Tim Lags
Tim sent loads of pics from Daytona Bike Week, but these two are of special interest. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies at the trike and sidecar event were won by CJ Beemer conversions done by Jimbo.
"Jim & I ran across this arsy fartsy Chang that Clay posted a link about recently. (Rumor was the asking price for it was around 1.3 million RMB.)"
This water pumper with the big handlebars caught my eye a couple days ago. And as I looked closer, I discovered a whole bunch of interesting upgrades. The crash bar for the tub, Mikuni carbs, ape hanger bars and a very extended andwidened tank.

I live close by a few of the local night sports. Babyface Banana is one of these. After Las Vegas, NV, Beijing possibly has more neon lights than anywhere else on the planet.

Tim is originally from Elmira, NY which is about 40 miles from my hometown. Sometimes when he's visiting his family we get together. Today Tim and his dad Bob came by for a little jaunt to Hammondsport for some lunch and a couple photos.
I rode the old grey mare and the Lagonegros rode the black M1 I got from CJS.
All afternoon it seemed like it would start pouring rain any minute, but all we had were a few sprinkles. The grey bike's gearbox is on its last legs and I was thankful we didn't have any Chang Jiang Experiences, as it were.
The black bike behaved and had only one little hiccup during the ride. I was thankful for that, too. Tim's dad seemed to be having a nice time.
Tim was visiting nearby Elmira, and since it was a toasty 36F, we got the bikes out and rode them to Hammondsport for lunch. Tim was amused by the reactions we were getting from a few pedestrians and motorists. Was it the bikes, or was it because they just thought we were nuts?
This is Jimmy with his 12V SV solo that was built by ZMW.
One last shot from the big ride. The enlarged image shows the bikes too.
Below: Some pictures from last weekend's ride. There were 22 CJs (and a Harley.) In the first shot we see Mr. Zhang catching a few Zs. That's Chris on the Harley. The flashy orange bike is Walter's.  
Hollister, 1947? Nope. It's Beijing and that's Tim with his 12V flattie.
And this is Kathy with the family schnauzers. Do you think these dogs like to ride in the sidecar?
A T-shirt Tim spotted at the IoM event this year. How true.
The caption for this photo is The Lago Fleet. (I believe there have been some additions since the picture was taken!)
One of Tim's CJs waits for spring.
Don't know anything about this shot except it has nice some scenery and a CJ750 in it. And those are all we need.
Tim, Jim Bryant and a couple other guys at the Isle of Man races. Click here for more IoM pics from Tim.
"Here are photos from my winter project—converting a CJ to BMW power. They were taken at Zhang Zi's place. Mechanic & me with the BMW police bike we just stripped of its front end."
"The BMW front end in Guo Fei's Jeep. I got two 80 engines from Shao and one on eBay. I will be converting a Chang or two to Beemer power (with Beemer forks and disk brakes). Guo Fei has done a couple already and they are very high performance Changs. They use a Chang tranny and rear drive."
We know these guys! That's Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bryant with son Eric on the left. Luke Xiaozeng is on the right.
Here we see team leader Mr. Wang, Hia Yun and her boyfriend Walter G.
Hai Yun, Walter and a fine looking M1M.
This is Dr. Phil McK. with Walter at last summer's record breaking CJ gathering in Beijing. They had over 300 bikes!
According to Tim, Phil's riding style is such that nobody can keep up with him. I hope I'm as energetic when I reach 62. The mule was encountered during one of the weekend rides.
This Chang was photographed in front of Mr. Zhang's 750 Shop. Look at those knobbies! You can tell at a glance that this bike is wired for sound.
Also in front of Mr. Zhang's, several riders on the season's last group ride do a little tweaking on their bikes.
This shot was taken on the final group ride of 2004. One of the 18 bikes was this Japanese ride seen here next to Tim's OHV solo.
Back to Zhang's for a look at this pink Super. From this angle it looks very familiar...
...as it does from the rear end.
Jeff and a 6V Chang with the tallest ape-hangers ever. Imagine trying to ride this thing! When can we expect to see CJs with extended forks?
Meet a few of Tim's riding pals from Beijing.
There's no shortage of CJ fans in China.
This is the parts lady. That's all I can tell you.
And here's a mechanic working in the service department of a local Beijing 750 shop.
This is a pal's bike, an M1S under construction.
An M1M with a sidecar taillight mounted on the bike. These were actually used on the bikes until recently. Nice straight pipes—and no rear seat pedestal.
Another pal's bike. This one is an M1S with a US Army tag on the sidecar. Look at the CJ swoosh emblem on the bucket.
Same bike from the other side. Chinese-owned CJs tend to be colorful... to say the least.
This bike has a 6x9" coaxial speaker flush mounted in the side of the bucket. Tim says many of these bikes are wired for sound... to that MAX.
Solos aren't all that common in Beijing. This SV has a massive battery box mounted on the frame. It also has a rear fender bracket mounted on the front fender. Those are the world's shortest straight pipes too.
Bike storage area. Look at all the parts laying around on the sidewalk.
Tim calls this one a fixer-upper...
...but for now it's being used as a storage bin.
Inside the shop (which doubles as the owner's living quarters) is this big collection of cables hanging on the wall. If ever there were spare parts I'd recommend everyone keep handy, cables would be it.
The Buell in this shot belongs to Tim, one of four bikes he has with him in PRC (two Changs, an R80 RT and the Buell.) Lucky.
Another view from outside the shop. Look at all those great CJs!
This series of images shows Tim's bike being built with the last images on top of the page. That's Tim with the builder of this fine Chang.
Have you ever ridden an M1S solo machine? I've been told they're faster than stink—and that's without any mods to the gearbox or final drive. Imagine the top-end this bike would have with those two mods!
Nice isn't it? And there's that ubiquitous Beijing battery tray.
Nearing completion, minus the gas tank.
Engine and drivetrain installed.
Rome wasn't built in a day...
The frame, forks and fender.
The M1S engine (and a gearbox in the background.)
It shouldn't take too long to get this motor back together.
Jugs, heads, carbs, distributor... everything you need!