Mike Easton had his Super out during a spell of gorgeous weather near his home in Scotland. Nice.
More pics from André Duguay: "Found this on internet (English Russia.com) and thought it might interest you. It is a motorcycle made with two Ural engines and I believe a charger."  
On January 2, 2011, Rejean Gagnon suffered a stroke which he thinks marks the end of his riding days. (Hopefully not.) This left a vacancy at the bike show put on by the Northern Alberta Chapter, Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group. Our friend Phil McKinnon filled the slot with his CJ, riding in -26ºC weather to attend. (For all you Yanks, that's -15ºF!)
More pics from Jackie at Beijing Sidecar
Below: Jackie at Beijing Sidecar sent this sampling of CJ images.
Andre Kelly, (aka shanghaikellys) with his CJ. Andre lives in London, Ontario, Canada.
David Phillips lives in Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada. He rides one of Jimbo's BMW re-powered bikes. "It takes me at least an hour longer to go anywhere when I ride my red machine.  As soon as I stop, I have to go through the story, about China, and BMW and 1938.  It is fun though and I am just waiting to get it on the road this year."
From Keith Pedersen: "Had some fun in the snow with the Chang and the kids, it was COLD!!! Have a Merry Christmas!"    
From Mike Easton: "More pictures of Ava, the Wing Mutt."    
I attended an old-timer's meet in Alexander, NY this weekend. There was a bunch of bikes parked out front including the first CJ I have ever seen around here (besides my own.) It's an M1M with a lot of chrome plated stuff on it. The engine and frame SNs indicated that it's a 1976.    
Keith Pedersen's kids each get a turn with his OHV, including a little chair flying!    
Keith Pedersen's OHV takes a break between rides.
Rejean Gagnon spotted this CJ at the Vintage Motorcycle Rally at Ponoka, Alberta. "The owner, Trevor Bos, says he will sandblast every part next winter and do a complete rebuild."
Here's Keith Pedersen with his three children and his OHV. In this picture, the bike is "fresh off the trailer", taken the day he got it. He found the bike locally, in New Jersey, and as it turns out, it originated at Luke's in Beijing.
This is Lawrence Ventura's Wisconsin Chang, built by Shao with importation coordinated through Freddie B. in 2007.
"The badge is of Freddie's original design and I asked permission if I could expound on his design into a paintable form for the tank and sidecar. Fred said he always wondered what his logo would look like on the sidecar in sort of the form of racing number on top of racing stripes."
"We shot ideas back and forth via email and settled on the one you see on the tank. I really think it looks good. Shao came through with the final look and now also uses it on some of his other creations now and again. "
More pics from Mike Easton: "Attached are more pictures of Ava (The Mad Mut). With new harness and fixings ready to go and cruise around the countryside of southwest Scotland!"  
From Mike Easton: "Please find attached more pics of my bike, aka "Charlie Chang".
"Also I've included some of our dog Ava who has become a Chang fan (not that she had the choice!)"
"I noticed on your web site that Chris Larson from Seattle also has a Chocolate Lab so I've sent him some of the pictures with Ava in them."
From Daithi Blair: "After four years of owning a Chang and silently lurking in the corners, I figured I should finally introduce myself."
"The bike was great, but New England weather started taking a toll quickly. I decided two years ago to tear down the bike, powder coat the frame and stuff in a BMW engine, a la Jimbo."
"Jim was able to bring me an adapted gearbox, his M5 wheels and a earle's fork to get the job done. After hours of blood, tears and cursing, the bike has gotten pretty reliable and I'm quite pleased with the result"
"These pictures show the scope of the project. The bike and I are transplanted Bostonians now living in San Diego."
Neat bike, great setting! It belongs to Mike Easton of Dumfries in southwest Scotland.
Meet Chris Larson from Seattle, Washington. This, my friends, is what it's all about.
