Below: From Antione Bloch: "I had an old sidecar bike waiting to be restored after our last trip in the desert, but not enough space to store it. I let my imagination do the rest and this is the result. The tank comes from a plastic police CJ, polished and clear coated, the result is awesome. We have done a lot of work on the engine, polishing, cutting air filter mount, no starter. Another big job was the rear-set to make it a true cafe racer, those are Tarozzi I smuggled into china. Wheels are our all time favorite tractor ones, front disk brake. Exhaust is a two in one I had, which is a replica part for WWII Beemers. Many home made parts, seat, battery box, handlebar… and a lot a lot of other small things. Job was done by Xiao Ji and Mr. Fan who really impressed me by the level of finitions. I might sell the bike if somebody is ready to pick it up here! The bike is very fun to drive, but sadly Shanghai is extremely unfriendly two-wheelers. Regulations won’t let me ride it here."
Below: I received some email from the new owner of this handsome M1M solo, asking for help in identifying the vintage and model. Not a bad looking bike.  
From Richie Hahn: "I took a few pictures of my bike. Added a front fender light from a 1950s Schwinn bicycle. Fitted a pair of Fiamm horns next to the headlight. Finally have a decent horn that is pointing in the correct direction .Very loud."
"Removed the Whitney Lake side pipes and installed a pair of Harley fishtails. Installed some bags from Blitz Bikes. Had to modify the mounting system to fit the CJ fender rack. Added some cabinet door knobs to facilitate taking the bags on and off. Has a vintage look!"
From Roy Giggins: "This is my CJ750 in Brunei. I think there are three total now, and this is the only sidecar rig."
Jared Malarsky lives in Shanghai. He rides this OHV powered swing-arm.
Here's a couple more pictures of Jake Knowles' OHV. Jake lives in Brisbane, Australia while his dad is in Shanghai.
Brad Knowles (Jake's dad) sent these pictures of "Ol' Yella", an OHV. In the second picture, Jake was off to drop his sister off at the school formal. Note the genuine split glass goggles.
This is Brenda with Ol' Yella. The bike looks quite a bit different in this photo.
Here's a BMW thumper that Brad saw in Bali. He waitied around for the owner who never showed up. This same bike appeared in a travel magazine advertisement some time later.
Brad and Jacob Knowles are father and son CJ owners. Brad's bike is a green solo SV while Jacob rides an OHV with a LH sidecar.
More pictures of Gary Homanick's SV.
Gary describes his bike as a "chick magnet", (one thing we already know about CJs.)
From Gary Homanick: "I'm looking for a badge for my Chang. Does anyone sell tank emblems besides the BMW ones? I like the one designed by Joe Castro in Spain or ones similar. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks." (
Below: From Dave in LA:
"I've always admired the surprising comfort of steel tractor-seats and thought they'd look great on a CJ. Well, you be the judge. I love it, especially how it cups my derriére when I take off. I got it from eBay for $50 and, sacrificing one original seat mount, grafted it to the bike."
"The other change I've made is to the signal cluster. I have not had good luck with the original CJ design. I found it overly ambitious, flimsy, and difficult to troubleshoot. So I decided to split the functions in two."
"I teased out the Hi, Lo, and Hot wires from the loom and soldered them to a tiny Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) switch I got at Radio Shack that fit in that extra (tach?) hole in my triple-tree. I eliminated the fog-light wire (I may relocate it to the lo-beam or keyswitch) and one by one connected the rest to ground to test their functions. Once that was sorted, I put them in this inexpensive aftermarket multiswitch for 1" bars."
"The only way I could attempt these projects that involved welding and wiring was that I have had practice recently building an electric board-track-style motorbike ( My grey lady now has a baby sister."
What a great photo! This is re-enacting, with his beloved, tough-as-nails Chang, Michael S. Burns, aka SS-Sturmann Wilhelm Gottschalk, 5./SS-Panzeraufklarungsabteilung 12, 12SS Hitlerjugend.
From Antoine Bloch: "Here are some nice pictures of our Sunday ride, organized by Thomas from Peoples Riders Club & Shanghai Sideways. With the JCEF and a charity called Forget Me Not, we all dressed as Santa and took disabled orphans of Shanghai for a ride in 20 sidecars. Then, we spent all afternoon playing games with them. We ended the day by giving away gifts and treats. You should have seen the smiles on their (and our) faces! More pictures and movies to come!"  
WWII re-enactment bikes, courtesy of Ernie Milteer. I believe SS-819230 belongs to Ernie.
From Tony Salvatore: "It's always great to meet fellow CJ enthusiasts. Today I had the pleasure to chat with George Baker while attending the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Show in N.Brookfield, MA. The weather was great, there was a large turnout at the show, and the bike ran perfect. What more could you ask for?"
Here is Mick Boon's newly acquired M1S. This bike is equipped with Mikuni carburetors and a 'high-speed' final drive.  
Below: From Jim Bounds: "I think everyone is interested in what others' bikes look like. I am for one. I only see my own, there are no other bikes around here to look at. We have to cast a wide net to involve a group like this and sharing pics like this I think is great. Here are a few more of my bike."  
Below: From Mark Kordick: "Last Saturday I took my son (in my Chang Jiang, naturally) down to the our regional airport for an event that involved the static display of several aircraft (old and new) and some custom and restored passenger cars, motorcycles and military vehicles. They also had on display one of the airport's Fire Rescue trucks, a few old WWII planes and even a restored antique Caterpillar tractor. It was a real mixed bag of stuff."

