CJ750 toolbox
Making a fuel filter
CJs are notorious for leaving the factory with all kinds of nasty crud inside the fuel tank. Unless you coat your tank, you can count on debris clogging up the petcock. Here's a very cheap and easily made DIY project for an effective internal fuel filter. You start with a small sheet of fine mesh brass screen from an auto parts or plumbing supply store.
Make a cylinder so that the outside diameter is just small enough to slide snugly through the tube underneath your tank, the one that the petcock attaches to. The little circle of screen will be used on one end as you'll see.
Solder it like this, or preferably a little neater. (I'm not a pro.) A propane torch is quick and works far more efficiently than a soldering iron.
Solder the little circle piece on the end and trim it. In my case, I used the stone wheel on my bench grinder to gently remove the excess screen.
Cut 'er down to size.
I used an old, incomplete petcock for this demo which is why this one is missing some parts. Just ignore that. You see those two tubes? I removed them because with me, there's no chance of the tank ever getting down to "reserve" level.
Boing, they're gone. But you can leave yours in if you prefer.
Slide that little screen cylinder in the end and put the petcock back on your tank. You will never have problems with crud in the petcock after this. Total cost? About $1.50. Time required? Half an hour.
I once had a run on crappy petcocks so I made one using brass and copper hardware from a plumbing supply store. It cost under five bucks and never gave me a lick of trouble since there were no plastic or rubber parts which always seemed to be the weak link in the Chinese petcocks. I changed it when I replaced the fuel tank as it didn't fit the new one.