Sidecar Leo Zhu in Beijing
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Here's yet another show-stopper from Leo.
"Today I took some photos of our new build. It is for an American customer who works in China. It is a nice vintage style bike. Hope you all like it."
This OHV has traditional BMW style paint and plenty of accessories. Check out the handlebars and risers, for example. The bike features a sidecar windshield, disk brakes, jerry can, auxiliary lighting and a shoulder belt in the sidecar.
Take a look at the textured paint on this recently completed M1M!
"Here is a shipment of customized bikes to Europe. You can see all the nice and strong crates."  
"Here are some photos of our new build SV. Hope you like it."
"Here are some photos of the military sidecar we just finished and shipped to Western. Now we produce the MG42 machine-gun bracket by hand-made."
"Here is a new SV solo bike we just build. I like it very much, the new owner also love it."
Below: This SV has a two-passenger sidecar.  
Here's another one of Leo's meticulously detailed SVs.
"Here are some new photos. I took them last week when we shipping this one container sidecars to there new home in Europe. Sure these bikes will attract so many European eyeball."
Below: "Here are some photos of one red bike we restored for customer one year before. It is a simple bike, but I like the colour. It is very nice when it stand under the sunshine."  
If you study the details, you'll see that the build quality here is superb. Leo's bikes are noted for this particular quality. He really sets a fine example for other builders.
"One of our new custom-made SV left-hand sidecars we just finished. It is a very nice work. Hope you like it. This sidecar build with our soft front fork, it is really very comfortable to drive it."
"Here are some photos of a burgundy OHV we just shipped to Europe. It is a nice bike, hope you like it. Notice the longer bucket we built, a 2m tall person can sit in the sidecar with his legs unwind."
Nice graphics on this machine. That's Mana in the first three pictures and Leo in the fourth.
From Mana:"We just moved to our new workshop because of the government will knock down and rebuilt the villages around our old workshop and showroom. Now everything are regular"
"The new workshop has around 2000 square meter, and Leo installed a professional paint spray booth, I like it. I believe Leo will also look for a nice showroom. This nice green sidecar has finished at our new workshop. Share it to everybody. Best wishes!"
Below, from Mana: "Last week, we got through two important Chinese festivals, one is National Day, another is mid-autumn festival. I wish our country better and better! During last week, I with our friends drive sidecar to go to Inner Mongolia, the scenery is very beautiful. I take many photos want to share with all Chang Jiang Unlimited's friends. I hope you also like our view. I hope you have time to come China. We invite you visit many famous places. Have a good day!"  
Here's an M1M recently completed by Leo. This bike has quite a few goodies, including disk brakes and fancy upholstery.  
"Here is our current wonderful green sidecar. Show several photos for our CJ friends to share in."
"This is the newest sidecar, two kinds different greys match with many chromed and polished parts. Looks more beautiful. It also includes our newest improved parts. Hope everyone more and more fond of our craft. We will constantly strive to rebuild the best CJ750 for our friends."  
"Here are some photos of some our new custom bikes. Hope you like them. These days in Beijing are very hot, we didn't organize sidecar trips. But of course, I still ride my CJ every day."  
"Here are some photos of our last trip."  
"Here are photos of our May Day sidecar trip."
"Here are some photos of our new custom made sidecar. This one will go to Denmark when the owner moves from Beijing. Hope the international economic crisis can't hit peoples' enthusiasm for riding and customizing CJs."  
This 6V solo will soon be on its way to Switzerland.
"I want to show you the Earle's front fork on a left-hand OHV. I test drove it about 100KM, I feel it is also much easy handle and much better than use the telescopic front fork on a left-hand sidecar bike. I always feel strange and hard handling when I drove a left-hand sidecar with the original CJ telescopic front fork, but I feel very well just like driving a right-hand sidecar when I drive this bike with our Earle's front fork."  
Below, from Mana: "Here are some pictures of a military M1M solo. Hope you like it. It has gone to Mexico."
"This is a very wonderful M1S, because it includes many a lot of upgrade. E.g. there are engine upgrade, improved electrical wire, bearing upgrade, wheels upgrade."
"This is our new restored Military style of CJ750."
"I am Mana, a salesgirl of Leo's. I like sidecars, I don't drive sidecars, but I like the feeling of seat in the bucket. Now I want to introduce a very cool and useful parts - luggage carrier. If someone want to purchase, please feel free to send email."
"Here's a very nice M1M solo which we recently customized for a German customer. The flames and the yellow colour are changing different colours when you look at this bike from different orientation."
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