CJ750 toolbox
Sidecar brake installation from Kent Berg

These photos show the sidecar brake installed on an M1 Super. The kit is easy to install, but it comes without instructions so it takes a while to figure out all the items and where they go. The kit is expensive and you will need a good quality welder, preferably a MIG.

First, don't expect a 100% improvement on braking. This kit does help, but the brakes are still poor quality. We currently have many sets of the brake shoes redone with USA quality semi-metallic pads. This alone will improve the braking many times over the old shoes and they will last much longer. They don't fade like the CJ shoes.

To install—and this is a quick set of instructions—you need to remove the wheel on the sidecar and the inner dust plate. Make sure no washers are left on the axle shaft. The kit comes with a " thick, metal oval washer that's welded to the axle arm on the bike. Placement is done with the new brake hub on the shaft for alignment. The oval washer is not thick enough and may require a spacer to reach the slot on the brake carrier. This is then welded on, and it has to be a SOLID weld as it's under pressure. Then,the brake carrier slips on the shaft and mates up with the oval washer. The cable runs along the rear crossmember and comes out near the fender. All brake hardware is replaced at the rear wheel. The rear link is replaced as the brake kit comes with a shorter metal rod and it installs backwards from the factory setup. (SEE PHOTO.) At the brake pedal arm you now have a three-way pivot instead of the single arm from the rear brake. The cable kit comes with a bolt/holder for the cable end at the brake arm. This again requires welding a thick washer (not in kit) so you can bolt the new cable holder to it. On my bike we had welded a mount for the footpeg so we welded the end only to the bolt going through. It's cleaner, but not everyone has the rear foot peg where we do.

Then it's a matter of adjustment for both brakes. Keep the sidecar brake a bit tighter then the rear so it does not pull you to the left under braking. That's it. Remember, the pads are poor so don't expect massive braking. When we get the new pads in, we will retest but expect a major improvement as the pads are the key, not the hubs.