Gary Morgan and Don Mahar rode in this year's Motorcycle Ride for Dad to raise funds for prostate cancer research.
Here's a scan of the Ottawa Sun print article in .pdf format.
Here's Terry Iseli after replacing the rubber donut on his OHV.
Introducing Alexandre Hamaide who lives in Beijing: "I've created a club/association "Les Tatars Noirs" with mainly French friends in Beijing and we manage to organize daytrips around Beijing. We travelled in October 2006 from Beijing to Ulan Bator and we're planning to organise another one this year in Central Asia."
Introducing Christian Maier who lives in Schapen, Lower Saxony, Germany
Introducing Tim Peddicord from Baltimore.
From Freddie B.:

"I would like to introduce to you a new member of the CJ community, Dave Ventura."

"Dave is an Executive Chef at North Shore Bistro in Fox Point, Wisconsin. He tells me that he has plans to use his CJ to visit other culinary finds all over Wisconsin so I'm sure we will see more of him in the future."
"Now I want to introduce you to Dave's brother, Larry Ventura. Both had their bikes built by Shao. They timed it right and got their bikes just before the riding season started in Wisconsin."
"After a harsh winter in Wausau, Larry and his lovely wife Betty have been enjoying their summer outings on their restored CJS bike."
Below, from Gary Morgan:   (Click here for a third picture.)
"On May 26th I participated in the Motorcycle Ride for Dad fight against prostate cancer event for the first time. This event is now held annually in 13 different Canadian cities/regions and is growing in popularity. Mine was the only CJ registered and it drew a lot of attention. The Ottawa ride saw upwards of 1800 bikes and almost $300,000 raised. It's being reported it took approximately 45 minutes for the ride to pass in front of Parliament Hill. There were very few bikes that broke down - in fact the only ones I passed had that Harley-something-or-other badge on them."
Gary Morgan's bike is as snug as a bug in a rug while this crazy mid-April blizzard rages outside.
André Duguay with his bike.
A couple new pics from Devin Allen in Beijing. Check out the Chang Jiang graphics on his fuel tank!
This is André Duguay's girlfriend Francine practicing on his LRM solo.
You can see film clips of the action by clicking here.
Sidecar Leo recently opened a shop in Beijing.
Here are some of his bikes.
Click here to visit Leo's web site.
Devin Allen lives in Beijing and rides this 1996 SV.
He says it looks a little rough but that's the way he likes it.
I say the bike has loads of character.
From André Duguay: "I'm a military man from New Brunswick, Canada based in Quebec right now. I bought this solo from Gerald and the modification is an upgrade on the 4th. gear and the final drive."
"The saddle bags where bought from John Heim at CJUS. It's giving me hours of pleasure driving it at least once a week."
"It makes a lot of heads turn even when there's plenty of Harleys around! I went to my hometown in Caraquet, NB last June and my CJ was the center of attention."
"More pictures to follow when I travel this summer."
From Nicolas van de Casteele:
"The eight bikes made it!"
"LiJiang to Lhasa, 1900km, minimum altitude: 2800m, maximum: 5200m."
[17,000 feet, that's over three miles!]
"We will send you more pictures later."
"Our web site shall be ready soon."
"My name is Steve Jones and I have been the owner of a CJ750 since August, 2005. I live in Courtenay, BC, Canada. My bike was built by Shao Yiqi and I am very pleased with the job that his company has done. Miin Leong was also a very helpful person who has supplied some very good advice."
Jon Boon Durr (or just plaine Boon) lives in Beijing and bought his 2003 SV from LRM. This picture was taken right after he got it. The bike was stolen about a month after Boon bought it and recovered a year later! Since then it's been modified with an OHV engine and cast wheels. (No more broken spokes.) A disk brake is next.
This 12V SV belongs to Gérald Lindingre in France.
From Nicolas van de Casteele:
"After Xinjiang last year we are preparing to fly to Lijiang to reach Lhasa with our CJs!"