"The event's organizer saw me pull in on the Chang and park in the lot. I was only planning on being a spectator. When I got to the gate the guy invited me to pull right inside and put the old girl on display on the tarmac. (If I'd known I would have cleaned her up a little first.)"

"Of course I agreed and, of course, the bike was a huge hit. Everyone was fascinated. I even let the people passing by climb on (and in) for pictures. I took some of my own for you and our fellow CJ enthusiasts."

"In the background of the some of the shots is a Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter (pretty cool) and a Sikorsky-themed Orange County Chopper that the company commissioned a few years ago. It was pretty amazing to see my old Chang getting as much (if not more) attention than an OCC Custom Chopper!"

From Todd Wallis in Colorado: "I have a CJ750 built by Jim Bryant at Jimbo's Classic Sidecars in Beijing."
This M1M belongs to Jeff Taylor in Texas City. If anyone can assist in determining what year this bike actually is, please get in touch with him at
Once again, here is Michael S. Burns as SS-Oberschütze Wilhelm Gottschalk of the 5./SS-Panzeraufklarungsabteilung 12, 12SS Hitlerjugend (and his CJ as an R71.)
From Gary Irland: "A 2008 Adirondack trip, Wes, Flip and Gary."
From Michael S. Burns:

"My Chang Jiang in service with the 12SS-California Historical Group."
Micheal portrays SS-Oberschütze Wilhelm Gottschalk of the 5./SS-Panzeraufklarungsabteilung 12, 12SS Hitlerjugend
From Tony Salvatore: "I snapped this pic while sitting inside of a Subway sandwich shop the other day for lunch. It gives a bit of a different perspective than the usual side shots."
From Graziano Garaccioni: "Can I ask you to register me - and my CJ, of course - at your web space? In this way, everyone can find an Italian friend, riding on my roads... Many thanks and best regards, from the Italian Flowers Riviera..."
Notice anything unusual about this bike? Take a close look at the front brake hub. It's equipped with duplex brakes. This machine is owned by Ruud Pols in the Netherlands. To see more about his duplex brake assembly, click here.
From Antoine Bloch: "Just a nice picture taken this weekend on the ferry to Chongming Island (the bird island), a 90 minute boat ride from Shanghai. You can see part of my Scuderia (missing my "Great Escape" 24hp solo which is in my living room and my new 24hp Afrika Korps which is in a wooden box waiting to be shipped). Anyway, you can see in the picture from bottom to top, my wife's DUTCH MACHINE, orange, 24hp (with a sidecar that you might have allready seen on another bike...), my daily ride, a beauty... Chrome + M5 + disk brake rusting thanks to the £$&*.)@ Shanghainese weather (making me cry every weekend), my "Big Bertha" v 5.0 , which did our three trips, and that has been rebuilt four times in four different colors. (Mat Black is the best one.) And Nicolas' ugly, slow and not reliable "Gaz de France". I will try to give you a closer look of my Scuderia soon."
From Reuben Edejer: "I live in Walnut Creek, CA, and was browsing the internet early last year and came across the CJ Sidecar website, Shao's outfit. I inquired about his rebuilds and he gave me Freddie B's contact info, who lives very close to my house. I visited Fred, viewed his bikes that Shao built, and since then I have been hooked. I ordered a bike in July of 2007. The bike arrived mid December, just in time for Christmas. I've been tinkering here and there, reading a lot on CJU site, learning on the tips posted, and I've been enjoying my bike since. Since I've met up with Fred, we hit it off right away, and are now close friends.
My bike is a CJ750, M1, SV, 6V, with a Russian WWII M72 theme as you can see in the pics. I'm in my mid 40s and have been riding since 1978. Besides my CJ, I also own and enjoy a 2000 Harley Fatboy, a picture is attached. I've been married for 11 years, and have a beautiful 6-year- daughter, Cierra, who loves to ride in the sidecar.
From these pictures I created a collage and made a large poster that is framed and hung on the wall of my garage. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward in seeing some pics of my bike on the website, and will continue to learn and read the informational threads on the board."
From Antoine Bloch: "Here is the result of Manus' stupid (but very generous) idea of organising a charity trip for some disabled teens. So they (I did not have the courage) dressed like Easter Bunnies oblige..."
"...and we (I had the courage for this) took them for a ride and went to a park to have a nice and sunny afternoon. We had some sponsors who offered some gifts. Here are some of the pictures... You should have seen the smiles on those childrens' faces... We should do this more often (maybe just without the rabbit thing...)"
From Freddie B: "I would like to introduce you to Reuben Edejer from Walnut Creek, California."
"I recently picked up my bike from US Customs with no problem. I also didn't have any issues with California DMV using all the documents that Shao at CJ Sidecar sent prior to my bike arriving.
"Thank you for all your help in instructing me in how to get her started. It actually fired up in two kicks. WOW. She rides very nice I might add."
"Shao really did a great job building my bike with all the stuff I requested, which includes the M72 sidecar frame, custom hand painted Russian graphics, duck board, old style spare tank, ammo bags, old style spark advance and a polished motor and drive train."
"The polished motor will be Scotch Brighted to give it a smooth satin matt finish. I'll send more photos in the coming weeks."
From Antoine Bloch: "Here are some nice pictures done by Mathias of our Sunday morning trip."
"We drove up to a nice iron bridge close to the Bund in Shanghai that is soon going to be dismantled."
"We drove as well to the old slaughter house, a nice sunny ride. I know you are curious—I will tell you a bit about my wife's orange bike soon."
Jim Bounds' M1M, built by LRM.
Detail shots of Tony Salvatore's SV. It's a nice looking bike.

