Martin Andrews
The Kawasaki didn't stand a chance. (It must have run out of gas.)
From Martin: "I got involved with a "rebuild" for one of my customers this week. His starter seized and really screwed up his crank. I just replaced the entire 32hp OHV with a new unit (for free). I mean I replaced everything for him everything including the transmission! Customer service brought on a whole new meaning to me... and him I hope! Entire rebuild time was less than fivre hours (two of them were getting the tranny to line up to the splines.) I took a photo of the spline guides. The bike fired up the first time and runs great! It's identical in every way to the one on my website, but we don't have the kickstand in yet. My customer says his legs are getting stronger from picking the monster up everytime he stops! If anyone has an extra kickstand let me know.. He took his sidecar off and I am out of 'em. Thought these photos would be interesting to post. Sometimes it's easier to just junk the old and start fresh. We will worry about the old motor later. Maybe somebody out there wants it. Should be an easy fix. Make me an offer!"