CJ750 toolbox
Cajun Mike on 6 volt generators
Since some CJ generators aren't marked or sometimes are marked incorrectly (or just to tell what W & AW mean in relation to the field and armature) open the inspection cover and look inside. AW is the armature terminal and has two wires connected inside.
The W terminal has a single wire (top) and a ground brush (bottom.) The ground brush holder is not insulated from the generator case since it's a direct ground along with the brush wire.
Identifying the terminals from the outside.
Resistance on W and AW should be as illustrated +/- .4 ohms. All readings are in reference to ground on the generator case. (You may have to turn the rotor a little so the brushes are on conductive positions of the commutator.) This is one way to find which terminals are which if not marked.
If you apply voltage to the generator (as illustrated) it will run like a motor, an excellent way to perform a quick test. (Obviously, this is done with the generator off the bike!) More more useful information on the subject, check out Mike's page on regulators.