From Freddie B:

"I would like to introduce to you a good friend of mine from Germany. His name is Andreas Weber. He and a friend just recently completed a 4500km ride that took them a little over 2 1/2 weeks. Andreas owns several M72s and a Chang Jiang M1M 750. Guess what he decided to put throught the challenge? Please see his message below detailing his ride."

Hey Freddie,

Since some days are gone from our last e-mail, her some news. I did a tour from Germany, through Austria and Hungary to Romania and the Black Sea at Constanta. A friend and I ride about 4500 km within two and a half weeks. I was with my CJ 750 SV and he with his 650 Ural from 1994. The CJ was without technical problems. The Ural died the first time in Budapest. Then we had to repair a bearing at the crankshaft. After that we had some problems more with the Russian beast but nothing we couldn`t repair. We saw a lot of the poor part of Europe and the story was much too long to tell you here. For your imagination I put some pictures here.

From Tony Salvatore: "A few pics of the annual vintage BMW meet which was held in Marlborough, CT this year. Stopped in Hartford on the way there for some eats. Where? The Chang Jiang Restaurant of course. You might recognize a few people in the pics."
From Tom Ritzenthaler: "I recently recieved my CJ 750 with a BMW powerplant from Frank's Classic Sidecars. This has been a long project with Jim making many modifications including a vintage R75 tank shifter. My son, at 21 months old, knew the sidecar was his seat and climbed right in. Must be genetic."
From Big John Westlake: "After a long time at the painter, I finally got my M1 back and am getting her together."
"Note the whitewalls which I think look great. I'm installing a 6V electronic ignition from MZB. Front fender is a repro Elephant Ear."
"Getting most of my parts from Gerald. So far, so good. See ya down the road."
From Mark Kordick in Fairfield, Connecticut: "My wife LOVES to decorate for Christmas but I never really liked it... until this year."
"I saw these for sale at my local Home Depot and couldn't resist spending the $89."
"I mean really, how many people that have these in their yards and actually have a real green motorcycle with a sidecar to go with it?"
"I was interested to note that the balloon was made in China and how much the trailing end of that inflatable front fender looks just like a CJ's."
"I wonder if a real CJ was the design inspiration."
One of New England's greatest claims to fame is its beautiful fall foliage. Leaf peepers flock to the region every autumn. What better way is there to experience it than from the saddle of a CJ? Pictures from Tony Salvatore in Massachusetts
This beautiful OHV belongs to Darren Stewart who shares with us the experience of retrieving it from the customs broker.
"We picked up a U-Haul truck and it was already 94°, not the best weather for loading and unloading a truck. In hindsight U-Haul isn't really a good option since their load bed isn't flat. (There's a raised section on the floor so you can't load crates easily.) We spent almost an hour extra at the bonded warehouse in nearly 100° heat. My lesson is learnt."
"I'm not really sure what I'm doing but it's too hot to be standing doing nothing."
"I'm making a plan..."
"The plan in action. (It felt much steeper than it looked.)"
"Almost on solid ground, my father-in-law is still stressing about the angle of the bike."
"I put some gas in, primed the carbs and it fired second kick..."
"These shots were taken next to my father-in-law's custom chopper."
"I think the Chang looks just as good for a sixth of the price."
"After six hours of cleaning and polishing the BMW badges were applied and I am am very happy that nothing was damaged. The bike runs like a dream. I had an extra BMW badge with no home so it went on the sidecar."
"I just wanted to say thanks to Luke at Sidecar Solution for a great job. I am really happy with the bike. I am getting ready to order another bike for my wife but we can't seem to agree on a color. I guess there are worse problems in life."
From Tony Salvatore: "My Solo M1M got delivered yesterday."
"CJU and the Yahoo. board really helped me a lot in finding a dealer I could trust AND would do quality work."
