Meet Derek Chudyk from Summerland, BC, Canada, and his M1 Super.
Below: This M1M belongs to Martin Bührer from Switzerland.  
"My name is Charles Duan from Beijing, PRC. My sidecar has a BMW R100 engine."
"My name is Gary Bergman. My wife and I are 'the Bergmans', somewhat retired, with a 1962 CJ located in South Dakota, USA in the summers, and various locations, mostly Northern California, USA in the winter. "
Mike Timoshyk's M1M, "Blondie". Tim lives in Alberta, Canada.
Trond imported this gorgeous M1S from Shanghai to Norway in 2008.
Michael Farrens lives in Jiangmen, PRC. He had this M1S custom built by Leo in Beijing.
From Lindsay Robertson: "My 1997 CJ in a 2014 parade commemorating 100 years since the first WWI troops left Dunedin, New Zealand. I'm driving, with Meric Hoffman in the sidecar."
From Keith Partington in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. "I've had this bike since 2014. It was restored by Big Bill's Bikes. They did a good job with the paintwork, but the points and tappets were not set correctly, and the plug leads were reversed. I had to identify and resolve those issues to get it running. However, it now starts first kick at the minute."
Greg Menego's WWII flattie
From Ben van Helden: "Bought myself another Chang, this time an extended version. That's how he is sold in Holland. Bike drove 450 km and is new."
James Mabrey had Shao at CJSidecar build his M1M. "Not a bad build, but I ended up rebuilding the "rebuild" for the most part."
From Ben van Helden: "Bought myself another Chang, this time an extended version. That's how he is sold in Holland. Bike drove 450 km and is new."
Harold Knipe's M1S bear's the insignia of the 9th SS Panzer Division.
Ashly Barnett is from Perth, Western Australia. What a super nice Super!
Greg Menego's WWII flattie
Yuri Lorenzo Norese is from Italy but currently living in Shanghai. Here he is with his M1S.
George Hagerty asks: "What is the most defining characteristic or part that distinguishes a Type 52 gearbox from a Type 331?"
Peter Windsor is from Perth, Western Australia, and this handsome machine is his M1M.
Below: From George Petersen: "I only recently discovered CJ750s having bought my M1S solo this past September. I'm in northern NJ and have been spending much of my free time this winter rebuilding it."
"So far so good, but still have a bit to go. I'm interested in finding a sidecar for my bike. I've replaced most of the hardware, installed a Dan Cason oil pick up extender, new carbs, pinstriping, bar-end turn signals, completely rewired it and any number of other repairs along the way."
This M1S belongs to Steve Conti.
Dale Muir bought his 1970 24HP solo in Shanghai about ten years ago. It was kept in Perth, Western Australia until 2013. Now the bike is in Malta where it's used as a daily run-around.
Thomas Chabrieres from Shanghai Insiders (formerly Shanghai Sideways) sent these fine quality images shot during tours in Shanghai, Xian, Lijiang, the expedition to Northern Yunnan, and the 2011 trip from Shanghai to Paris.
From Tony Chappell: "Was out with my kids on Sunday, taking a walk down Fuxing Lu in Shanghai and spotted this interesting bike ‘The Liberator’. I think it’s an M1S, with a 32 hp, OHV engine and a huge tank, that might have come from a Harley?"
"Interestingly it had two speedometers, always good to have a back up! I am not sure of the significance of the decals, thought it might be something to do with an old WWII bomber squadron?"
This military-themed M1S belongs to Rick Nolen from Massachusetts.
From George Hagerty: "My ride, a '71 M1M 12V side valve w/52 gearbox. Currently down with a case of a ringing and singing and unattainable 4th gear issue…"
From Tony Chappell: "I noticed this sad looking bike in the corner of a car park near were I work in Shanghai. Looks like it's abandoned and has been standing there for a while, slowly deteriorating. It looks like a plastic Chang but is badged as a LongTeng 750B-2."
"It has a side valve engine with the exhaust connected to a single pipe. Actually this is not the first abandoned Chang I have come across in Shanghai. I have seen a few ex-police bikes tucked away and even saw one in a shipyard used by the on-site fire brigade."
Below: From Tony Chappell: "I am based in Shanghai and I got this bike from CJ Cycles in 2009. It’s got the 32HP OHV engine and I have added M5 wheels, a Ural TLS brake on the front wheel, twin air horns (essential for driving in Shanghai) and LED lights in the sidecar marker light and auxiliary light. I have completed nearly 8000km on the bike since I got it, mainly just around Shanghai, but have also done a few trips to Chong Ming Island, Mogan Shan and Suzhou. It’s had its fair share of breakdowns but so far I have always managed to get it going again. I am a member of the Gweilo’s Sidecar Club, here in Shanghai."
