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Sun Yun (Mutou Sun) was born in Beijing and started liking motorbikes during college. He's been involved with CJ750 sidecars since 2001. Sun loves building customized bikes and has been building bikes with BMW engines since 2004. He is seriously devoted to custom Chang Jiang and BMW sidecar bikes, and was the first to successfully build a CJ with a diesel engine! Sun was also among the first to successfully transplant BMW engines, transmissions and final drive systems into CJs as well.
"BMW R75/7 engine, Chang Jiang gearbox, big tank! Price: $5300"
This BMW-powered outfit is ready for its new owner. Will it be you?
Here's a recently-completed BMW-powered CJ.
Sun has this rare Dong Hai 750 on deck for restoration.
Gorgeous military-themed BMW conversion.
Below: BMW R80 engine, CJ gearbox, stainless exhaust, modified Mikuni carbs; price US $5,800
Below: 32HP CJ750, mat black, US $4000
Below: 71 HP BMW R1100 engine, customized frame, BMW 5-speed transmission; maximum speed 150km/h, converted engine top and side covers, converted oil cooling system, extra size tank, converted Halley ignition switch, American Indian-style fenders and seat, converted mirrors, electrical heating handle with electrical heating suit switch.  
Below: M1S with a large tank, modified hubs, carbs and exhaust system.  
Powered by a 71HP BMW R100 engine, this bike features a modified Harley-Davidson tank, extra large fenders, and modified Mikuni carburetors.
Here's another R100 engine with a CJ750 gearbox.
Below: BMW+CJ army sidecar bike! 71 HP BWM R100 engine, BMW five-speed transmission, original BMW air filters, 5.00-16 tyres, enlarged gas tank with toolbox, converted disc brakes. Special offer: 45,000RMB
Below: 71 HP R100 engine with CJ transmission, valanced fenders, disc brakes, and a whole lot more, all for $5800. Unbelievable!  
"We are having a sale on sidecar bikes with BMW engines. Either bike is available for $7500. The black one has a 71 HP R100 engine, 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes, oversized tires and a large sized tank. Maximum speed is 150km/h!"
"The tan bike has a 63 HP R100 engine with a 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes, big tires and a big tank. Maximum speed: 140km/h!"
Below: Converted BMW R60 engine with CJ gearbox and original Beemer carbs, only $2000!
These eight BMW motors are awaiting installation into CJ frames.
R100 repowers now underway!
This M1M is only $4000!
Look at all the custom touches on BMW-powerd CJ—big tires, big handlebars, big seats, big gas tank, big EVERYTHING!
This gorgeous custom-built M1M is available for only $4000!!!
Look at this sidecar with a BMW R100 engine, gearbox, Bing carbs and extra-sized fenders!
These stainless steel headlamp supports are $30 a pair.
Here are stainless steel upper fork sleeves, also available for only $30 a pair!
Stainless mufflers for sale, only $40 a pair! Nice sound, similar to Harley.

This BMW-powered Chang was built by Sun. It has valanced fenders!
This beautiful SY Super can be yours for $4600!
This is the bike Sun was building (below), now finished and for sale,
The price is only $4000 (+ $1650 for port-to-port shipping).
Below: Sun's terrific military-themed M1M while under construction.
This SY Super has jumbo tires and disc brakes.
Another SY Super with Indian-style valanced fenders and a high-capacity fuel tank.
This Super was customized by Sun. Disc brakes, front and rear, and very cool fenders.