"Shao at CJSidecar did a great job."
"Here a few pics for CJU. Will send some better ones once I get the bike cleaned up."
"I live in Webster, Massachusetts."
Big John Westlake's M1 winter project is in high gear. (The solo pictures were taken before he started.) Look how nice the gas tank looks. The front fender is a traditional R71 style fender. The mud guard is completely different from the CJ fender. A lot of work has gone into that sidecar bucket.
Antoine Bloch sent these excellent images of his recent Xinjiang journey.
The whole team—including Antoine's 66 year-old father who made a special trip from France to participate. He's on the left driving Antoine's WWII CJ. Antoine is in the middle with his black CJ (that will soon be British Racing Green.)
Difficult to find your way at times.
The bikes made it to 3600 meters. Every mountain is higher than 7000 meters.
One good old French Cassoulet picnic at 2700 meters, Kuqa Lake.
Knut Børge Knutsen sent this image of a meticulousy built Super.
E-mail from Big John Westlake: "I knocked the rust off the Chang and took it to the Blessing of the Bikes, sponsored by the local chapter of Hells Angles. Plenty of V-twins, only one Chang, and it got much attention. One pic is of my wife and faithful copilot, Vindra.
On the way home we stopped at a Russian sub docked in the bay… Red Steel. Had a great day cruising around. After the long winter she started on the second kick with a fresh charge on the battery. I’m looking forward to the summer on her."
More images of Rich Hahn's solo OHV Chang.
A partial list of modifications Rich has done on this bike: Alloy rims—R-69US front wheel—front fender—extended headlight shell
Running lights made from Walmart desk lamps—BMW valve covers
R27 valve cover clamps—Lake side pipes (JC Whitney)
BMW heat shields (hide the EGT sensors)—BMW hub caps (R27 rear, R60 front)—custom battery box with Harley cover—rear fender—BMW rear light.
Rich Hahn's Super hasn't stopped evolving since day one. If you didn't know better, would you recognize this as a CJ?
From Peter Gray: "This is another attempt at reliable electrics—this time a 12V VW generator which fits better than the Lucas."
"With 30 amps I'll have to ride with my lights on."
From Freddie B. in San Jose, California: "I decided to import a CJ from China through Shao Yiqi. On October 19 I received notice that my CJ had arrived at the Port of Los Angeles. Unfortunately the port was backlogged and the ship grounded until the dock can unload their cargo."
"I'm now expecting to pick it up mid-November. I hope to send you more photos as soon as I'm able. Any advice you have about importing and dealing with Customs in the US is greatly appreciated. My bike is more than 25 years old. I think I have all the paperwork. Because of its age, I don't think EPA and DOT will be an issue."
"In California, I haven't heard anything more than that. Wish me luck when that day comes. Attached are five photos of my bike from Shao. As you can see it is an M 6V made in 1972. I ordered two different style gas tanks and two different color leather seats."
"The black seat (not shown) is the same style as the red one. Also two leather saddle bags. I thought they look cool. My motor is polished. I was inspired to polish my motor after seeing the vintage bikes at the Guggenheim motorcycle show in Las Vegas in 2001."
"It just adds to the look. I can't wait to ride it around town in San Jose as well as to some local bike rallies. So far, I haven't seen anyone with a CJ locally. I hope to find more CJ enthusiast so we can do some rallies together. I'll keep you posted as things progress with my bike. For now, I will keep Changing away on CJU and the Yahoo chat line."
Feats of strength. Peter Gray found this image for us. I can't tell if that engine is Chinese, Russian or German, but it's still pretty heavy just the same.
How cool is this? It's a piece of Chang art by Big John Westlake. He manipulated it from a digital photo of his M1. Neat screen saver or background for your desktop.
Todd Robertson from Ontario bought his M1S from Long River Motorworks in Beijing. The bike was shipped to Canada using DHL. Todd's quite pleased with both LRM and his bike.
