Uwe Paschedag in Germany
Uwe was born in the Sauerland highlands between Warstein and Lake Möhnesee. He works in marketing and advertising and has a 3½-year-old son named Justin who lives with his mom 60km away in Dortmund. Uwe lives with his sweet and wonderful wife Kathrin, a golden retriever named Sam and Bonnie the cat. Uwe has owned his CJ since March, 2003. He also has a 1973 BMW R75/5 and a 1980 Guzzi SP1000. This CJ is his second, by the way. (The first was sold because of financial problems.) The Chang has a Harley seat, Jikov carbs, stainless fishtails with connection pipe, Ural front wheel and brake, a lowered front fender and many other little mods.
"We had a great summer here in Germany, fine for all the friends from all over the world who came for the World Cup "Fussball-WM 2006", but especially for motorbike enthusiasts. I work in an office about 65km away so I only ride when I'm sure it won't rain. This summer has been perfect for this."

"Yesterday the sun was shining so I decided to ride to the Hohensyburg, an old castle ruin from the Middle Ages. The bottom of the castle hill is one of the oldest motorcycle meeting points in Germany. At the beginning of the 20th century there had been a hill racing court."

"I rode about 70km from my home in Warstein to the meeting point which took about 1½ hours. As it was warm I wore a T-shirt and shorts. Lisa, my 15-year-old god daughter joined me so I calculated two hours. It was the first time she rode in a sidecar and she told me it was fun. At Hohensyburg we a saw a brand new green CJ, an older Ural and a new 750 machine. We found out that we knew each other from the ural-dnepr.net forum. There was a lot to talk about. Paul left on his Ural so the two CJs went up the hill to see the ruins."

"I took Lisa home and rode back to Warstein. After 50km riding through little villages and fields I saw a sidecar bike coming in the opposite direction. We greated each other and suddenly realized the other bike was also a CJ! We both stopped immediately! What a surprise to meet another CJ on a German road! And we met two in one day! The other rider was with two Japanese motorcycle riders in leather who didn't want to stay under the sun. They couldn't get off their bikes as the side of the road was stony. Sidestands don't work on that ground. We advised them to get sidecars for being prepared for problems like that in the future. We took time for a cigarette and comparing our CJs. They had been to Lake Edersee, well known for a big bike festival every year, always a nice target for a bike trip."

"Half an hour later I was home in Warstein and I found it was another great day making new friends with my Chang."

When Uwe got his CJ three years ago he removed the back seat because it made the rear end of the bike look high. Now he's decided to take off the stanchion as well.
And last, he replaced the Harley pan seat with an aftermarket H-D slimline seat using the pan seat prings. Here is the result. Uwe says he finds it alogether sexy. (He like bikes with a fat front and tall end.) Together with the wider handlebars it's great to ride it and just to look at it.
Say hello to Muriel and Marisol, a couple ladies who just can't get enough of Uwe's CJ.
"Today—the 31st. of October—is the last day this year I can take the Chang for a ride. The license-plate allows me to ride it from April until October. It makes it a little cheaper for insurance and taxes. I had good luck with the weather so I had a ride around Lake Möhne. But before I could start I had to do a little work on it."
"I had taken off the Harley panhead seat a few days ago and I wanted to replace it with another Harley seat that I had got on eBay for a good price. 20 € really isn't too much for it. I like the result of my work so much that I have made these pictures. The old panhead seat was really comfortable to sit on but there was one thing I didn't like: The CJ is really tall in the middle and at the end but the panhead seat was wide, too wide for the "slim-line CJ".
"The new seat is much more slim than the pan seat and so it fits much better with the whole bike. Riding the bike sitting on this new seat is as comfortable as the old pan seat. The only difference is that you sit a little higher—but not as high as on the original CJ rubber seat and not as close to the tank and handlebar. The old panhead seat now gets put back in a place where it fits better: On my old Shovelhead-FXS."
Uwe's old CJ really stirred up some interest when we had it on the CJU home page a while back. And rightly so. This thing is beautiful! Uwe lost track of the bike after he sold it. The new owner replaced the H-D seat with an original and repainted the bike into German military colors.
Two years later the guy had technical problems with the bike so he sold it. Bummer. I wonder where it is today.
Uwe is a fine graphic designer. These are samples of his work and they are available in high-resolution EPS format for anyone who'd like to use them. Just send him a request via e-mail.
Here he's incorporated design elements from H-D and BMW into a distinctive CJ design.
This is the design he actually used on his bike.
It would be very hard to choose just one from these, that's for sure.
Uwe has been taking advantage of the rainy weather to do little mods on his bike. Take a look at these cool new handlebars he just got from Gernot Brand at Moto-Moscow. They have a diameter of 24.5mm so Uwe was able to use the original grips and handles. Do they remind you of the old R12 army bikes?
On July 26, 2003, Uwe visited the pre-trials for the Oldtimer Motorcycle Grand Prix at the former East German city of Oschersleben. Among the vintage bikes there was this wonderful old Beemer.
This is a 1938 Zundapp 600... and Uwe got a ride in the sidecar—and I mean a fast ride. The driver was the same vintage as the bike! I wish we had enough server space available to post all of the images Uwe sent. You'd be amazed at what these old machines can do!
Several Russian bikes and two Changs in the enlarged image.
A pair of lovely black CJs. The closest bike is an M1M.
This is Uwe's bike. Check out the shifter on the side of the tank.
A little conversation among CJ enthusiasts.
Uwe's longtime friend Thomas and his proud five-year-old daughter Muri, probably the youngest CJ fan and rider. She's Uwe's "Paten-Tochter", similar to a God daughter. (Uwe's girlfriend is Muri's aunt!) Muri has offered Uwe a ride on her trike, by the way!
Chang Jiangs sure do seem to be popular in Germany. Uwe recently attended a gathering of sidevalve flat twins which he describes in detail in the message that accompanied these images.
Here are four Chang Jiangs!
This one looks particularly nice.
Four Changs getting ready to start the ride.
Changs and an M72
The enlarge image shows much more!
Uwe's M1M now sports a pair of Ikov carbs with adapters from a Kawasaki Z900. The carbs are better and the rubber adapters help keep them cooler. This is Uwe's "Powerplus" upgrade!
Uwe has done some work on his new M1M since we last saw it. See for yourself! That's a Ural front wheel with duplex brakes. Good idea. Uwe wants it known that those oil stains on the bricks aren't from the bike!
Check out the Harley-Davidson pan seat and stainless steel fishtail mufflers. The exhaust system has a balancer mounted just ahead of rear wheel.
Here's Uwe (right) taking delivery of his newest CJ. This is the same bike that appears on the Hobby Freizeitseite web site. The guy on the left is Hendrik from Dresden, the former owner.
Uwe designed this boxer emblem.
And here's his old bike.  Nice!  It had a Harley seat, old BMW-style pipes, Mikuni carbs, etc. The aluminum bits were all polished.
That's a Ural front wheel that Uwe installed to obtain better braking. What a fine looking Chang.
Side view of an R71
Uwe sent this excellent rendering of an M72. The enlarged image shows the entire bike.