"Here are a few pictures of the bikes loading in Shanghai."
From Gary Morgan: "Returning to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, summer 2006. Purchased in Beijing. Nicknamed Wild Cherry. (After the September 2005 group bike ride to Jiujiayi, Wild Cherry became aptly named the Cock Killer. After a direct hit from the sidecar bucket there is one less village rooster and further contribution to the bird flu pandemic."
From Philip Stout: "Here are a few pictures of my bikes. Both are M1Ms."
"They are a work progress. I love them. They are used in reenacting. I am a member of the LAH. What do you think?"
From Shen Breckon: "Here is a picture of my bike, finally. It just arrived here in Budapest, Hungary last week. It was pretty dirty when it arrived in the crate as you said it might be."
Take a look at Lewis Wy's M1 and his vintage VW.
Like many of us, he's also a car guy. Enlarge the image and you'll see the split rear window in that Bug. These cars have become quite rare in the US.
Pretty cool. But wait, there's more...
... a 1966 Ducati 350 Sebring. When it comes to toys, one is never enough.
As a dealer, Martin Andrews gets to unpack crates of goodies coming from China more frequently than most of us...
... just like Christmas!
Take a look.
And for the customers who'd like them, he offers these excellent gas tank emblems too.
See the BMW heritage?
Pretty cool.
This handsome solo Super belongs to Martin Andrews of Dothan, Alabama.
He's selling Changs.
Pretty cool?
Boy, I'll say.
Pretty cool!
Here's a bike we haven't seen in a long time—Lewis Wy's 6V SV.
He's doing some clutch work on it. And below is a shot of Lewis working on another esoteric machine, his Ducati 250. Sweet.
Well, whattayathink? Georg Kainer's project is complete and although it's only about 45% Chinese (and the rest Russian) it's a fine looking machine. The fenders, sidecar and gearbox are all CJ. The engine is a Russian sidevalve mounted in an M72 frame.
This certainly works for me.
Georg and his pal Bodo took their sidecars to the big MZ meet in Zschopau. That's Bodo with his TS-250 as they stopped for their first break along the way.
If you speak German, you'll appreciate this interesting old advertisement on the side of a building. MLM - In service for life... The interesting part is VEB (volkseigener Betrieb) which means "company owned by the people." Ahh, the good old days.
An old border crossing from pre-reunification days.
This is pretty cool. It's a monument to socialism in Chemnitz. Obviously we're in former East Germany. By the way, Bodo censored the picture because Georg is doing a Rotfrontgruss (Red Front) salute which is verboten.
And finally, the bike meet at Zschopau. The old SV hammered along for 9½ hours without any problems. That's a pretty good indication of reliability.
From this angle, Doug Brashear's CJ looks like most Changs...
...but from this side you can see it's not. That's a 1952 BMW R67/2 engine and yes, this is one of Jim Bryant's creations. Doug's added a few features—new BMW exhaust headers, BMW headlight-mounted mirrors, Bosch 6V hard-case battery, taillights and a halogen headlamp. Aside from those items, all Doug has had to do is perform basic maintenance.
Next to come is a set of birdtail mufflers, completely new BMW wiring harness, an R67 headlight with BMW ignition switch and black plastic key, and a mechanical headlight dimmer/horn switch (cable-operating a high/low dimmer in the headlight shell.) Very cool.
Georg Kainer sent this picture to show me a toolbox tank that might be available for my bike. It's shown here on the M72 frame that Georg will be using to get his bike up to TÜV specs.
Our old friend Georg Kainer has been having some problems with his local motor vehicle registry. If you think things are strict where you live, try Bavaria where Georg lives. To make a long story short, he can't license his Super with its original frame.
He's having to replace it with one from an M72. Is that crazy or what? Here's the bike prior to the surgery. It has an earles fork and one of those famous Russian bottle cap hubs as well.
