CJ750 toolbox
Making fender brackets
These fender brackets are way too industrial—but far better than the flat strips of iron that came on the bike originally. Nonetheless, I decided to replace them with something a bit less conspicuous.
You can't get 5/16" pipe around here but by golly you can get 5/16" OD brake line. It's pretty inexpensive and it's available everywhere.
You start but lopping off the flairs and ditching the hardware. You can use a hacksaw but a pipe cutter does the job in seconds flat. It'll give you a perfect cut every time.
Here's the brake line cut to size. There's an additional 5mm on each end.
Squishing the ends flat in the vice. The flat part goes 5mm on either side of the hole.
The ends have been flattened and punched for drilling.
After being drilled. The hole size was based on the stainless Allen bolts I like to use.
After rounding off the sharp edges on the bench grinder.
Primer drying in the hot July sun. Takes about ten minutes!
Now painted USN Battleship Grey. This took about an hour to dry.
Viola. Compare these "slim-line" brackets with the fat ones in the first photo. You can whip out a set of these babies in no time flat. The only thing that might slow you down is waiting for the paint to dry. From start to painting took only around an hour.
I really like them. The black bike has an identical set. If you choose to make a set for yourself just be very careful to get all your measurements correct before you start cutting and drilling. No two CJ fenders are alike which is why I didn't specify any lengths here. Hole locations can vary quite a bit from fender to fender.