CJ750 toolbox
Gasoline baffle

Several guys have mentioned having gasoline slopping through the gas cap and all over their tanks when riding on rough roads. I had the same problem but for me it was even more of a pain because the paint on my gas caps got wrecked all the time. It also ruined the wax jobs on the tanks. A solution finally came after a few little experiments. For gaskets I now use thick cork cut from a roll. It's dirt cheap and each one lasts about one season. I also ditched the strainers and made plastic baffles like the one illustrated below.

The plastic disc is 83mm in diameter—slightly smaller than the interior of the fuel neck. It's held snug with a 250mm long strip of 5mm diameter O-ring material tucked under the fuel neck flange. The ends just touch each other when it's in place. You can buy it at most plumbing or hardware stores but be sure to get the solid kind as it holds up much better than the hollow stuff. The plastic disc has to be cut from the right type of plastic. I use the lids from Bugler tobacco cans but imagine you could cut up an oil bottle or paint thinner jug since we know they can withstand solvents. The wing nut provides a little handle for removing the baffle whenever you fill the tank. Sometimes the O-ring material needs a little assistance and a car key is the perfect tool for that.
The baffle in place.
The O-ring material used to "tuck it in". This little sucker really works well.