Orvo Valila
Orvo is originally from Finland. He has lived in China and now lives in Texas. And that just about covers it. Check out his stuff in the toolbox section too.
These are some of the pictures Orvo took at a veteran bike show in Finland recently. This Super has a stock CJ windshield painted to match the rest of the bike. It also has a set of CJ leg guards which aren't seen that often, especially outside China. And of course, a coffee can taillight.
This Super is a bit more conservative. (I think it's Orvo's.) Interesting taillight on this one.
This Super also has the windshield and leg guards. There's no mistaking a Chang when it has the factory taillight assembly.
This fellow must be the owner.
Here's a BMW R50, a distant relative to the Chang. Aside from the OHV engine you can see plenty of similarities.
Jawas like these are being copied in China to this day, the reason for including this image. As a matter of fact, some of the CJ dealers we know also sell Chinese Jawas.
A closer look at one of the Jawas.
I know this gets off the track but Orvo sent around 30 images from this event and the temptation to post all of them was hard to resist. These next two images are just way too cool to pass. Yep, Indians.
I think all three of them are Chiefs. Those valanced fenders are awesome. We're looking at some pretty serious money in these two shots.
August 25, 2004  
Introducing Paula, Orvo's wife and partner of 19 years. Need we say more? Count your blessings, Orvo! (Nice bike too...)
You have to envy guys like Orvo who spent time living in China, riding a Chang in its natural habitat. He thought we might get a kick out of seeing Chinese registration and insurance documents.
And he was right. These thumbnails show only small portions of the documents. The enlarged images show the whole thing. Can you spot "Chang Jiang 750" on this one?
This is a blank insurance card.
Laminated picture of Orvo's Chang, part of the registration paperwork.
Another part of the registration, I think.
Orvo's club, MC Long March, took a ride to the Beijing reservoir back in May, 1999. This is the flag of Finland mounted on a CJ sidecar.
MCLM colors.
No helmet required in PRC.
Two's company, three's allowed.
That's Orvo, our man in China, Finland... and now Texas.
Don't mess with Chang riders.
More fun.
Changs galore.
MC Long March gathering in Finland, WOW!
This is Orvo's bike. Check out the lowered front fender and customized exhaust pipes.
That's Orvo's bike in front.
Another shot from the MCLM event.