Todd Parham in Shanghai   (Timeline progresses from bottom to top.)
It's finished, and will ultimately end up in Minnesota where it's sure to grab some attention.
"Well I finally got around to taking some pictures of the slowest solo project on history! I really wish I had more time to work on the project but the time I do get is very special. Just a few last things to do before I can start trying to fire it up!!! Wiring – HATE Wiring!!! Fabricate rear fender struts; paint the pipes; install new speedo, ignition switch, and blinkers
paint differential and rear shocks; and repaint battery box.

Can’t wait to ride it this spring in Shanghai and this summer in MN."
"It's been several months since my last post as I've been away from the solo project for the past 6 months."
"Here are two updated pictures of the soon-to-be flat black 32HP solo with some custom additions. Over Chinese New Year I plan to spend 7-8 days working on the bike. There should be some real progress. I'll send in additional pictures as the bike gets closer to being finished."
"Some of the brand new parts going into the rebuild, plus the newly painted engine block."
"I took an amazing trip to the Czech Republic with my family and wandered into a small motorcycle museum in a small city outside Prague named Cesky Krumlov."
"There were two sidecars in the Czech Republic motorcycle museum plus a load of Jawa motorcycles "
"The block is getting close to paint time. Still need to get the block a little cleaner and file down the original casting marks from the factory."
"Here's an update on my solo rebuild project.

Hard to find enough time to get work done on the bike normally (family and work) but with Chinese New Year holiday (off this week) I've had some extra time to get working.

New parts order will be sent soon. I'm lucky to live in Shanghai were parts are much cheaper and arrive quickly.

The plan is to paint the engine flat black with a few chrome accents."
"Some parts have been a real pain to get off either because of the lack of the correct tools or the way they were installed originally. (Staked screws suck.)"
"The engine is now completely broken down."
"We're in the process of cleaning the engine block and parts we will be reusing."
"Getting the crankshaft out of the engine block is crazy hard and the engineer that designed it that way should be beaten with it."
"The right side jug and piston came out nice and easy but the left side had gotten some water in it at some point and was RUSTED BAD! It took a night of soaking in WD40, some serious elbow grease, a big ass hammer and a wooden dowel to finally get it out. I'll have to replace the piston, jug, and head on the left side."

"Got the starter and distributor out, front cover off and all looks pretty good up front. The gears are in great shape but the brushes will need to be replaced on the alternator."

"Now the clutch, flywheel, oil pan, and crankshaft are this weekend's projects."
"Tearing down the left side."
"Left jug."
"Left jug, rusted bad."
"Left valves... rusted."
"Left piston finally out."
"Right side piston (the good one)."
"Right side jug."
The front end looks very well-lubricated.
"I have recently started my next CJ project, well maybe my first actual project since the other two CJs were restored for me. This one my buddy (Steve Carozza) and I are building in the garage here in Shanghai. "
"The plan is to completely rebuild a 32hp engine and gearbox (no rverse) and then build it into a solo which will be shipped back to the States for summer riding. Can’t ride a solo in Shanghai which really stinks. (Crazy Shanghai law!)"
"I have purchased a used 32hp engine and have started breaking it down and will start the rebuild process once everything is cleaned, painted, polished, and new parts arrive."
"I plan to share loads of pictures and information throughout the project, which I’m calling the “Chinese Mid-Life Crisis”."
"Tonya and I ride into the Pre-K and Kinder School to deliver gifts."
"Yes, the tree fits perfectly over the spare tire axle and which made it tough to get out of the garage. Merry Christmas fellow CJ riders!"
"Here's my new CJ in Shanghai that I'm having Jack at CJ Sidecarclub paint for me. I still have a pillow seat and small saddle bags to put on as well as nice new pipes. I can't wait to see it!!!"  
"Here are some pictures of my "Silver Bullet" I took today after getting her all cleaned up and ready to be shipped to Plymouth, MN. The plan is to have one in the States to ride in the summer and to get a second one back in Shanghai for the school year. My boys Cooper (9) and Bauer (2-1/2) were sad to see the CJ leave but can't wait to go for a ride this summer."  
"Santa (Todd Parham), Mrs. Claus (Tonya Parham) and Head Elf (Scott Cui) riding into Shanghai American School Pudong Campus to drop off some gifts to the Pre-K and Kindergarten students before the holiday break. Next year we plan to have at least eight elves, all riding CJs. It should really get the kids fired up!"
"Here are pictures of Brad Knowles’ yellow CJ M1S and me on a great winter ride here in Shanghai over the Chinese New Year holiday."
"The weather was in the fifties and sunny and the roads were almost empty which was great! I went on three different rides over the week off of work and it was wonderful!"