Stefan Richter & Lola in Spain
Stefan Richter's M1M has loads of character. Stefan is from Spain and is an optician in the small village where he lives. He calls his bike Lola.
Notice anything different about Lola in this picture? Take a close look at the cylinder heads. They're from a Dnepr. They look to me like they probably to a better job of circulating air due to their construction. One of the nice things about our Changs is the fact that so many Russian (and Ukrainian) parts interchange. Da!
How nice is this! The best of two worlds.
Great scenery, great bike.
Do you wish you were there?
"Today, I went to Erandio, a little village near Bilbao. I was invited by the local classic vehicle club to a meeting there. The trip was 120km one way, 60km fooling around on local streets with the other cars and bikes, 120 km back, for a total of total 300km. What a difference this time makes with a passenger in the sidecar! We started at 6 o┤clock in the morning in Bezana going over Laredo to Castro Urdiales "
"Muskiz and Bilbao, all on secondary streets with steep hills and many many turns. We reached Bilbao at 9 o┤clock where they told us that the best way to reach Erandio on the other side of the river is going back to Portugalete and take the hangbridge to cross the river. This bridge is very peculiar. It has a structure like an inverted U."
"Hanging on cables under the structure is a platform which crosses the river by a mechanism of pulleys from one side to the other. That way big ships can cross under the bridge with the platform waiting at one of the borders. It was designed by the engineer Torres-Quevedo who also designed also the famous cabin car you use visiting the Niagara Falls."
"We reached the meeting at 10 o┤clock. From the different prizes they gave at the meeting, Lola caught the prize for the oldest vehicle (1957), hahahahaha! The judges definitely had never seen a Chang before."
"After a short lunch we went with the other cars and bikes on a trip over local streets. We stopped at a restaurant nearby Butron-Castle."
"Later we had the big lunch at a (better) restaurant a few miles away. After the meeting we went to Bilbao to make the picture with Lola in front of the Guggenheim Museum. You see the authority approaching from afar in the first picture with me and Lola..."
"...and in the second one my friend Mariann. In that one the menace of the authority was much closer. I put on the face of a guilty infractor promising to retire the sacrilegical object from that holy place in ten seconds. And off we went (without getting jailed or something similar.)"
"After crossing again the hangbridge we were back on the road to Santander. We made a short rest at Saltacaballo, a beautiful view on the sea. And another short rest at a bar in Laredo. We reached Bezana at 9 o┤clock pm. Incidents? None! Oil temp was between 80-90║C all the way. Lola starts to behave like a BMW needing only some oil sometimes."
"On June 8th I had the official date to make photos of Lola for her registration as a historical vehicle here in Spain. As she has German papers dating 1957, that's the only manner to get her officially licensed here."
"I took Lola to a hotel some miles away from Bezana. There, waiting for us the official registrator for historical vehicles here in Cantabria to take the pictures of her and five other bikes. Lola was the only bike to come to the date under her own power. All the others were parked the day before in a private bike museum of the owner of the hotel."
"Well, Valentin, the registrator asked me to put Lola in the center of the parking place of the hotel. Meanwhile the barkeeper came out to retrieve a car from the garage to give way to get out the other five bikes. He parked his car exactly behind Lola, so it is now in the background of the first picture."
"You see it clearly, an ugly little red car from Maranello. In the [enlarged] picture you can see me wearing the barbour and with cigarette in the hand, and the jealous barkeep who saw as Lola steal the protagonism of his ugly little red car."