M72 drawings
These M72 engineering drawings were submitted by Dariusz Wiecha who got them from Stefan Richter.
An aerial view.
External view of the engine and gearbox. This is pretty much identical to many M1 engines. It will take a little time to open the image since it's pretty big.
Internal cross section and head-on views of the engine.
Downward view of engine components.
The crankshaft.
This page explains the different classifications for rod bearings and the parallel components of the crankshaft. It also explains how to assemble the crank with connecting rods and bearings using the different tolerances.
Everything you ever wanted to know about M72 camshafts but were afraid to ask.
Jugs, and everything that lives inside.
The gearbox.
Clutches. In this drawing the clutch cable is routed along the bottom of the gearbox instead of the top. Early BMWs were also configured this way.
More views of the gearbox. Here the clutch release is mounted with the cable end at the top—CJ style.
Gearbox information. Again, the clutch release is shown in the more familiar arrangment.
Here's the driveshaft and U-joint assemblies.
This drawing shows the shifting mechanism.
Inside the final drive.
The casing for the final drive.
Wheels, axles and bearings.
Front brake assembly.
Throttle and front brake control.
Forks, front fender, steering damper and more.
Inside the forks. Very good information here.
Rear suspension.
The frame in excellent detail.
The frame from above.
So, what exactly is inside a fishtail muffler? Now you know.
The operator's seat...
...and the rear passenger's seat.