"These pictures are from a ride I did last week to Dishui Lake, near Shanghai, with a friend."
Don Alcock: "Take a look at the way the ground is on the signals. The end of the wire is stripped but just rubbing against the housing... sometimes!!!
Below: From Daniel Kumm: "Hello from Germany. My name is Daniel here are pictures of my bikes. I am a big fan of CJs."
Don Alcock: "Had Mr.Chang out last week and had a little accident, but everything is alright, need a couple of parts though! So I was riding for about an hour after and all of a sudden she died on me (have to clarify Mr. Chang is an ol bike and deserves respect, but when it breaks down, its' a b--ch, that's where the "she" came in. :) ) Anyhow lights worked but nothing else. Figured I'd take the headlight off and take a peek-a-boo... well merry Christmas and thanks for all the spaghetti!! I checked the wires and they seemed fine, pulled the boot down for the ignition and saw two wires that were off, but taped together outside the boot, so I thought I'd hook the battery and see what happens. Turned the ignition on and it started smoking. Think I found the problem!! Turns out that there is a support bracket for the wires (under the boot) and it wore through and shorted them out. Now have time to get something to eatspaghetti!!! The bike came with a spare ignition switch and terminals, now just have to figure out the wiring with the help of the schematic from CJU."
Don Alcock: "I got this bike from a guy that won it in a poker game. Boy, did I luck out! Changed all the oils went for a ride, checked under it this morning and not a leak!!! Checked the drain plugs and there still in... just In case, haha."
"Compression was 82 and 90lbs, not bad? I'm used to working on Harleys but I'm a Chang-ed man. I love it! It's been rainy a lot and can't take any good pix, so I'll send you some good ones and replace the others when it clears. Starting PMS already (pre-motorcycle season!)"
David Bunch is from San Diego, CA, and this is his excellent M1M.
More pictures from Don Alcock: "I like to hear all the stories people have with their bikes. This bike came with a 24 horse motor without reverse, and a bunch of spare parts."
Don Alcock is looking for info on the kickstarter. (It's free but doesn't engage.) He also needs a set of OHV head gaskets. Contact Don at
There's more cool stuff on Ben van Helden's site including a better version of the riders manual in pdf format, and a new picture page!
Ben van Helden: "Don't know why, but I bought another CJ, a 1993. In the early nineties, Champco Trading imported bikes to Holland, and this is one of them. Anyone with information is is asked to share it with me. The company dosn't exist anymore. Where did these bikes come from? Who built them? (I was told Nanchang.)"
Here's a link to the new CJ750 feature page on Ben van Helden's website.
Ben van Helden swapped his beautiful CJ for a 1945 M72! It needs some restoration, but it's complete and the papers are genuine 1945. The bike has later wheels for better braking. Ben would like to keep the bike just as it is. (This is a link to the new M72 feature page of his website.)
From Ben van Helden in Holland: "Bought myself a CJ750 over here in Holland. It's my second Chang Jiang. For me, it's a different model from those seen on yours and other sites. There are some Changs here but most of them are the PLA models. This one looks like a plastic Chang, but all the parts are metal."
"I've had for some years the website   Can anybody give me information about the bike? Is it a police bike? What do the blue characters and the text on the sidecar mean? What about the blue 750D engine plate?"
Google engine tag translation into English & Dutch, courtesy of Bill Taylor
Ben has posted some interesting items on his website. Here's a link.
From Gerhardt Nieuwoudt: "I have added an oil temp gauge, shovel, twin springs for driver seat, deep oil sump and some upgraded stickers. She's running fine, and what a pleasure to ride."
Bill White rides a 1972 M1 with a right-hand sidecar, although he usually rides it solo. "It was restored in Vietnam and imported to Australia in 1998. This photo is from Indian H-D Rally in Bunbury, March 2012. It was 38°C both days, a bit hot, but the CJ didn't miss a beat. The MX helmet peak provides shade, and no visor kept me cooler."
Meet Gerhardt Nieuwoudt from Magaliesburg, South Africa. His CJ750 was originally owned by Ya Lu Be Sai and first registered in May 1964.
"I love the outdoors, have a Honda Goldwing 1100 too."