Tim Clarke built this Bonneville-style racer from an M1M. He calls her "Maggie Mei".
CSA is getting settled in after a very busy South African summer season. Feast your eyes on these images sent by Tim Clarke.
Tim Clarke's CSA fleet numbers 25 Changs. (How would you like to poke around in here for a few hours?!) CSA has a new coffee shop decorated with CJ parts. You can check it out by following the link on the CSA website. Then go there in person!
Here's a couple shots from this year's SA riding season. Nice.
Meet Brody, CSA's new mascot. There's something pretty special about dogs and sidecars, as if they were made for each other.
Have you ever seen desk lamps fabricated from CJ parts? (Be sure to click on the thumbnails so you can see the whole picture.) These lamps are available for sale. Just send Tim an email if you'd like to have one.
Images from Tim Clarke at
Cape Sidecar Adventures
in Cape Town, SA
From Bill Taylor: "I just finished building up my wheels with new chromed hubs from Ben at
SidecarPro. They look great, and I'm sure the bike goes much faster now :-)"
From Tim Clarke: "Here's a few pics of one of our bikes in her new livery."
"We're doing a venture with the City Sight Seeing Bus Company here in Cape Town. Scheduled rides start later this month!"
From Chris Jordan in Maine: "Here's a photo of my Chang powered Ural loaded up for a winter camping trip. As you can see it has an M1S engine, Chang gas tank and handle bars. It is a 2WD and I had no problem on the snow covered trails. The back tires are Russian made knobby tires that have studs screwed into them."
"It never got above 32 all weekend but we did have a nice fire going all weekend."
Desmond Koval's OHV. If anyone has experience importing a CJ into Indonesia, please contact Des at deskoval@hotmail.com
From Tim Clarke: "We've designed a new wheelchair-friendly rig for inclusion in our rental fleet. We are also selling these modified units. Here's a pic that was taken earlier this month at the annual tourism show in Durban."
From Dan Chase in Shanghai: "Here's a picture of my wife and myself with a group of 21 Changs on a run last week in Shanghai."
From Tim Clarke: "World Cup soccer fever is apon us here in South Africa. Here's my staff doing the rounds celebrating the extravaganza."
Here's that amazing wire CJ sculpture again, courtesy of Drew Low.
Here's a little article about the XA that appeared in Hagerty's Magazine. It's published by a company that provides insurance for antique cars and bikes.
From John Poole: "Just a pic from this weekend's Keels and Wheels car and boat show in Kemah, Texas. I was invited to park my CJ next to a Fokker D VII. What a great experience. I got almost as much attention as the plane!"
From Tim Clarke: "We had a recent 25-bike ride through the Cape peninsula with a group of VIP Belgians."
From John Poole: "Here are a couple pics of my M1M while deer hunting in Brenham, Texas."
From "JB": "Not sure if the name will stick but right now she is being called the "Graf Spee" after the German battleship sunk not far from where these photos were taken."
"It's a bike built by Shao. Aside from the wiring, he did a really good job on it. Art is by Andrew Bawidamann."
From Tim Clarke: "Here are a couple of pics from a travel magazine shoot wwe were involved in."
"They were taken on Chapman's Peak pass which is a well known coastal route just outside Cape Town."
From John Poole: "Here are a few pics of 'Black Bean' in the Chihuahuan Desert, Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA."
This handsome solo M1 Super belongs to Favian Scioscia of Toronto, Ontario. Cool!
From Victor Ribera: "Please find pics of my BMW (R60/6) powered CJ750, built by Jim Bryant. I know that I am partial, but it is a good looking machine and I am very pleased with it."
From Corey Scherrer in Seattle: "I have a PLA CJ750 M1M and would like to join the registry. I have had this bike for about 15 years and have many stories to tell. My buddy, who's a Chinese-American, shipped three CJs from Beijing to Seattle back in the early '90s, before CJs were cool in America."
"I am astounded to see how popular CJs appear to be now from what I see on the internet, but in a way I still feel all alone out here in Seattle. (I have since lost contact with my buddy and the other two Seattle CJs.) When people see my bike, they react like it's something from outer space! I look forward to sharing with others who know the CJ experience."
From Doug Antonides: "I've had my flathead for a couple of years and just love it. I usually ride it as a solo."
"It's amazing what a crowd it draws."
"I work at a steel fabrication and welding shop. When I had it parked out front, so many people came in to BS about it, that I had to hide it."
From Bur Zeratsky: "Here's my Wisconsin based CJ. I think it's from 2001, but am unsure."
From George Baker: "This is me pulling out the Chang last spring. I'll try and see about meeting up with you some time. Currently I have just begun my Chang manual project, hopefully I will be able to put together something decent."
