Miin Leong in Vancouver, BC
"After two years of almost no sidecar riding, I finally got a chance to meet up with long-time CJ riders Richard and Don with my new Ural Gear-Up 2WD."
"This was our first 2014 ride—cold, icy and sunny. I'll be fixing up my new CJ in the spring and will be getting back into riding more this year."
From Bill Taylor: "Last week while visiting friends and family in Vancouver BC, I had the opportunity to meet some of the local CJ community. Veteran CJ rider Miin Leong invited me for a ride, and when I arrived at his place there were four Changs and two Enfields lined up."
"Another Chang rider joined us on the way, and we had a leisurely ride along the Fraser River to Steveston where we stopped for fish & chips on the wharf. Had a fabulous afternoon spent in good company!"
"It was a nice sunny hot weekend. Took the CJ out to give Joanne a ride on the back farm roads of Richmond and nice pictures posing on my CJ."
RIP Joanne, 1984-2013. We all miss you.
"April, and we meet again—riding the back roads for the 24th. Annual Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet & Show 'n' Shine. This time we had five CJs out. (Ten other CJ riders are on vacation, out of town or doing the Big Vancouver Sun Run for Charity which happens to fall on the same day.)"
"One rider had a flat, but it turned out to be a very good ride. Click here for all the pics. This year there were lots of different makes of bikes with sidecars."
"Our monthly CJ group ride. The temperature was 5C (41F), sunny with a few clouds. This time a total of seven bikes showed up as a few guys could not take Wednesday off work. We rode from Richmond to the back roads of Delta farm lands over to South Surrey then to beautiful White Rock beach. We stopped for a late lunch at the Sandpiper Pub in White Rock overlooking the beach. Now we're waiting for snow to fall so we can ride in the snow."
"I'd like to introduce Richard Cheng and Don Peters. I first met Richard back in March when I took my Triumph in for federal inspection. Richard is the shop manager with Canada's largest automotive shop. He said us Chinese guys should be riding a CJ. I said "Do you have one?" No, but he and his friend Don had been thinking about it for two years."
"I said you are talking to a guy here who has two and knows many friends who have CJs locally here. The next night Richard with his friend Don were at my house drooling over my bikes. After seeing my bikes, the next day they ordered two CJ from Shao at CJ Sidecar. Three months later the bikes arrived. Glad to have meet both of them. Richard has over 25 years in the automotive industry. Don owns his own shop custom making bicycle frames, welding and fabricating. Don had made lots of upgrades to his bike. He made a hand shifter for his CJ (not attached to the tank) with a black knob for 1-4 speed and a red knob for reverse. I test drove it last night and it shifts like butter. He has also built a trailer hitch for CJ, straight pipe, ignition switch locator, crossover pipe and much more. We are now testing out his creations on our bikes. Hopefully, in a few months I can convince him to have a link on CJU to offer some of his aftermarket creations. Here are some pictures of Don's stuff. We often have GTG nights. Anyone in the Greater Vancouver area in terested in GTG nights, to share ideas or rides, to chat about air cooled Porsches, British bikes and Chang Jiangs is welcome contact me at leong8873@shaw.ca"
"Here are some pictures from the Greater Vancouver 30th. Annual Christmas Toy run. It was a great turnout with thousands of motorcycles. With police escort and roads intersections blocked off, it took almost 20 minutes just to get all the bikes out of the parking lot for the 40 minute ride to the drop-off place at the PNE. What I can see was seven CJs and two Urals. Possiblly, there were more bikes with sidecars but there were just too many bikes around to see anything. BTW, the gun on the CJ was real. The tan bike with the dog got the most attention."
"During the last week of July I took the motor home with my family to the B.C. interior for some camping.
"Along the way we stopped by to visit some of the CJ owners there. First stop was camping in Peachland. There was a wonderful camp ground beside Okanagan Lake. I want to thank John & Carol for lending me their Panzer Gray CJ for two days. The wife and kids had a blast while I rode them around town and the lake. We then drove down to Summerland to visit Derek and his wife Candy and stayed a night there overlooking the lake. Derek rolled out his CJ and showed me that he won 1st place at a Show and Shine. After a week of camping a few days later I went to Seattle to look at boats. Along the way I stopped by to visit Alex Sargent from CJE. Alex has a police CJ painted red. He has a lot of mods on his bike like Mikuni carbs, tow hitch, lots of metal storage etc. It's always nice to visit someone from the board. Last week I got an e-mail from Bill T., a CJ owner from Quebec who just arrived in Vancouver with his friends. I invited them to ride my two CJs to the back roads of Richmond."