These images were made while the bike was still in China. Here we see it in solo form. The lowered front fender looks excellent.
Big John Westlake is really tickled with the sidecar seat he had made by Richard Maund in Chesapeake, VA. (Richard is a Ural guy through and through.)
It looks like this guy can do just about anything you can imagine. John's bike will be black. That'll really accent the upholstery material.
Jay Williams is one of the very first people to contribute material to CJU. And here is a recent picture of his charming black M1.
And again, in sort of a historical context commemorating Jay's hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Jay has one of the relatively few M1s in the US. Most the Changs in the States are 12V machines (M1M and M1S).
Also, Jay's is one of the very few all-black M1s that I'm aware of.
The chrome horn is a nice detail. Since the M1 doesn't have an electric starter you don't need a very big battery.
This bike looks good from every angle.
Jay prefers his Chang without a rear saddle.
Peter Gray clipped this ad from a mid-nineties Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader magazine. I wonder how this dealer made out selling Changs.
How many Changs can you fit inside your garage?
Scott Stricklin of Fort Worth has managed six... so far.
Four Supers...
...and two M1Ms.
He has them in black, green and even Panzer Grey...
...all six for less than the cost of a single Fat Boy.
With help from Jim Bryant and others, David Twomey of LA finally got his BMW-CJ on the road. It has an R60/2 engine and electronic ignition.
From Wayne in Australia, a CJ SV he's building. The front fender modification looks excellent.
The color is Black-Grey (RAL 7021) with approximately 30-33% flattening base in the color. That gives it a semi-gloss look—just enough to shine and not enough to make it water and oil absorbing. Wayne's striving to achieve a thirties look with this bike. It's going to be a beauty.
Indeed, this will be a nice looking bike. You can see the engine sitting on the floor to the right of the bike. Wayne will strip and rebuild the motor, tidy up the castings and do some bead blasting on the the case, etc.
Jeff Wang photographed these bikes in Beijing. This one's an old 6V M1.
Here it is again...
...and again.
Another M1, bone stock.
From the front.
This is a 'before' shot of Peter Gray's M1. The bike was imported into Australia after spending several years in storage. Peter part-traded a '38 Harley SV for this bike.
Here's an 'after' shot. The dark green sheetmetal with lighter green wheels looks pretty nice.
Chinese police bikes Peter found on a Russian site. Gong An means POLICE. Look at that fairing. These bikes are probably Shang Dongs.
Here it is from the front. Look at the size of that windshield.
A whole freakin' line of them.
Peter found this in a cycle magazine. It's an M72, and you've got to see it to believe it. That's right, EIGHT people... and their equipment.
Some recent shots of Peter's 12V M1. In this one you can see how Peter modified the air filter assembly to make way for the automotive generator he installed. This is pretty much the way pre-war Beemers were configured.
Peter pinstriped the wheel to break up all that black.
Something you rarely see on a CJ—rubber fork spring covers over progressive springs.
Detail shot showing the bracket and muffler clamp.
This is the 12V generator Peter installed. It's pretty big compared to the original.
This M1S work-in-progress belongs to Richie Hahn in New York State. These are BMW valve covers.
Here's s frame/handlebar-mount windshield from National Cycle.
Polished rear and a chrome drive shaft.
New air tubes from an R69S.
Two batteries.
BMW wheel for great stopping power.
Eber taillight.
BEFORE: Typical CJ SV head, semi-rough cast aluminum.
AFTER: Here's what can be accomplished with an electric drill and a wire brush attachment. Thanks for the pictures, Mike.
This M1M belongs to Regina Vetter of Bavaria.
A closer look reveals that this is no ordinary Chang, but a rolling bit of artwork with an aviation theme.
Recognize the portrait of aviator Charles Lindberg?
Some of the parts prior to assembly. That's Emilia Earhardt on the gas tank.
Roy Shearer calls his M1S Buckwheat because it was such a little rascal to assemble.