From John Poole: "Just wanted to send you pics of my M1M here in Houston, Texas."  
From Rick: "My wife and I drove to the public boat ramp today to take these pictures. We live in Sebring, Florida. 80 degrees plus here today. We ride year round. From Ohio originally, so we feel your pain."
From Tim Clarke: "A chap bought a standard CJ750 from me and spent a few months converting it into a stunning fire engine. It carries genuine hoses, water bowser, siren, bells, the absolute works—very effective with small fires... all he needs is a dalmation as his lookout."
Richard Haus just received his new bike.
From Tim Clarke: "Here's a part of our fleet of 25 sidecars during February at the Boschendal Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, about a 90 minute drive from Cape Town. The day featured a pickup of 30 French tourists at Cape Town International Airport and a tour of the winelands tasting cheese and wine, and getting a taste of Africa!"
From Tim Clarke: "Eight of our bikes participated in a 500km charity event around the Western Cape, South Africa, handing out footballs to underpriveleged rural kids. lots of fun & some great memories."
"South Africa is gearing up for the upcoming World Cup Football tournament in 2010 planned for South Africa, so hence the football theme."
From Phil McKinnon:

"I bought the bike 3-4 years ago in Beijing. Already had the OHV engine in it but kept the SV for registration purposes."
"I added the cast wheels early on as the originals were always too out of round for my liking. I also added the electronic voltage regulator and ignition so it always starts and runs, something it didn't always do with the points setup (personal choice IMO.)"
"I had Jim Bryant's guys at Jimbo's Classic Sidecars redo the mechanicals and Bill do the paint just before I brought it back with me to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in Summer 2006. Still running strong, although I took off the dual spare wheels as the weight of them was cracking the bucket below the hinges!"
From Armin Bestel: "I found the short in the system and she kicks over and stays charged now. I also got an insurance policy today for full coverage for $181.00 a year.
I attached a few newer photos. It finally stopped raining for a few days, check out the MIG fighter pilot helmet my son Hans is wearing. Bill threw it in on the shippment. I can't get the kid to take it off!
Jack (aka hubenhang) sent these pictures of one of his clients using their M1M for re-enacting.
From Armin Bestel: "I finally got the bike. It's a little beat but I guess it's okay.  It didn't come with half the stuff it was supposed too but it came with a bunch of stuff I didn't ask for. Go figure. 
I will send you some more photos when it stops raining here in the Peoples Republik of Portland so you can get a better idea. 
I am having a hard time with DMV. The little cards and the bill of sale ain't cuttin' it with the DMV folks here."
Here's another picture from Gaeton Demers in Québec. Cool bike!
Gaeton Demers lives in Québec. He bought this WWII replica last year. Notice the tank shifter and the bullet holes in the front of the sidecar bucket!
Bill Anderson in Seattle purchased this fleet of OHVs from CJS.
From Marc Lalumiere: "We just received a record snowfall in Montreal, 41cm! I had a blast with my girlfriend riding around town. These bikes love the snow!"    [Do they ever!]
From Fred Follows: "Here's a picture of my CJ750 in BMW guise here in England. There aren't many Changs around over here in the UK, probably only about 100 or less."
"I really like mine and it does attract a lot of attention wherever I go on it. It is registered as a 1957 and gets cheap insurance and no road tax to pay."
Jeff Biagetti not only owns a CJ OHV but a Dnepr SV as well. This bike has a toolbox tanks and running lights. That swing arm frame must be quite an improvement over the old M72 plunger. Cool bikes...
Jeffrey V. Biagetti is a fireman in Barberton, Ohio. He purchased this OHV from Beijing.
Here's part of an e-mail from Richard Midgley in New Jersey: "Here are a few pictures of my bike, myself and my girlfriend Kim with our CJ750 that I got from Mr. Lee at Boston Vintage Sidecar last summer
"The two of us have been riding it all around the back roads of northern NJ. (We live in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.) "
"Wherever we go people stop to ask about the bike and it has been great fun.".
Jim Middler's CJ M5. That's right—an M5. The frame and tank are Chinese BMW knock-offs and that's a CJ OHV engine. Jim has some big plans for this bike.
Marc Lalumiere's 6V machine sure is looking good these days.
E-mail from Chris Jordan—with two pictures attached!

"I thought you might like this. The second pic is from a bike show I was in last summer. Won first place for 20 years or older. My CJ is registered as a 1967."

He doesn't say what that first picture's all about—halloween, hopefully.
Like most of our bikes, Marc Lalumiere's Chang has a number of improvements and personal touches. Here are some mods on Marc's bike starting with a pair of mountain bike hand grips. They're very soft and and comfortable.
The sidecar seat is upholstered with marine material—suitable for all kinds of weather. It looks excellent.
