CJ750 toolbox

Will Aygarn replaces light sockets

Had a burned out taillight in my coffee can fixture and discovered that the bulb is different in one notable way from every bulb I was able to find locally. Where the American stop/taillight bulb has bright and dim filaments with offset lugs in the base to make sure it is inserted correctly, the CJ bulb has both lugs down low.

The problem is that an American bulb won't work unless you jam it in there or grind off the high lug. I don't like either fix so I decided to replace the sockets.

The sidecar rear light has the same base but a smaller globe. I don't know why. The NAPA store has an exact replacement for the socket in American and I ordered one but I don't have the part number. The one I got for the coffee can is #LS6232 and it only needed a few passes around the perimeter on a grinder to fit perfectly. I soldered a ground wire onto it and wired it right up.

For the front sidecar light I used a pigtail socket for the "peanut bulbs" found in Chevy running lights and dashboards, #LS6472. The socket is rubbery and only took a little trimming to fit right into the reflector.

I used another one to replace the speedometer light which had gone out and which was a bear to fix last time. I trimmed off some of the excess rubber and shoved it in there. The speedo was never so well lit.

I don't worship the god of OEM and judging from the pictures of so many Chinese owned CJs, neither do they. I got the bike partly because I could do just this sort of repair to it and I can't see special-ordering bulbs.

Will Aygarn