster. So, we produced aluminum cylinders for OHV engines.
The heat sink factor is 9, while cast iron is only 7. The cylinder barrel is more wear-resistant.
2mm shorter cylinder. With copper gaskets, compression ratio is 8.0:1. With asbestos head gaskets: 7.5:1. They also seal better.
Because the thermal conductivity of aluminum is better, the smaller the cylinder OD. Piston and cylinder gaps are better. The result? Quieter engine with more power. These cylinders are available painted black or left bare, $230/pair.
From Lu, "We had a party in a wonderful place..."
"We had a crazy day and I want to share my happiness with CJ fans all around the world. There were seven CJs and two JH600Bs in this cross party. The road is designed for PLA tank training."
Below: "This is my old CJ. I think it is the most traditional style of China CJ750. It is different from M72 in many ways such as the tank, frame toolbox, engine & gearbox. They're only on CJ."
Tank: 1960s, brand new

Frame toolbox: 1960s, brand new

Sidecar frame: 1968

Engine & gearbox: 1969 early Type II CJ rebuild with SKF bearings

Fender: 1970s, brand new

Horn: 1976, brand new

Final drive: 1972, brand new

Sidecar bucket: On a 1991 PLA bike, close brand-new

Saddle brackets & rubber: 1970s, brand new

Horn switch: Type I

Lu's home page is in Chinese but you can navigate to lots of cool pictures! He rides a fine looking M1 solo. As you can see, Lu leans towards historical accuracy.
This is Lu's 1951 M72. Wouldn't you love to see this bike restored to the same level as his M1 solo?
Lu owns not one but two CJ750s. This old girl is from the 1960s and although she's seen better days, she's still very interesting to us nonetheless.

You'll spot some interesting details in these images starting with the sidecar frame which is patterned after the Russian M72. Note the diamond plate step too. The mud guards are different from anything I've ever seen as the left side is cut out for the horn.
The engine is what's been termed a Type I with the oil dipstick mounted at the bottom. You'll also notice the rear fender reflector and the embossing on the seat which indicates that it was made at PLA Factory 7425. Wouldn't it be nice to see a bike like this preserved?
Lu's other CJ is this lovely black M1 Super which is seen here undergoing a little maintenance. I'm more than just a little bit envious.