CJ750 toolbox
Coat that fuel tank! by Freddie B.
POR 15 tank sealer kit.
This quart will seal about four or five 5 gallon motorcycle tanks.
Plug everything. Remove the petcock and use a 14mm bolt with a 1.50 pitch.
Power washing inside the tank really got rid of all the loose rust.
I was able power wash deep inside the tank
Pour in the Metal Ready solution and watch the rust eat away. That white stuff is rust oxidizing into powder. You then need to rinse thoroughly or power wash like I did.
Look! no more rust...
...clean as a whistle.
Now you are ready to use the sealer. Use no more than a pint inside and coat it thoroughly.
Almost dried. Smooth and very clean inside.
Completely dry with a very hard smooth bond inside.
Voila! Ready to install.