Sidecar Leo Zhu in Beijing
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"Here is another bike we just built and will be shipping to U.S. soon."
"These are our new aluminum OHV cylinders. Price per pair is US$350 which includes shipping! Send us an email for more information."
"Here are some of our new customized bikes pictures, hope you like them. You can see my little nephew is so happy to "ride" one of such beautiful bike. LOL..."
"A few days ago, we ride our old daily Chang around the Beijing Olympics location and took some pictures. Send you some of pictures."
"Now Chinese army and police doing very ironhanded safety precautions in whole Beijing city and around Beijing. But very lucky Chang Jiangs still be allowed to ride in Beijing city."
Two bikes by Leo. The black bike has a toolbox fuel tank with an offset filler and a hand shifter. Check out the leather goodies on the second bike.
This is a chrome plating facility where parts receive three layers of copper prior to the chrome.
A couple more new bikes from Leo, including a two-seat sidecar model.
"Here are some of our latest restored bikes: two Panzer Gray military sidecars, one R71 replica sidecar, one luxury blue sidecar and one luxury off-roade sidecar . Hope you like them. All these bikes will arrive at their new homes soon."
A customized OHV solo with a lot of interesting features, most notably the swing-arm frame, the forks, the fenders and the tank shifter. The paint job really stands out on this machine.
The latest from Leo. He's been busy.
A pair of military-themed SV machines—one sidecar and one solo.
"Best wishes for Christmass. Happy New Year to all CJ enthusiast. Here is our lateset restored bike.This bike use our improved reliable comfortable front forks and sidecar frame set."  
"Now weather is cold and depressing, but CJ restore still seething, CJ riders still permeated passion."  
Leo's relocated when Motorbike Street was closed. This map shows their new location.
Leo's new showroom. Look at the gorgeous CJs.
Leo's customer Thomas will ride this nicely decked out WWII-themed OHV all over his hometown of... Beijing.
A solo M1M with plenty of chrome and polished aluminum. Note the custom upholstered saddles, too.
"This is our new restored military bike for Willie. It will ship to Florida soon."
Lady Luck rides with this OHV. It has a tank shifter and some excellent graphics.
"Here is another our classic light blue bike, made for Hal, will ship to USA soon."
This OHV is painted in the traditional vintage style—black frame, black rims and an excellent shade of blue. Looks like 4" rubber as well. Jean, the customer, is going to be delighted when he receives this machine.
"This is our new restored R71 style solo for sale now.This bike use high speed rear driver, high speed piston and rings, deep oil sump, tank gearshifter. Runing very well."
How do you like Leo's new air cleaner housing? Just send him an e-mail if you'd like to get one for your bike.
OHV with sidecar rumble seat. If the kid misbehaves, just slam on the brakes.
"This is our newest product, the silver-gray bike with Leo Sidecar's typical, classical picture—the Peking opera styles of makeup. It's a very beautiful sidecar. Do you like it?"
See what you think about this new seat suspension that Leo came up with. He reckons that it's more robust than the original configuration.
"The paint work of my last restored sidecar—Chinese Feeling, Series II, Chinese intense emotion. The air brush work is by a very nice Chinese technician who charges very cheaper fee. If who like to make a air brush work on his bike can contact me. It will be high quality and cheaper."
"This is a high quality WWII style."
"This the wheel nut cover which has improved by us. We improved previously that section all shortcomings. Now it changes is extremely solid and is artistic, installs bove the wheel is extremely stable, you also are unable to sway it. Their body weight achieves 1kg/each."  
"Hello. The day after tomorrow is China tradition Spring Festival. Wish the best Spring Festival to all CJ amateur. This bike is Greg's, one of Leo's military bikes. All the best, Leo."
A special announcement from Leo:
"I continuously unceasing in research fine painting craft and novel design. Certainly our painting craft unceasing is progressing, as well as in assembly unique design, caused our motorcycle to become the Beijing luxury CJ tidal current guide. Can bring the new mentality in the re-equipping aspect for Beijing's CJ dealers, and I diligently for CJ improvement, I feel very happy. But one dealer slandered me recently. He said my painting work was only some pasters. He clearly knew on my motorcycle has not replaced the paint with the paster, slanders me actually, this kind of not improper competition is extremely mean. I promises to all CJ amateur: whenever, never can appear with the paster replaces paint such shoddy craft on our motorcycle."

All the best, Leo

Two bikes by Sidecar Leo.
"After several days Hans Van Eersel will receiveing his blue luxury CJ sidecar in Germany, now he anxious waiting. Darren Triplow and his wife Josephine are very like my luxury bike, present, they have two LEO luxury bike, Darren said he will want two more."  
"Very long has not sent the mail to you, because recently I was studying devotionally on how to paint the complex picture on CJ750. Since this has been I continuously dream, today finally realizes."
"Therefore today I must bring a rousing news to you and all CJ amateurs: Our paint craft has a huge progress, now if you order bike from me, you can ask me paint any pictures on your bike, you just need take photos use your camera, then I will paint it to your onto your bike. Touch the pictures we painted on the motorcycle, you could not feel their existence, because all color thickness all is xtremely consistent. Enclosed my new work."
A 12V SV.
Cowhide saddle bags. Nice.
"This bike I call Chinese Element because it has two kinds of Chinese national essencecalligraphy and Peking opera. Painted on the sidecar is a Peking opera style mask. On the tank you can find the Chinese calligraphy."
The Chinese writing on the fuel tank we painted is Chairman Mao's own handwritten preface "Serves for the people." Mao Zedong is the great statesman, the strategist, also a calligraphy artist.
If you're into flashy bikes you'll appreciate this mini-air filter that Leo uses on some of the bikes he builds. It has a mirror finish as you can plainly see.
"Can you see the special place from these pictures? Yes, the wire is different. We changed all wire on the bike. Not the silver cover, the wire inside the cover. We used the aviation electric cable."
"I believe this bike is the first CJ750 to use aviation wire and I believe it is revolutionary on a Chang Jiang because it is a very good improvement."
A colorful OHV.
A blue SV.
A flamed out M1M solo
Here's another batch of pictures from Leo.
Leo rode his blue OHV to Huairou last weekend where he took these pictures. That is indeed the Great Wall in the first picture. The last image shows a set of Nanchang motorcycle plates. How cool is that?
Look at this vivid flame job. Visibilty won't be an issue for this bike.
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