Georg is also a fan and owner of Rusian iron as well. In fact he sent quite a few Dnepr pictures that I haven't posted due to space limitations. Here's one of them for comparison purposes. It's a Dnepr flathead motor which is 750cc.
And this is a K750, all stripped down. Take a look at that amazing front fender! The forks are of a rare variety that was only used on the first series Dnepr. Yep, it's a swing arm frame.
This fine M1M belongs to Osvaldo Falco of the Philippines. He bought the bike in 1997 while living in China. Very nice machine!
These six images were borrowed from a Japanese CJ site that existed on the very fringes of cyberspace. The first one shows what looks like a PLA M1, about as basic as they get. It's from the 1981 CJ catalogue.
This image was lifted from a CJ brochure. Again, it's the basic green M1M.
This M1M could possibly belong to the webmaster of the Japanese site.
The starboard side...
...and the port side.
As you might have guessed, I find these little tags interesting, and here's yet another one, this time on the final drive of the black M1M above.
This gorgeous M1M came from the German web site Hobby Freizeitseite.
Here's another view...
...and one more. What a fine looking machine.
Wolfgang Uhl of Germany sits happily on his M1 Super with a sidecar full of kinder. Wolfgang has had his bike since February of 2002 and opted for the second sidecar seat... for apparent reasons!
Dirk Heck was in Shanghai on business recently. He decided to take a little side trip to a CJ factory in Yueyang, Hunan Province.
This is the prototype Solo CJ 750 with water cooled engine. It will not go into production, however. Dirk reports that it's not a bad bike though a bit heavy. It has a top speed of 140 km/h.
The factory is amazing—as if still in the sixties—with incredible production methods (by today's standards) still being employed.
Here's the instrument cluster from the prototype Solo.
Close-up of the Solo engine. Sadly, there were no CJs on the line during Dirk's visit. They sell only about 200 complete CJs a year.
Another view of the prototype. Scooters were on the assembly line the day of Dirk's visit. They sell a lot of them and the models are very good quality.
Rear of the prototype.
That's a Chang Dong swoosh.
The prototype again.
A water cooled sidecar rig outside. The enlarged image shows another water cooled Chang parked behind it, albeit a more modern looking one.
I'm not exactly sure what model this is except that it has an M1 or M1M engine.
Lewis Wy of Seattle has this M1 6V. Nice Beemer emblems!
Here's a detail of the engine. Notice how the horn is mounted. That's a sturdy battery tray as well.
And here's the back. Nice taillight! Lewis is a former URAL rider and is working on a Ducati 250.
Al McWhorter's M1 Super, aka the "Black Cat"
Georg Kainer of Bavaria owns this M1S. That's a disc brake from a BMW F650. This bike has a lot of modern features that George installed in order to comply with new-bike registration requirements as laid out by the TÜV.
Georg went to quite a bit of trouble and expense to bring the bike up to modern standards... only to have the title office decide it's a 1957 model (with an OHV!)
But when we see images like this, all that hassle seems to have been worth it.
Same goes for this one. Georg says the mufflers were fitted with catalytic converters, but after 2000km, all of the catalytic material had burnt away. The only purpose they served at that point was to reduce the noise.
...after a gear ring crash. Look familiar? It probably does to most of us, and it probably wasn't a fun day, but at least Georg has a nice environment for working on his bike.
Still life. No commentary required.
Stephane Le Martret lives in Shenzhen, PRC, and owns four Changs! This is his wife and son aboard one of the bikes.
10 months old and already a Chang enthusiast!
Mr. & Mrs. Le Martet and the "red bike".
Does this look familiar?
How many Chang owners does it take to change a lightbulb?
Up, up and away!
Tony Linz is building a black & chrome M1M he got from Vintage Sidecar Cruisers NE, and this will be the taillight assembly.
Here's a a mock-up of the mounting bracket Tony designed.
Test fit. What a gorgeous assembly!
And again. Wow!