Sidecar Leo Zhu in Beijing
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"This is our new custom made bike. We used a BMW R65 engine. It is ready for sale now. If customer wants, we also can use CJ engine to custom make this cafe racer bike."
"Here are some of the new bikes we built. All of these bikes are in the store and for sale. And there are more in my workshop, all for sale."
Here's the latest and greatest.
"Here are some photos of our new finished bike. Hope you like."
"Here is our new upgraded and updated PM alternator with electronic ignition system. This is the third iteration of upgrade for this type of alternator, so we named it "LEO Electronic Ignition PM3."
"The ignition boss longer and the alternator is more powerful. The ignition module performance is now even better than before."
"Here are some new custom stainless steel rear shock sleeves. The price is USD80 for one six-piece set, shipping icluded. We already made a lot of stainless steel parts for Chang Jiang sidecars."
"This is the left foot shoe saver. Its very useful for Chang Jiang rider. It's 100% hand-made from 100% cowhide. Price is USD48 which includes shipping."
"We just created this new style CJ750. This may is the first off-road CJ750. After I took photos, I will put some leather work on the bike. This is the first off-road we just built and delivered to customer. We will building more off-road with more better details. Hope you like the new style."
Notice all the accessories and features Leo incorporated into this handsome M1S. Very nice.
"Here are some photos of a vintage style 24HP bike we just delivered to the happy customer. Hope you like it."
Here's a left handed M1M sidecar.
Left handed M1S sidecars with a military theme.
Here is our new bike.
Finally, an affordable R71-style fuel tank with a glovebox and provisions for a tank shifter. Leo read our minds. He says: "Now Leo's Custom Sidecar Shop can make the BMW R71 tank copy for CJs. We can make from metal, aluminium or copper. Here is the R71 tank copy with an R75 hand gearshift. Of course, we also can make the R71 hand shifter."
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