"Summer arrived two week ago and I finally got time to take out the green CJ with Gordon. It was a nice warm 28 degrees out and and not a cloud in the sky. We took the beautiful back roads of Richmond riding along the dikes of the Fraser River, stopping by for fish & chips at the Steveston's Docks then continuing the back roads through the farm lands heading home."
"A few of the local CJ riders bought this foldable trailer from Fred Meyers. Great for short distance towing. One guy did a 600 miles tow with no problems. They list for $279 and they go on sale almost every month for $199, or ask them to give you the last sale price like I did."
"They weigh only 170 lbs. and load up to 1000 lbs. Will have pictures for CJU when I finish assembling mine."
"Every spring in April we meet again riding the back roads for the Annual lassic & Vintage motorcycle swapmeet and show 'n' Shine. At the end of the day, total of 8 Changs showed up. It was a good ride with dark, heavy rain cloulds above us. We stayed for almost two hours and took off eairly fearing of heavy rain."
"By the time everyone got home the rain came down hard. Only one guy got soaked because he lives 100 miles away. Let's hope for better weather next year so we all can come out. Last three years, the forecast has been poor."
A few more pictures of the bike below.      
"It was 9 AM and there was a knock on my door. I opend the door to a surprise visit from John & Carol from Okanagan Ride and Rest. They had just picked up an unusual looking solo Indian type CJ built by CJS. I guess they had to stop by my place on their way home to show it off! Very inetresting bike with Indian style fender and seat, stretched long frame, nice alloy wheels, bigger fuel tank, wide handlebar and great sounding straight pipes."    
"Finally the sign of spring! The Wong and the Leong families got to ride their tandem sidecar."
"We rode only 35km to the beach and back because the kids were getting cold from the wind chill. It was 3 degrees out." [I hope that was Celsius!]
Below: "After that we took a week trip to Mexico and all of all Chinese made bikes I found were scooters, enduros and bikes under 150cc. Sad to say not a single bike in sight with a sidecar to report back for CJU."  
"Back in September 2007, three of us (me, Bryan & Erv) took a three day train ride from Beijing to Tibet. On our way back we stopped by to visit Shao at CJS and ordered four bikes. The 4th. bike belongs to Ming who couldn`t come with us on the trip."
"My Panzer Gray bike and Ming`s dark green both have the tandem sidecar for our two kids. Erv's bike has the cute trailer and Bryan's is the regular army green CJ with sidecar. Anyone in the Vancouver area who'd like to join us for rides can reach me at leong8873@shaw.ca."
"Mr. Nice Guy Erv let his buddy borrrow his CJ for over a month. Looks like his buddy forgot to add oil when he told him the bike was low on oil. There were less than 1-1/2 cups of oil in the pan when the engine finally siezed. Good thing I ordered a spare motor two years ago. Erv and I, after thee hours of re and re-motoring, the bike was running again. The new engine had to be ground down at the rear to fit the old gearbox. Our talk too much supervisors Henk and Bryan sat on chair drinking and laughing away watching the two grease monkeys at work."
"Five long weeks of no riding, trying to catch up with work after our Tibet/Beijing trip.  It was a nice cool windy  five-degree sunny afternoon out.  I had enough and took the afternoon off and called Erv to ride along Dyke Road in Richmond, a beautiful one hour ride along the Fraser River dyke, passing many old farms, stopping to watch big ships go by and ending up in the historic fishing village of Steveston."   
"Back in mid-september we went to Tiebet and stopped by in Beijing to visit Shao. Two of my friends also went, Bryan for the second time and Erv for the first time. Erv got to test ride his desert tan CJ with a trailer before it was shipped to Vancouver. Check out the sidecar light and earls forks."
"After owning two CJs in the last three and a half years—one black and one metallic green—Henk decided that a military style bike with all-metal bags is really him.
He went to CJS in Beijing and rode his CJ for two days and loaded up some of the vintage spare parts. I told him a Panzer Grey or Desert Tan would be nice and not to get the same green colour as mine. When he opened the box I just shook my head. *&%#, what a copycat!!!"
