Marc Davis' CJS Bike
No, you're not hallucinating.
Marc's Super is also the world's coolest golf cart. How do you like that CJ750 Florida plate?
Those light spots in the picture are water drops on Marc's lens.
There doesn't seem to be many other golfers out on the links...
...just Marc—and the world's coolest golf cart.
Recently, a small parcel was delivered to Marc's garage.
It had a Beijing postmark.
What's this inside?
It's Marc's new M1 Super from CJS.
Look how nicely the sidecar cover fits. And check out the '65 Mustang ragtop in the background. Yep, Marc's also a car guy.
It has the famous Beijing Blue tinted headlamp lens and loads of chrome.
Coffee can, bullets, pinstriping, polished engine—everything. And there's another classic Ford—a '68 Fairlane 500 nearing completion.
Cool bike indeed. Marc's going to sell his two Fords but he's keeping his '52 MGTD MKII which is pretty rare.
Say, is that cover made from leather? Whoa.
This is Marc's M1S, pretty much as-built.
As I've always said, black is a terrific color for a CJ.
Looks like this bike has the high handlebars.
Bullet blinkers, coffee can taillight and chrome exhaust.
MPH/Km speedo.
These bikes look great from any angle, especialy the stern.
Marc loves his CJ so much in fact...
...that he's having another one built by our sponsor Shao Yiqi of CJ Sidecar in Beijing.
This bike is being patterned after the R71 with pinstriping on the fenders and sidecar. There will be a set of chromed hubs (instead of the painted ones seen here) and the engine and gearbox will be polished. Sweet bike.