CJ750 toolbox    CJ wheel options
M5 hubs provide improved braking due to a significantly larger drum surface area. (Courtesy of Tim Lagonegro.)
This is what I call the John Deere tractor wheel. It's copied from an obsolete Honda design. Of all the non-laced wheels, this one is my, uh, favorite.
You'd probably have to break one of these babies before it went out of true.
Another star-shaped design. Looks kinda delicate.
Perhaps this design is better suited to a plastic CJ.
I've seen pictures of what this particular wheel can do on a cold day. They break.
This wheel might also look better on a plastic Chang.
This fella is popular with Chinese riders.
Here's sort of a mag-like design.
This design has recently turned up in CJ pictures on some of the Chinese message boards.
I've seen these only on plastic Changs so far.
Same with this one.
Yes, they're laced—but these are special. It's a Chinese version of the famous Russian 'bottlecap' that was widely used on M72s and early CJs.