"Summer has finally arrived and time to take the family for a road trip in our van. Stopping by in Edmonton for a few days, I got a chance meet Philip McKinnon to have tea and long chat about CJs. He is quite active on CJE. Philip lived in China for over 12 years and moved back to Canada with the CJ he has been riding many years there. He kindly offered me an opportunity to ride his green CJ which has a lot of interesting options like electronic ignition, 30mm Mikuni carbs, mag wheels, THE BLACK MUFFLER and much more. Pressing the ignition switch the bike fired up right away with a big deep louder tone and a big smile on my face. Took it for a blast down the street and was very impressed with the performance and the sound of the bike. (Got to get a pair of those mufflers!) Thank You Philip."
"On the last day of our family road trip we stopped to stay over night at Okanagan Ride and Rest owned by John & Carol in Peachland, B.C. They are a motorcycle friendly Bed & Breakfast with air conditioning located by beautiful Okanagan Lake. The lake is about 75 miles long with breathtaking views and excellent smooth back country twisty roads for motorcycling. Thanks again to John & Carol for taking care of my kids at the lake while I took a blast along the lakeside on their black CJ."
"Ahhh, finally first day of summer with family and the green machine. Rode the the green SV to an East Indian event so we wore turbans to blend in. Wearing turbans is still okay in our province."  
Somewhere in Vancouver...
Miin thought we'd enjoy seeing some of the famous Beijing Jeeps so here are a few pictures he took during his visit. The last picture (with Chairman Mao) is a link to a Beijing Jeep web site that features some very large Jeep images.
Here's a couple of vintage Shanghai cars that Miin photographed last year while visiting that city.
"The plan was to have a dozen CJs ride to the Vancouver Vintage Motorcycle Meet but only four diehards showed up in the rain. After 15 minutes the sky cleared up! A few CJ owners took their cars instead. Hope next year the weather is good so we can have more CJs come out."
Miin just had a batch of CJU-style tank emblems made locally.
They can be put on round or can be easily cut to a star shape with scissors.
They're being offered for sale, four for $8. (Your helmet needs one too!) To order a few sets just e-mail Miin at leong8873@shaw.ca
"The short wait was exactly 25 days from the day it left port. At 8:30 AM, it was a chilling -7 as I was uncrating the bike to ride it home from the warehouse. Must be the cold as the bike took six kicks to start. It ran flawlessly all the way home."
"Now comes the fun part of unpacking the spare parts, changing fluids, making adjustments and cleaning off the messy road grime from riding home. Thank you Shao and the team at CJS for building a wonderfull bike."
Miin's new SV sidecar from CJS has a military theme. It has a toolbox tank, crash bars, a black exhaust system and much more!    
Below: "Here is our first blast of winter on a CJ. Henk sold his car six months ago and has been riding his CJ even in the rain and snow. He was riding it to work and stopped by my house for some photos."    
Here's a short video clip of the fun.
This was the 28th. Annual Vancouver Motorcycle Christmas Toy Run. That's Miin in the first picture... with three young CJ enthusiasts.
Here are pictures from a recent Vancouver motorcycle Show & Shine. The three CJs are from CJS.  
A few shots from Miin's trip to PRC. I'm sure you'll recognize Shao, Fred and Luke's shop. (Click here for more pictures.)    
"Rain! Gio picked up his CJS bike on a very wet day. After 15 minutes uncrating, adding gas & connecting the battery cable (in soaking rain) the bike fired on the second kick and ran flawlessly on the way home."      
This is Miin's friend Henk with John Wardley's new bike from CJS. Miin says this bike is probably the finest CJ he has ever seen. John is the owner of Okanagan Ride and Rest.  
"We had 29 days of record rain for January, 2006. Finally some sun for the next few days but cold down to -3! Took the afternoon off for nice cold ride around town. Good thing I have the electric vest on to keep warm."    
"My friend Bryan always wanted a BMW R71 but couldn`t seem to find a good one that didn't require a lot of work. He got tired of looking so a few months back he took a week trip to Beijing to visit some of the CJ builders in person. After a few months waiting his CJ is finally here from CJS. The bike first started on the third kick and it rode flawlessly for a few days before going into storage for the winter. Can't wait 'til spring when we get all the local CJ riders together. Enjoy your ride Bryan!"  