The drain plug has a double magnet.
The push button for the starter has been transferred to a location underneath the relay box. In the old location everyone was tempted to push it because they thought it was for the horn.
A double C-clamp hold-down for the battery.
The trunk is kept secure with this weatherproof lock.
There's anti-slip grip tape on the sidecar step.
And something every Chang should have—a full repair kit in sidecar trunk.
Marc & Patrick Lalumiere have been enjoying their black solo flatties this year. The weather in Quebec has been awesome according to Marc. (Scroll down the page for more pictures from Marc & Pat.)
This is the M1M of the group. (The other is an M1.)
These bikes look so clean without the rear seat pedestal. Marc has put the sidecar back on since these pictures were taken. Either way, it's a sweet bike.
This handsome 2001 M1M solo is a former PLA bike that belongs to Lao Tou of LRM USA in Colorado. Coooool.
Holy Valve Adjustments! It's Batman!
This super hero rides a Super.
On the lookout for bad guys.
He's spotted one.
Mike Edwards is no match for the Batcycle which, in this case, is Stephen Gaulin's old bike—the Chairman.
BIFF! Take that!
Finish him off...
...and look around for more bad guys. Good work, Batman.
Rob Williams was visiting China this week and photographed this diamond in the rough while visiting the Sacred Path to the Ming Tombs.
It's a 6V M1 at it's completely stock. This bike has more character than you can shake a stick at! That Beijing license plate is secured with anti-theft screw caps embossed with the Jing character—same as what's on the plate.
Remember that M1M with fire damage that was on eBay last year? It has a new home with Chris Jordan of Cape Elizabethport, Maine.
There's nothing quite like a solid black CJ, especially a flattie. Chris has the bike moving under its own power now and is troubleshooting the charging system. He says he's been contemplating painting flames on it, given the bike's history!
This young man is Chris's son Silas, a future CJ fan if he isn't one already.
Chris has logged about 13km on the dirt roads around his house. He's pretty excited about getting it out on the main roads. Who could blame him?
It looks like Marc & Patrick Lalumiere are busy with winter upgrades on their Changs.
December in Quebec—an opportune time for projects like these.
Marc tells me they call this the Chang Jiang Garage. That name conjurs up all kinds of daydreams.
Here's Pat with his Harley. In the enlarged image you can see one the planes they build for Bombardier. Unfortunately this bike was stolen while Patrick was on a test flight!
It's our old friend Andy Krupp with his family and his Chang.
As I've said before, sidecars and children were just made for each other. Introducing future CJ enthusiast Chloe, age 2½. Andy says all they need is a seatbelt to hold her in her car seat! Look out, world.
Marc Lalumiere lives in Montreal and rides this handsome black M1M solo. His identical twin brother Patrick (whom we already know) also rides a Chang! How cool is that?!
Look familiar? Marc's bike started out like this.
This is Marc's vintage Jeep. Some of our other CJU regulars are interested vintage military vehicles as well, an area of interest that seems to go hand-in-hand with being a CJ enthusiast.
David Marks lives in White Plains, NY and rides this noble M1M. You can bet this CJ gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes. David likes this bike even more than his Honda ST and says it's "definitely better looking." (We already knew that!)
George Baker is a bike mechanic from Massachusetts who bought this M1M from a fellow in New Jersey who had imported five of them. Sure is a pretty bike. You can make out number tags on the engine and gearbox in the enlarged image.
Say 'hello' to Daniel Battista from Florida. He brought his M1M home with him from Shanghai where he spent more than five years. His family seems to share his enthusiasm!
This fine Chang Jiang belongs to Benno van Leeuwen of the Netherlands.
The CJ is on the left. The other one's an Ivan.
From the G-DogGlenn in Arizona—this sharp M1M-B, one of several bikes he rides.
He also has a Harley and a Guzzi.
This M1 belongs to Patrick Lalumiere of Montreal. It's seen here in Beijing...
...and again after it was shipped to Montreal.
This beautiful M1S belongs to Stewart Martin of Newport Beach.
And this is Andy Krupp's new M1 from Shao Yiqi and CJS in Beijing.
These photos were taken in China as the bike was being prepared for shipment.
Do these images look familiar? (If not, take a look at Alex's page.)
A few spare items to keep Andy on the road...
Loadin' it up.
This is a Chinese registration for Andy's bike. The enlarged image shows all three pages.
RDMC member Wolfgang Hanschke of Shanghai sent this image showing one of two M1Ms he owns. Great bikes, a lot of fun... a lot of work!
From the Colorado CoG website, this M1M image taken on the streets of Beijing.
This bike has character. Does anyone recognize it?
Here's another M1M. This one has Beemer emblems and a yellow license tag... and no taillight.