"Here is Rob & Hank—two of the many pilots who frequently fly to Beijing and have gone to watch CJS build their dream bikes. I decided to come help Rob uncrate his CJ at the warehouse along with Hank. It took CJS five weeks to restore the bike and about three weeks to come across on the ship. Canada was the easy part, 20 minutes at customs, 10 minutes to pay the bond, 30 minutes to register and insure, then 45 minutes at the warehouse to pay fees and uncrate. In all it took about three hours before riding home. The bike was totally turn-key out of the box—just add gas and connect the battery. We checked the tires, lights and oil and all were good before Rob rode the 60km trek home. The bike has electric start but he decided to use the kick starter instead. It took four kicks to start. First kick—forgot to turn on the fuel. Second kick—forgot to prime the carbs. Third kick—forgot to close choke. Fourth kick—YES! It fired right up. I guess he was too excited and forgot about the starting steps. He was all smiles on the way home. Congratulations Rob!

Anyone in the Greater Vancouver area who'd like meet for rides with other CJ riders and or share ideas please send me an email at leong8873@shaw.ca"

"Had a blast in Beijing. Here are some photos of the guys I met along the way. The guy in the orange T shirt riding CJ was caught riding on the streets of Beijing. I don' t know who he is but when I took his picture he gave me a thumbs up. (Anyone know who he is?)I am now getting ready for another one-week car trip in two days."
"Neighbours (with big smiles and funny MIG fighter pilot helmets) drop by asking me to join them for an all-CJ ride. I had to work so I took a picture of them instead."
Before we get to the story, feast your eyes on this excellent picture. There's something really special about children and sidcars. (That's a pretty cool helmet, too!)
"Finally here after 10 weeks and 2 days from the day I ordered it. The CJ with sidecar will complete my collection as the other two are a solo SV and a solo OHV. [Hey Miin, where's the sidecar SV?!] This time I decided to uncrate it then ride it home from the warehouse. Uncrated (with the help of a friend), check oil (80% full), connect + battery cable in trunk, put i some gas, prime the carbs and exactly 30 minutes later it was ready to start. The bike started on the first kick out of the crate—not using the starter. Everyone at the warehouse was cheering. I took the long 30km back road home and the bike ran flawlessly. Well here it is, five hours later from changing all the oil, (20 minutes for minor adjustments), washing, cleaning, polishing/waxing etc.

Thank you Shao and the team at CJS for building me three wonderful CJs."

Miin's new OHV sidecar from CJS (left) is still about four weeks from delivery—and Miin can hardly wait. Luckily his new flathead solo (right) has arrived, also a CJS bike. Look how good the swoosh emblem looks with that paint job. I like it.    
"Hi Dan! Three of the guys in this picture are waiting painfully for their [CJS] bikes. They can only drool over this one for the next four weeks when their CJs arrive."
Special delivery for Miin Leong!
"Ahh! Finally, it's in the garage. I'm still waiting for two more [bikes] to arrive—one OHV with a sidecar and one flathead. The boat should be here in three weeks."
These are all CJS bikes, by the way.
Miin ordered this sharp little solo flattie from CJS. The blacked-out blinkers and headlamp rim look pretty good, IMHO.    
Miin's new OHV solo should arrive in about three weeks...
...and it will join this collection of fine machines.
Miin sent us several other pictures of his bike fleet which aren't posted due to space constraints. I can safely say that this man loves motorcycles.
"I haven't been able to ride my CJS bike because of bad weather. It turned nice for a few days and I put 400km on the bike. After 100km of a quick break-in, the next 300km was on twisty mountain roads and freeway, maxing the engine most of the time to a top speed of almost 120km/h. I really enjoy the bike when not riding slow in the city. I ride bikes from my collection and get the odd wave, thumbs up, etc., but riding the CJ is a different story. It can even be a problem. People honk, give the thumbs up and want me to pull over for look at the bike. People in cars take a second look without paying attention to traffic. A guy on a Honda almost had a head-on collision crossing the center line while turning his head to look at the parked CJ. Today, at a local coffee shop where riders gather, there were at least 20 people drooling at the CJ. Come on, this bike is only worth a few thousand bucks, not like a $18-25,000 Ducati or Harley. This is all in three hours time. Too much attention can be a hazard to drivers and onlookers. That's what you get riding a CJ. Next time I`ll wear a tinted face shield."
Miin's green solo waits for some decent riding weather. What a neat bike!
"I'm a motorcycle collector and just received two CJ solos from Shao (CJS) last week. After over 100km of riding I find no problems with the bikes other than a loose ground wire in the headlight, possibly my fault from when I was removing the headlight. The finish and paint are excellent. I am speechless and did not expect the bike to be in this good a condition since the bikes were rebuilt in China. What a bargain, and I will be ordering two more."